Only a year to get the ring.  Good move...

Maybe this can be a ring that he actually helps to get…just kidding, you are a Laker, so I got your back…

This is a good sign for Laker fans.  Ronin’s girl Khloe helped Lamar get another ring, so this has to be good right?

Los Angeles Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic, 26, and tennis star Maria Sharapova, 23, are engaged to be married, the basketball player announced before Thursday night’s 120-99 preseason win over the Golden State Warriors.The proposal — which he characterized as “probably old-school” — came on the one-year anniversary of when they first met at a friend’s barbecue. “I had to do it like a gentleman,” Vujacic said.

“She was happy. The answer was yes, so I think she liked it,” said Vujacic, who the Riverside Press-Enterprise said was returning to the court after three games off due to a concussion.

The point guard made his announcement on a night when Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant were both absent — more spotlight for him and his bride.

Now, if we don’t repeat, I will be blaming YOU!  (jk, jk…you should not be the reason we win or lose…) You clearly are the winner here Sasha…

Pau! Right in the kisser!

Pau! Right in the kisser!

And... Pau! Right in the kisser!

Some people including Charles Barkley have lost their minds.

These are the headlines I read today…

LAKERS/SUNS: Chemistry vs. size

This one seems just plain old fashioned racist!!! If I have to explain then It doesn’t matter.

Lakers Get Hot Suns

Why are the Suns so “hot”? Because it took them 6 to get past the #6 Trail Blazers team without Brandon Roy. Or was it the sweep of the #7 AARP Spurs that were only in the semis b/c they on beat up the always ready for a early vacation Mavs? Why else would the league’s 3nd or 4th worst defensive team become a defensive giant during the playoffs?

And get this…

Five Reasons the Suns can Take down the Lakers

I say the Lakers will bi*ch slap the Suns in 4 or 5 games if Los Lagos want to end it in LA. And I don’t need 5 reasons I just need one… Kobe!!!

Why are people believing the hype surrounding the Suns? I dont get it. Lets not forget that the Lakers beat the Suns  3–1 in the regular-season series. And the one loss was on Dec. 28th when Ron Ron had a little too much Egg-Nog on X-Mas and fell down his stairs leaving him on the sidelines.  The other 3 games the Lakers won by a combined 47 points. At every position the Lakers are better except one and Kobe is still the best perimeter presence in the game.

I prefer this headline…

Sorry Phoenix, but Los Angeles Is Not San Antonio

BTW, Phil is already in their heads. haha ha