Times are tough this holiday season.  People don’t have jobs and kids are looking for the next big thing to play with and store in their closet. So, while we don’t condone robbing, we can understand some of the sociological pressures to have the latest things.

Yes, the AJ11's are hot, but are they worth getting jumped, or shot? For many, the answer is yes...

People at the Hilltop Mall in wonderful Richmond, CA (no sarcasm intended or implied) risked life and limb to get these shoes.  There was gunfire, where a guy tried to pull a Cheddar Bob, Plaxico Burress and let off gunfire while waiting for the stores to open.  But, it was an accident, so that doesn’t count. We grew up with some snatch and grabbers, but not with fools robbing with guns.  When you go that far, you have to be ready to use. That was the Bridge too Far for most of the dudes we hung out with.

But, this time justice prevailed.  For those who have a job, they understand that they work hard for usually meager wages to make it work. They get up every day and in some cases, do a job they hate.  Robbing is easy, but you have to have some skill.  This is the story of Mostafa Hendi, who needs to take a remedial course in how to rob, or at least listen to my man 50.

By: WLOS | NBC17.com
Published: December 26, 2011

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. –A robbery suspect got a lot more than cash when he tried to hold up a North Carolina store.

An employee knocked the suspect unconscious at the “We Buy Gold” business on the Spartanburg highway in Hendersonville on Friday and held him down until police arrived.

“He came through the door. He had his hand down here on his waist, hoodie on his head, he said ‘Gimme the money, gimme the money, gimme the money,’” said employee Derek Mothershead.
“And I got up, and I threw my hands up and said take the money if you want it.”

Mothershead took matters into his own hands.

“He had a bag and instead of putting it in the bag I kind of handed it to him,” he recalled. “I said here, take it take it. And I just kind of came in and hit him.”

Mothershead knocked the robber, 25-year-old Mostafa Hendi, unconscious.

No means no, Ben. You reap what you sow buddy boy....

“If he wants money get a job, work like everybody else in this world.”

Mothershead held down Hendi, who was bleeding, and called police.

“We Buy Gold” manager Juan Cruz said knocking out armed robbers isn’t exactly store police. But he had a message for anyone considering robbing the store:

“Merry Christmas … Mostafa Hendi.”

Hendi is charged with armed robbery with a dangerous weapon.
He’s in jail on $100,000 bond.

Video can explain why good triumphs over evil this holiday season.

Wow.  And that was with the left.  He never saw it coming.  Didn’t he see Friday?

I still think that the worst part was that he had to clean up his own blood, because he was leaking all over the place.  This is the picture..,remember that this is one punch.

They should have given him some makeup for the mugshot, or at least reset his nose for the picture.

Im bulletproof

What you talkin bout Willis?

OJ is still killin em with the look. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, the look can still freeze you in your tracks.

I think that it is the part “Nigga is you crazy?!?!?!” look and part “Don’t make me get that belt!” look.


Some of you that might read the blog have never been beat by your parents. If that is the case, you are part of the problem. You are the reason that the youth of today is so buck wild. If the parents of today had followed that tried and true, spare the rod spoil the child proverb, we would be in a lot better position. I was beat as a child IF I did something totally fucked up, and I did some of those things. That belt helped remind me to NOT do those things, and I did not repeat them.

There is a difference than the types of abuse that happen and that is completely out of line and those people should be punished. Confused or don’t know the difference? It’s easy… First you have to be age appropriate. Hitting a two or three year old isn’t right. They are still exploring their way in the world and dont know better. A ten year old knows right from wrong and then makes conscious decisions to do what they want. One of the first things that we need to learn is that we cant always do what we want. I dont want to go to work, but I have to to keep a roof over your head.

(start one minute into the video until the second minute for the example that a lot of black families and other families in the hood recognize… its like bringing back kool-aid and government cheese sandwiches)

My parents, just like the skits of most funny comedians, found whatever was handy at the time to inflict “justice.”

Back to the topic at hand… Orenthal James Simpson… the juice is loose… and you will not be able to bring him down. OJ is so hard, it must hurt. He knows and has to listen to people cay that he killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, under the guise of his jealousy. You know that he has a temper and once you run a car in the red, its hard to bring it back.

As you know, OJ is on trial for attempting to get his stuff back from some unscrupulous memorabilia dealers. He asked some of his buddies to come along and they brought friends that no one had vouched for. The non vouched for guys brought guns, and now he is looking at doing serious time since they were armed and they are calling it a robbery. I find it funny that one of the dealers met up OJ during a break in the trial to shake his hand and to tell him no hard feelings. The person who did that is trying to get on the Juices good side. Especially since you know that he has killed for less…