Times are tough this holiday season.  People don’t have jobs and kids are looking for the next big thing to play with and store in their closet. So, while we don’t condone robbing, we can understand some of the sociological pressures to have the latest things.

Yes, the AJ11's are hot, but are they worth getting jumped, or shot? For many, the answer is yes...

People at the Hilltop Mall in wonderful Richmond, CA (no sarcasm intended or implied) risked life and limb to get these shoes.  There was gunfire, where a guy tried to pull a Cheddar Bob, Plaxico Burress and let off gunfire while waiting for the stores to open.  But, it was an accident, so that doesn’t count. We grew up with some snatch and grabbers, but not with fools robbing with guns.  When you go that far, you have to be ready to use. That was the Bridge too Far for most of the dudes we hung out with.

But, this time justice prevailed.  For those who have a job, they understand that they work hard for usually meager wages to make it work. They get up every day and in some cases, do a job they hate.  Robbing is easy, but you have to have some skill.  This is the story of Mostafa Hendi, who needs to take a remedial course in how to rob, or at least listen to my man 50.

By: WLOS | NBC17.com
Published: December 26, 2011

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. –A robbery suspect got a lot more than cash when he tried to hold up a North Carolina store.

An employee knocked the suspect unconscious at the “We Buy Gold” business on the Spartanburg highway in Hendersonville on Friday and held him down until police arrived.

“He came through the door. He had his hand down here on his waist, hoodie on his head, he said ‘Gimme the money, gimme the money, gimme the money,’” said employee Derek Mothershead.
“And I got up, and I threw my hands up and said take the money if you want it.”

Mothershead took matters into his own hands.

“He had a bag and instead of putting it in the bag I kind of handed it to him,” he recalled. “I said here, take it take it. And I just kind of came in and hit him.”

Mothershead knocked the robber, 25-year-old Mostafa Hendi, unconscious.

No means no, Ben. You reap what you sow buddy boy....

“If he wants money get a job, work like everybody else in this world.”

Mothershead held down Hendi, who was bleeding, and called police.

“We Buy Gold” manager Juan Cruz said knocking out armed robbers isn’t exactly store police. But he had a message for anyone considering robbing the store:

“Merry Christmas … Mostafa Hendi.”

Hendi is charged with armed robbery with a dangerous weapon.
He’s in jail on $100,000 bond.

Video can explain why good triumphs over evil this holiday season.

Wow.  And that was with the left.  He never saw it coming.  Didn’t he see Friday?

I still think that the worst part was that he had to clean up his own blood, because he was leaking all over the place.  This is the picture..,remember that this is one punch.

They should have given him some makeup for the mugshot, or at least reset his nose for the picture.

One is real, the other from a movie....can you tell which is which?

The only one he really hurt is himself…

An attorney for Plaxico Burress poured cold water on the story that Burress might be just weeks away from stepping out of a New York prison.

Lawyer Peter Frankel told the New York Daily News that while Burress has a work release application pending, it’s no sure thing that prison officials will grant it and still a long shot that they would allow him to return to the NFL this season.

“To say he’ll be out in two to three weeks is certainly premature,” Frankel told the paper.

The New York Post reported on Wednesday that Burress was weeks away from a potential release. Frankel explained to the News that it was a flawed analysis.

“That was somebody going to visit him, and saying he was hopeful he might be moved in two to three weeks,” Frankel said, “and suddenly that turned into ‘He’ll be out in two to three weeks.’ ”

And if prison officials grant work release to Burress, they may prevent him from returning to the NFL until after his sentence expires next year.

A prison spokesman told the News that work-release inmates normally perform their service in the community.

— Sean Leahy

With the football season close by and players starting to report to training camp, the urge to do something that he has done most his life is starting to creep in again.  The feeling of going to raining camp, even though no one really likes it, is ingrained into every players DNA.  Just look at the drama with the Brett Favre situation.  Hopefully he gets out and returns to the field.

During happier times....

Whatever the case may be, the best thing that he did is to not say a freaking word to anybody, especially the cops.  What Miranda versus Arizona has taught is that you have the right to remain silent and that anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.

too bad it doesn't work with parents too

I am going to put some quotes together from the the Times Online that illustrate my point.

Captain Mark Welch, chief of public affairs for Florida Highway Patrol, told The Times today: “In Florida, you are not compelled to speak to police officers concerning traffic crashes. There is a requirement to furnish your driver’s license, insurance and vehicle registration, and that he has done. He has complied with what the state requires him to do.”

At that point, you don’t have to say anything else.  The fact that people want to know more is irrelevant to Tiger and his handlers.  When you open your mouth, things can be used against you and can lead you into more trouble.  Had Plaxico kept his trap shut, then he wouldn’t be uptown served hard time right now.  But, the fact that it’s Tiger means that people want to know and think that they have a right to know.  Now, the police are trying to get in his business.  The simple fact that he ISN’T speaking to them is causing them to get nosy.  It is just a Catch-22.

But that is why it pays to say as little as possible. The more you say, the easier it is to pin you down and hold you to your words or statements

State troopers probing Tiger Woods’ mysterious car crash were today said to be applying for a search warrant allowing them to seize his hospital records.

Florida Highway Patrol wants to establish whether the facial injuries for which Mr Woods was treated at Health Central Hospital in Ocoee, Florida, last Friday were consistent with his wife’s version of events, or whether they may have been inflicted during a domestic incident.

That the police are trying to go backdoor to get his medical record should worry some people out there, as it worries me.  Why is this some time delay that you didn’t work on at the scene?  Aren’t officers trained to notice those things?  Simply put, this was a one car accident.  The only thing that we need to know is that he hit a tree and a fire hydrant.  The fact that he is not saying more is that there is nothing more.

The one thing to remember is that the main sources for this celebrity drama is TMZ.com and the National Enquirer.  While they occasionally get one right, they get a lot more wrong….

stay stoic like this, dont borrow anything from anyone and stay away from drugs....

stay stoic like this, don't borrow anything from anyone and stay away from drugs....

Damn, but you are going to have to stay strong for your seed and your wife and family.  This is another sad tale of why you should really exercise your right to remain silent.  The Too Old trouble crew would have gotten you out of this one without any prison time…

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Burress begins sentence in gun case

ESPN.com news services

NEW YORK — One-time Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday for violating New York’s stringent gun laws and was immediately taken into custody following his hearing. Burress agreed to a plea deal last month and pleaded guilty to a lesser firearms charge. The charges stemmed from an incident late last fall, in which Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh at a Manhattan nightclub with a gun that had not been licensed in New York.

Plaxico Burress
Former Giants receiver Plaxico Burress carried his son Elijah into court on Tuesday, and then told him goodbye.

He is expected to serve about 20 months with credit for good behavior, followed by two years of probation. Burress arrived at the courthouse with his wife and son Elijah, whom he carried in his arms, at 9:41 a.m. Before the sentencing began, Burress asked for and was granted permission by the judge to say one last goodbye to his wife and family, seated in the fifth row of the courthouse. The hearing was brief, as the prosecution and defense told the judge they had previously agreed to the guilty plea and two-year sentence. A

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One might ask him, “Where the hell are you going strapped like Mel Gibson in Mad Max?

What are you fighting for?...Where is Tina Turner when I need her?

What are you fighting for?...Where is Tina Turner when I need her?

NBA Star Delonte West Arrested on Weapons Charges
Cavaliers Guard Was Carrying Three Guns While Driving on I-95, Authorities Say
By Matt Zapotosky
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, September 18, 2009 3:46 PM

An NBA star and former area high school player was pulled over and arrested in Prince George’s County on Thursday night after a police officer found he was carrying three loaded guns, authorities said.

So, you were rolling something like this, huh?

So, you were rolling something like this, huh?

Delonte West, a guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, was driving a three-wheeled motorcycle north on Interstate 95 near Route 214 in the Largo area when he cut off a Prince George’s County police officer, authorities said. The officer pulled him over, and West told the officer that he was carrying a handgun in his waistband.

remember, this is how Plax shot himself....this is the 9mm

remember, this is how Plax shot himself....this is the 9mm

That prompted the officer to call for backup, and investigators found that West was actually carrying three guns: a Beretta 9mm in his waistband, a Ruger .357 strapped to his leg and a shotgun in a guitar case slung over his back, said Maj. Andy Ellis, a spokesman for the Prince George’s County Police Department.

Yo Delonte, Dirty Harry Callahan is looking for his gun back.. at least you ahd thos one in a holster...

Yo Delonte, Dirty Harry Callahan is looking for his gun back.. at least you had this one in a holster...

Let’s not forget he was carrying another gun like he was Antonio Banderas ready to shoot up the place…

Remember in El maraichi?

Remember in El Mariachi/Desperado? That was a sweet case...

West, who is 26 and lives in Brandywine, was arrested and charged with speeding and two counts of carrying a handgun, Ellis said. He was released today on personal recognizance, according to Ellis and online court records.

Ellis said it was unclear where West was going and why he was armed.

Damn dog, that is a helluva burn...

Damn dog, that is a helluva burn...

I won’t go in on Delonte and his crack pipe burn on his lip, but really?  You needed to have all those guns?  This is the same reason Plax is going to be doing a stretch in the big house.

I think that this is where I make the joke like in White Men Can’t Jump, where the guy loses the game (Raymond)  and says that he is going to get his gun…

If I was Boobie Gibson or Anthony Parker, I would watch out….

Keep your head up....strong upper lip and dont take shit from anyone...

Keep your head up....strong upper lip and don't take shit from anyone...

Prison time aint no joke….When I see the headline, all I can think about is Jadakiss and Why? bumping on the stereo…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is a little snippet of the lyrics from Jada

Why they gotta open your package and read your mail
Why they stop lettin’ niggas get degrees in jail
Why you gotta do eighty-five percent of your time
And why do niggas lie in eighty-five percent of they rhymes
Why a nigga always want what he can’t have

The line that always gets me is why do niggas got to do 85 percent of your time.  Plax is about to learn the hard way about that.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009 Burress pleads guilty on felony charge

ESPN.com news services NEW YORK — Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty Thursday to a weapons charge and agreed to a two-year prison term for accidentally shooting himself at a Manhattan nightclub. Burress pleaded guilty to one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a lesser charge than he initially faced. Under a plea agreement, he agreed to a two-year prison sentence and two years of supervised release. Burress was indicted earlier this month on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of reckless endangerment. He faced a minimum sentence of 3½ years if convicted at a trial. The guilty plea ends months of haggling between Burress’ attorney and the Manhattan district attorney’s office. The case went to a grand jury earlier this month after negotiations broke down, apparently because District Attorney Robert Morgenthau was insisting that Burress serve at least two years in prison. Assistant District Attorney Mark Dwyer said it is standard policy to request a two-year sentence as part of a plea bargain on such serious charges.

I still don’t get why this is a serious crime. The only thing serious is that another famous athlete is caught up. It seems that you are making it serious to seem hard on crime and to make it look like you don’t play favorites, but we all know that is not true. This is not about race, but it is about class, race, fame and circumstance. If this was something that they found in the car during a traffic search, it would still be serious, but he wouldn’t do jail time. He would be able to run the registered in FLA cap, and get around serious time. This feels more like a punishment for stupidity than for anything else…

Sentencing was set for Sept. 22. In a Manhattan state Supreme Court room on Thursday, the soft-spoken Burress, wearing a dark blue suit, first entered a not-guilty plea to the initial charges against him. After attorneys on both sides conferred, Burress said, “guilty” to the new attempted weapons possession charge. His attorney, Benjamin Brafman, said in court that the 31-year-old Burress was thinking of his family in taking the plea, although he questioned the recommended prison sentence. “This was not an intentional criminal act,” Brafman said. “In my judgment, a two-year prison sentence is a very severe punishment.” With time off for good behavior, the sentence could be reduced to 20 months. Burress and former teammate Antonio Pierce were at the Latin Quarter nightclub in late November 2008 when a gun tucked into Burress’ waistband slipped down his leg and fired, shooting him in the right thigh. The bullet narrowly missed a nightclub security guard who was standing inches away, prosecutors said, lodged in the floor and was recovered by a bartender. The gun was not licensed in New York or in New Jersey, where Burress lived, prosecutors said. His license to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Florida had expired in May 2008. Prosecutors said Pierce drove Burress to a hospital, then took the gun to his own home in New Jersey, where it was later delivered to Burress’ home. Pierce was not indicted. The grand jury also did not indict the nightclub security guard who carried the gun to Pierce’s car or the hospital staff members who failed to notify police that Burress had been shot.

So all of those people, under the letter of the law, committed a crime, but the grand jury refused to indict them for their role in the situation? Under the law, any gun accident has to be reported to the police. That didn’t happen in this case. Someone could have lost their license to practice medicene. Would that have been too severe? Evidently, by the refusal to bring charges. But, Plax is going ot lose his career with two years in the slammer and it’s okay.

Burress, who caught the winning touchdown for the Giants against the New England Patriots in the final minute of the 2008 Super Bowl, also could face disciplinary action by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen reported that Goodell and Burress had met last week. The Giants released Burress in April; he had yet to sign with another team. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

I just hope that athletes remember that this is not the wild west, and you do not need to carry a gun.  think Vernon Forrest…R.I.P.

One of the best hip hop movies in my humble opinion was 8 mile. Eminem killed it in his role as B Rabbit and rapped to hell out of the role, just like he does in his CD’s. It is about time for him to come out of hiding and relaxation and get back to work rapping.

But, watching the football games with the Too Old crew (minus Jason, since we all know he hates the Raiders…) we were listening to what recently happened to Plaxico Burress and the New York Giants.

First, the title of this post harks back to the movie 8 mile. To understand the reference, you need to know the players. This guy here is Cheddar Bob. His real name is Evan Jones, and he has been in a few things here and there, like Jarhead and some TV appearances.

Second, It is rare, but his supporting role lives in infamy. His character is not one the brightest of bulbs at the store. We go to the wealth of all knowledge, the internet to find out who cheddar bob really is…

The Urban Dictionary defines it for us…

Cheddar Bob is known as Jimmy’s (Eminem’s) dumb friend in the movie 8 Mile, who is slightly retarded and ends up shooting himself in the crotch.

1) Busta: “Cheddar Bob ass nigga shot himself in front of Def Jam.”
2) John: “I wouldn’t put that gun in my pocket if I were you. You don’t want to pull a Cheddar Bob”

Third, while he may or may not have shot himself in the junk, shooting oneself in the leg is not the smartest move. In fact, it could be a reason why you really don’t need a gun. I understand about “keeping it real.” We are unfortunately remembering the Sean Taylor murder that happened only a year ago, where the player was in his house with his wife and children and some hoodlums broke in and shot him in the leg, causing him to bleed to death.

We here at Too Old big up guns. We have a right to own them and they are clearly tight and something that CAN lead to protection. But, ask yourself, “Why are you bringing your gun INSIDE the club? If that place is as wild as the hip hop clubs in NYC in the early 90’s, (like the infamous Tunnel) then you shouldn’t be there in the first place!

The New York Times details one club called Sessa that was buck wild.

Soon after the club opened in the fall of 2002, the police investigated a case involving a reported rape; several more investigations followed involving assaults, stabbings, drug activity and unruly clubgoers blocking the sidewalks. ”People were actually stumbling into the street, blood-covered, after being stabbed,” said a resident who, like many critics of the club, spoke only on the condition of anonymity. ”This was a rough crew.”

Councilwoman Christine Quinn, whose district includes Chelsea, added: ”The place was so out of control, the owner had to substitute the glasses with plastic cups so no one could use them as a weapon.”

Those days appear to be over. Responding to letters and calls from outraged neighbors, Councilwoman Quinn, along with the 10th Precinct and Community Board 4, last fall began a campaign to close the club down.

So Plax, pulls a Cheddar Bob and shoots himself in the leg at the club. You have to be smarter than that. Especially since now, he might see some jail time after this incident.

Bloomburg reports that…

Burress didn’t have a license to carry a gun in New York or New Jersey, where he lives, the New York Times said on its Web site. New York state law carries a sentence of up to 15 years for anyone convicted of carrying a weapon without a permit if it’s determined the person was going to use the weapon to harm someone, and up to seven years if intent to use can’t be proved, the Times said.

Fourth…Now how did it happen?

Burress was having drinks with friends, including Pierce, when the handgun started to slip down his pants, the New York Daily News said, citing unidentified people familiar with the situation. When he grabbed at the gun, it discharged.

Pierce tried to control the bleeding, while reprimanding Burress for carrying a weapon, the unidentified people told the newspaper.

Burress refused to allow his companions to call an ambulance, the newspaper report continued. He went to New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell about 2 a.m. Nov. 29, and was released about 12 hours later.

Fifth…That is why you need this

or this…

This is how I am going to be strapped down. I don’t need a gun anywhere near my other gun. IN the words of the best actor of our generation, Denzel Washington, this one (grabbing the junk) is only useful if you are a pretty girl. I wholeheartedly agree and the two should never really cross paths. But, to understand that quote, you need to know the beginning of the movie.

One evening, while Styles and his partner Larry Doyle (Pollak) are patrolling a carnival, they intervene and block the escape of a vicious organized-crime hitman, Earl Talbot Blake (Lithgow), and his servile accomplice Kim, shortly after Blake has murdered several drug dealers and stolen drugs. Styles catches Blake at gunpoint in the carnival, and is forced into a standoff when Blake takes a hostage at gunpoint, using her as a human shield. Styles manages to get Blake to release the hostage by stripping his equipment and uniform off, demonstrating that he has no other weapons or body armor, before placing his revolver on the ground. He has stripped, however, to gain access to a backup gun hidden in his athletic supporter, which he uses to shoot Blake in the knee, allowing him to take the killer down. The incident is caught by an amateur videographer, and is shown on television, making Styles a local hero and drawing the welcome attention of the Los Angeles County District Attorney (Wagner) and a local councilman (John Cothran, Jr.). He and Doyle are immediately promoted to Detective, while Blake is sent to prison.

Unless Plax is doing his best Rick Ross impersonation,


Leave the gun at home, or at least in the car…