Nothing better than a crack and peanut butter sandwich! The rocks give it such a great texture...

but seriously, it was about time that this disparity got fixed.  We here at Too Old are not pro crack,  but at least make the sentencing fair between two similar (if not equal) drugs. Although after watching this video, maybe we should make crack harder to get, or raise the punishment for having it.   Ignore the singing in the beginning, but the rest of the video is hilarious…

The Miami Herald puts the news into context

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives passed a historic bill Wednesday that narrows sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine convictions, which civil rights and civil liberties experts say contributed to the disproportionate imprisonment of African-Americans in recent decades.

Now, I want to clear something up here.  the people getting arrested are crackheads, and/or crack dealers.  Let’s not make it seem like they were caught up in a police sting through entrapment.  The one thing to remember is that they would have been in jail for dealing powder cocaine as well.  So, the numbers would have been similar, minus the people who would not have gotten involved in the coke game due to finances and connections.  It’s not like with coke they give you a free pass or anything…

I believe in WHITE POWER....wait I meant WHITE POWDER...CRACK!

The Senate passed its version of the bill in March. President Barack Obama, who during the 2008 presidential campaign said the current legal disparity “cannot be justified and should be eliminated,” is expected to sign the legislation.

By voice vote, the House altered a law implemented in 1986 during the early phase of the crack cocaine epidemic. It required anyone convicted of possession of 5 grams of crack to be sentenced to at least five years in prison.

Many lawmakers and organizations such as the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union complained for nearly a quarter-century that the law was unfair because someone convicted of crack possession got the same mandatory sentence as someone convicted of possessing 100 times that amount of powder cocaine, a drug more popular among whites.

Then keep your crack in powder form, until it is time to smoke up!.  Or, just don’t do crack. Because we all know crack is whack!

A 2009 report by the Sentencing Project, a liberal advocacy group, found that drug use rates were similar among racial and ethnic groups, but that sentencing among the groups for cocaine violations was vastly different, in large part because of the disparity between sentences for crack and powder cocaine.

In 2006, 81.8 percent of crack cocaine defendants were black, 8.8 percent were white and 8.4 percent were Hispanic, according the Sentencing Project report. For the same year, 57.5 percent of powder cocaine defendants were Hispanic, 27 percent were African-American and 14.7 were percent white.

Well, Crack is cheap and who doesn’t like a bargain!

Did you say 5 o'clock crack giveaway!

“African American drug defendants have a 20 percent greater chance of being sentenced to prison than white drug defendants,” the Sentencing Project report said. “Between 1994 and 2003, the average time served by African Americans for drug offenses increased by 62 percent, compared to an increase of 17 percent for white drug offenders.”

The House bill raises the five-year mandatory minimum sentencing trigger for crack possession from five grams to 28 grams and eliminates mandatory minimum sentencing for simple possession of crack. Possession of 500 grams of powder cocaine carries a mandatory minimum five years in prison under the bill.

“In passing the Fair Sentencing Act today, the House sent a bill to President Obama that is a step forward in addressing the fairness of our sentencing laws,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. “This legislation reduces the disparity between sentences for crack and powder cocaine – a step long overdue.”

Civil rights groups applauded the House vote and urged Obama to sign the bill quickly.

“Because of the mandatory minimum jail sentence for those convicted of possession of 5 grams of crack cocaine or more, people of color are being put in prisons at much higher rates than their Caucasian counterparts, and the judges have no discretion to mitigate the sentence for first-time or nonviolent offenders or special circumstances,” NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said. “This legislation is just the first step in eliminating disparities in sentencing, and we will continue to push for the elimination of this racially discriminatory sentencing disparity.”

How about we push to get people off crack?  I know the law had a racial bias to it.  But, let’s not celebrate like this is Brown vs. Board of Education or anything.  The specter of drugs is something that the communities need to work on.  This might be a first step, but keeping the kids off crack might be something to work on as well.

break your mothers back...

amazing that they walked away from that

amazing that they walked away from that

Sometimes you are the boot, and other times your the ass the boot is kicking….

DJ AM might have felt invincible after walking away from a plane crash that killed everyone but he and Travis Barker from Blink 182.  But, we are flesh and blood, susceptible to all types of injuries.

Adam Goldstein, ‘DJ AM’

cant run from the grim reaper

can't run from the grim reaper

Associated Press

NEW YORK – DJ AM, a Philadelphia native and sought-after disc jockey who became a celebrity in his own right with a glamorous lifestyle, was found dead yesterday at his apartment, which had drug paraphernalia in it, a law enforcement official said. There was no evidence of foul play.DJ AM, whose real name was Adam Goldstein, 36, was famous for past relationships with the reality TV star Nicole Richie and the actress-singer Mandy Moore.

He died nearly a year after surviving a South Carolina plane crash that killed four people.

In what may have been his last interview, Mr. Goldstein answered questions from,’s music spin-off Web site. The interview was posted Wednesday.

“I am incredibly excited to be involved in the evolution with Dusk at Caesars,” Mr. Goldstein said, referring to the new nightclub at Caesars Atlantic City, where his last appearance was Tuesday.

Mr. Goldstein grew up in Rittenhouse Square and told that he visited Philadelphia often.

Dusk released a statement last night: “We are devastated by the loss of Adam Goldstein, our dear friend and valued member of the Dusk family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones. He was a true talent who will be greatly missed.”

Celebrities and fans instantly shared their reactions on Twitter, where “RIP DJ AM” was the No. 1 topic yesterday. His Twitter page is

Now, I am not going to tell you to run out to his Twitter page, since he is dead, there are no updates.  Some are speculating on the drugs that they found.  But, why worry about that?  He is gone, and it is a cautionary tale for others…as Whitney Houston said,,,,Crack is wack. NBC New York goes into more detail…

DJ AM, the celebrity disc jockey who publicly acknowledged his history of drug addiction and had filmed a reality show in which he offered to help other addicts, was found dead in his SoHo apartment Friday afternoon. He was 36.

DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, was found on his stomach in his bed wearing sweatpants and no shirt. When cops rolled him over, they found a near-empty bag of crack stuck to his chest, a police source told the Daily News today. Police would not confirm to NBCNewYork that the bag of crack was stuck to Goldstein’s body, however.

The New York Medical Examiner’s Office has begun to perform an autopsy on DJ AM, but it’s not known when results will be released, according to The details of his demise are still unclear, but police sources said investigators are looking into the possibility of a drug overdose, as drug paraphernalia was found nearby.

A crack pipe and multiple bottles of prescription pills, including anti-anxiety drug Xanax,  were found in his apartment, law-enforcement sources told the News. Officially, there is no criminaility suspected.

Fighting drug addiction is no shit…people get caught up in that quick….too bad he was like pookie…

It be callin me mann....! That Rock aint nothing to fool around with...

It be callin me mann....! That Rock aint nothing to fool around with...

Lindsey Lohan and her excitable lady parts are in the news again. No, not that she showed it off again, albeit accidently, but another visitor to the Candy Store has popped off about his visit…

Just like these desperate housewives that seemingly make a job out of sleeping around, Lindsey has the job on LOCK! Not that it stops with women; the men have something to say about it as well. According to Skillz, the year-end wrap up rapper, (say that five times fast!) you can’t save your marriage from Superhead’s couch… (If you need the explanation of all this, Bobby Brown admits cheating on Whitney with Karrine Steffans. Her claim to fame is her ability to provide good neck and brains, and her being with most of the rap community. A side note would be to give dap to Bill Maher, since he has also joined the crew. )

Just like his father, Landon has taken to rolling in fast circles, with even faster women. Bobby Brown’s son Landon has taken the fruit from the poisonous tree or women who get around…like father like son…this time with our star of Too Old For Maxim’s MTV Movie Awards, Lindsey Lohan. Here are Landon’s words to describe the encounter…

“Me and Lindsay got really, really close … She followed me into the bathroom during a private party and, well, we basically got together.” …

“I think she knew who I was when she first saw me,” Landon explained, “We were just staring at each other and she walked by. Then she turned around and she was just ready to party. I walked into the bathroom and she followed me in.”

After that night, the couple never pursued a relationship, which he regrets, he says. “It didn’t end badly, but it did end weird,” said Landon without elaborating. “I’m actually trying to get back in touch with her – really soon.”

Usually it does end weird after you have sex with someone at a party, that you do not know at all…you were her plaything. An envious position clearly, but her plaything and that is it. But, my hat is off to you…

If you haven’t heard the new song “Boyfriend” by Brandi’s Lil bro Ray J then you just haven’t heard the greatest diss song ever. “Boyfriend” now takes over the #1 spot, surpassing Tupac’s Biggie diss with Hit Em Up. The song from his new album All I Feel suggests Whitney’s marriage failed as a result of her husband’s (Bobby Brown) poor love-making techniques. On track Boyfriend, he sings: “Is that your wife, is that your shorty? Well I’m her boyfriend… I think the problem is you don’t beat it right… Making love is cool, just pull her hair sometimes.” You can even hear him laughing in the background. Question is was Crackhead Whitney also on the track. Here are the lyrics and video…

yea creep with me
take you on a mission
yeah, i know its crazy
let me talk to you about some deep shit

I met you girl
I text you girl
I sexed you girl
and she loved it
we share affection
special connection
and no matter how you feel
she’s gonna do what she will
she said she needs you
she’ll never leave you
and you can sleep better now that you know it
and im not here to
take your position
she just needs to be rubbed a little different

Is that your wife? (huh)
Is that your shawty? (huh)
so thats your wife? (that’s my wife)
well i’m her boyfriend

Is that your wife? (huh)
I that your shawty? (shawty)
so that’s your wife?
well im her boyfriend (boyfriend)
[ ]
I think the problem is
you dont beat it right
makin’ love is cool
just pull her hair sometimes
she wants to feel like a lover
not a touch for a brother
she wanna wake up body achin’
not fall asleep fustrated
she said she loves it whole
its just somethin’ sexy ’bout me
though all the haters so
what you expect from shawty
remember when you’re gone away
that she’ll always be safe with me

Is that your wife? (huh)
Is that your shawty? (huh)
so thats your wife? (that’s my wife)
well i’m her boyfriend

Is that your wife? (huh)
I that your shawty? (shawty)
so that’s your wife?
well im her boyfriend (boyfriend)

she really loves you
she says it all the time
she really wants to
be with you until she dies
im just a side
temporary desire
you keep her real boy
i’ll be her boy toy

Is that your wife? (huh)
Is that your shawty? (huh)
so thats your wife? (that’s my wife)
well i’m her boyfriend

Is that your wife? (huh)
I that your shawty? (shawty)
so that’s your wife?
well im her boyfriend (boyfriend)