MJ, I do remember.  You should still be with us…R.I.P.

This is a message and a warning.  Time flies and before you know it, you have missed something, or you have expired with a grip of regret.  Don’t get to that point.  You should however look back at the fond times that you have had…like the blog.

Shout out to Erik and Ronin…remember when you guys blogged?

On MJ, what is happening to the Dr., Conrad Murray ?  Is he going to get away with it?  Now that that the passion of some has died down, I worry about deals being struck.  But, ultimately, MJ is still not with us and prosecuting him will not bring him back, so sit back and ride out to the video…

Just like the Magic/Bird Converse commerical....Choose your weapon

Since we know know that Erik is very sensitive about his role in the blogosphere,  I guess that I will rep a new moniker on the music that we (Ronin and I, with Ronin providing the inspiration on reaching back in the day) listen to and will share when E finds it inconvenient to bless your day with music.

Since E feels that we are invading his territory, it seemed best to start today with a battle of a different sort, the lyrical battle between Nas and Jay-Z. Wikipedia breaks down what happened with Jay Z and The Takeover.  Flip the switch for what is behind the battles and the two videos, The Takeover and Ether

Breathe Deep Jay, breathe deeeeepppp

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I could use a couple of dollars if you can spare it...

Last night, I felt lousy when I got home.  Actually, when I got home, I felt good until I turned on the TV.  I saw my alma mater choke and lose the conference championship.  Fortunately, she (my erstwhile girlfriend) made me feel a whole lot better after a horrendous game.  Thinking about that spurred the song of the day.

Freeway is a Philadelphia bred rapper, who has a high energy flow.  He is a guy that I liked off  the ROC with Jay-Z.  Various issues caused the partnership or collabo to end, including a crisis of faith.  He took some time away from the mic, and now in 2010 he is ramping back up, getting shine on mixtapes.  Freeway,  welcome back….

Freeway and Jake One— She makes me feel alright…

Don't worry Vivica, I think about you...

Yes, that is a question I want you to answer…because if you don’t you should be thinking about Too Old.

As for Erik, yes, he should be worried, because he, like all of us can be replaced.

50 Cent has many styles and has a bunch of different hustles.  Whether it was clothing, the rap game or movies, his hand is in every pot.  So, we should not be surprised when 50 flips his style up and gives us something to listen to that is not the street banger, talking about living the everyday hustle, or slinging crack rock.  DO you think about me is a story about love found and love lost.  As someone who has lived his life in the public eye, you know this one has some personal tones to it.   We have all had someone that we thought that we loved and found that the love was not being reciprocated.  They say that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Yes, she was worth it. Plus, I have you on camera, and the new paint job (THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR!) is going look great. Thanks!

The best revenge is enjoy your new relationship.  Don’t get caught looking back, look forward. Think about the words of Satchel Paige

“Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.”

Keep it moving and don’t let that Hate consume you like it does Vivica in the video…


Tupac...we still miss you. the game is weaker in your absence.

what more could be said?  Ronin commented on the role that Tupac played in Juice.  We really won’t have another role like that in my lifetime I truly fear.  The feeling of power, the helplessness, the feeling of losing control were all captured in that movie.  Thinking about that caused me to think about another Tupac role that documents that feeling of helplessness that many people out there feel.  This video always stuck me as dark, while at the same time somewhat uplifting.  Tupac comes off as the quintessential gangster rapper, but with a soft side.  He raps it as he sees it.  In this case, it’s Brenda and she has a baby.

Big Pun seems to have the whole world in his hands....

If you are a frequent reader of the blog, you know that I rep Joell Ortiz, a Latin rapper from New York.  One of the qualities that appeal to me is his deference to history.  Being a Latin rapper, he gives dap to Big Pun.  We all should….

The additional lyrical help from Joe definitely adds an assist to the song, but by no means makes the song.  Big Pun makes the song hot, with his wordplay, which is also the reason this blog big ups Joell Ortiz as well.  Fat Joe, who put him on wax, is owed a debt of gratitude as well.

Erik has decided that the song of the day is too stressful and requires too much work to get out.  His life right now is completely complicated with Dante’s Inferno and rocking out to the stylistic musing of Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band.

YES! We have two sets of drums as well as two hammers, I mean axes, or guitars over at the Too Old house. I die a little bit each day that I come downstairs and still see that they are there...

Rocking out on the mic and playing the fake guitar takes some time and energy to get it done, so forgive him and his lapses of posting to the board.   He is working on beating this kid, Chris Chike, so cut him some slack

This is the proper way to “Rock Out” (hopefully without his privates out, but hey, I am at work…) to the game

also make sure that you have hair to whip around, even if that means donning a wig. I hear that the women go crazy for this move...

(Shh…!  He doesn’t know he has been replaced)  But, we care about the listeners and the musical selections, so we got ya backs.

This is Juice (Know the Ledge) the lead hit from the movie Juice with Tupac.