California has been infiltrated by loud mouth Richy’s before but I’m a litle nervous about this Richy Rich named Meg Whitman. Partly because she is rich but also because she is really rich. Hell, she has already spent 100s of Million’s of dollars to win her party’s nomination for the Governorship. Now, she has set her sights on winning the outright general election against Jerry Brown and plans to used the same tactics. That is; spend lots of money, then say something stupid then spend more, say more stupid crap she knows nothing about and spend more then repeat.

For the first few months I’ve overestimated the California electorate because I didn’t see how Meg could stay in the race. Yet her tactics have been paying off. Well, to some extent. But more than I could muster.

Lately I’ve been telling friends that Jerry should just dismiss everything she says as stupid. Then move on with intelligent discussion on how he and his family is gonna once again fix California after popular ex-actor Republican Governors ( Reagan & Schwarzenegger ) screwed the state up.

Today Jerry Brown listened to me…

State candidates connect to voters at forum

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown dismissed Republican Meg Whitman’s criticism of his nomination of Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird as the words of a candidate who didn’t vote and “took no interest” in the governing of California until recently.

“For a woman to talk about things in California – apparently not only did she didn’t live here; she took no interest in California,” Brown told reporters Saturday after an appearance at a San Francisco faith-based forum. “What was Mrs. Whitman doing in the election when Rose Bird was confirmed in 1978? Was she around?”

Whitman, in an opinion piece that appeared last week, lambasted Brown for his appointment of Bird, who served as California chief justice from 1977 to 1987; she was later voted out by voters who objected to her anti-capital punishment views.

Whitman’s observations were “unworthy of discussion,” Brown said.

Finally Brown, keep it up.

One of the comments made me laugh because it was so true…

One of the burdens of age is the knowledge of history lived: I can remember what living in California was like when Brown and his father led California. Life was great, Meg. Please don’t remind me anymore of what Jerry Brown did for California. As I recall, he drove something like a Plymouth Valient, lived in an apartment instead of the Governors mansion Reagan built, the economy was great, UC was cheap, new campuses, new freeways and new canals were opening up each year. Thanx NativeSon46.

Next Jerry needs to explain to the voters that Ebay is onenthe most evil tech companies in Silicon Valley. Namely trying to push out my boy Craig and his list by the worst of tactics then lie about it. Steve would say Ebay are a bunch a Rat Finks.

You have no guarantee of winning the job, so your money is in jepardy.

Whitman wins GOP nomination for Calif. governor
LOS ANGELES (AP) – Meg Whitman, the billionaire former chief executive of eBay, easily won the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, setting up a general election contest against former Gov. Jerry Brown.

Whitman took a large lead in the polls in the final weeks of the campaign after a negative ad war over which Republican was the most conservative.

The contest was the most expensive primary in California history, with Whitman spending more than $81 million and state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner spending $25 million.

Whitman, who has never before run for elective office, is the first woman to win the Republican nomination for governor in California.

Brown, governor from 1975-83, was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Jerry Brown just got to sit back and watch the fireworks.  Plus, he can steal from the loser and recycle some of the messages that seemed to work.