Times are tough this holiday season.  People don’t have jobs and kids are looking for the next big thing to play with and store in their closet. So, while we don’t condone robbing, we can understand some of the sociological pressures to have the latest things.

Yes, the AJ11's are hot, but are they worth getting jumped, or shot? For many, the answer is yes...

People at the Hilltop Mall in wonderful Richmond, CA (no sarcasm intended or implied) risked life and limb to get these shoes.  There was gunfire, where a guy tried to pull a Cheddar Bob, Plaxico Burress and let off gunfire while waiting for the stores to open.  But, it was an accident, so that doesn’t count. We grew up with some snatch and grabbers, but not with fools robbing with guns.  When you go that far, you have to be ready to use. That was the Bridge too Far for most of the dudes we hung out with.

But, this time justice prevailed.  For those who have a job, they understand that they work hard for usually meager wages to make it work. They get up every day and in some cases, do a job they hate.  Robbing is easy, but you have to have some skill.  This is the story of Mostafa Hendi, who needs to take a remedial course in how to rob, or at least listen to my man 50.

By: WLOS | NBC17.com
Published: December 26, 2011

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. –A robbery suspect got a lot more than cash when he tried to hold up a North Carolina store.

An employee knocked the suspect unconscious at the “We Buy Gold” business on the Spartanburg highway in Hendersonville on Friday and held him down until police arrived.

“He came through the door. He had his hand down here on his waist, hoodie on his head, he said ‘Gimme the money, gimme the money, gimme the money,’” said employee Derek Mothershead.
“And I got up, and I threw my hands up and said take the money if you want it.”

Mothershead took matters into his own hands.

“He had a bag and instead of putting it in the bag I kind of handed it to him,” he recalled. “I said here, take it take it. And I just kind of came in and hit him.”

Mothershead knocked the robber, 25-year-old Mostafa Hendi, unconscious.

No means no, Ben. You reap what you sow buddy boy....

“If he wants money get a job, work like everybody else in this world.”

Mothershead held down Hendi, who was bleeding, and called police.

“We Buy Gold” manager Juan Cruz said knocking out armed robbers isn’t exactly store police. But he had a message for anyone considering robbing the store:

“Merry Christmas … Mostafa Hendi.”

Hendi is charged with armed robbery with a dangerous weapon.
He’s in jail on $100,000 bond.

Video can explain why good triumphs over evil this holiday season.

Wow.  And that was with the left.  He never saw it coming.  Didn’t he see Friday?

I still think that the worst part was that he had to clean up his own blood, because he was leaking all over the place.  This is the picture..,remember that this is one punch.

They should have given him some makeup for the mugshot, or at least reset his nose for the picture.

Hands and knees is a start....Kobe style might be a huge ring.

This weekend was a long weekend for me.  Obligations kept me busy the whole weekend, from a basketball game, to a debate tournament.  The crew was at the tournament and as he does, Ronin was chatting up the ladies.  Our buddy, Wes, who is a mess, salted Ronin’s game.  When I sat down and broke it to Wes about what he did, I began to realize it wasn’t his fault.  Wes was just a horrible wingman, thus counting on him for wingman game would not be wise.

Wes, here is some info to bone up on...

Wes, learn the creed, follow the creed

I can’t be mad at someone for not doing something that I should know that they are bad at.  If you know you have a shoot first point guard, why get upset if he isn’t passing as much as you would like?

This is what America fails to realize about Tiger Woods.  We can’t be mad AT Tiger, because Tiger is a stiff.  You can condemn his actions, but it’s bigger than him.  To fully understand, what is going on, a definition is in order.

stiff (plural stiffs)

  1. An average person, usually male, of no particular distinction, skill, or education, often a working stiff or lucky stiff.
    A Working Stiff’s Manifesto: A Memoir of Thirty Jobs I Quit, Nine That Fired Me, and Three I Can’t Remember was published in 2003.
  2. A person who is deceived, as a mark or pigeon in a swindle.
    She convinced the stiff to go to her hotel room, where her henchman was waiting to rob him.
  3. (slang) A cadaver, a dead person.
  4. (US) A person who leaves (especially a restaurant) without paying the bill.

In understanding women, Tiger meets definition one and two.  When Tiger was working on his game growing up, he never got a chance to work out the kinks in his mating/macking/sexual game.  The reason why is is great at golf is that he had to ignore other urges and needs.  His sexual game is simple, rote. This is not to say that Tiger never got laid, but never got to enjoy the rockstar experience.  It is not his fault that he has been handled most of his life.  His handlers did a great job (that would include his parents, who by definition are handlers, but this refers to outside that family tree handling) almost too great in crafting the image.  People love to tear other people down, but one thing that is great about the human spirit is that we allow people to make mistakes.  Marion Barry did this and STILL got re-elected to public office.

Yes, this is the Mayor of Washington D.C. smoking crack...

He didn’t have this movie to guide him (How to Be a Player) The mistakes that he made in the whole scenario was very reminiscent of High School game. The silly voice mails are the first clue about his underdeveloped game.

Dre, if he only had you as a wingman, all would be good

The fact that he was texted is just a modern day note writing that any guy would not get caught up in, since that is the smoking gun.  (Guys and gals, remember, that text messages do not disappear in the great beyond.  They are easily accessible.  At least if you are cheating, cover your tracks.  Get rid of text messages and don’t send anything in them, since they can be read and saved by the other side. One rookie manuever is that people forget to clear the sent emails in their side, they only remember to get rid of the ones that they receive.)

But, there is a ray of light during this moment of darkness.  There is a manual for  getting through this and continuing to make the money.  Going on Oprah to win back the women.  A lot of guys were never mad at you in the first place.  they may have questioned you cheating on your smoking hot wife, but they were not mad, in the classic sense.  In fact, some men immediately put themselves in your situation and re-created your mistakes, in order to play out the scenario and figure out how not to make the mistakes you made.

She is that powerful...do not cross her...

But, going on Oprah is the key to winning back women who hate you right now.  The Mayo Clinic defines forgiveness.

What is forgiveness?

Generally, forgiveness is a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge. The act that hurt or offended you may always remain a part of your life, but forgiveness can lessen its grip on you and help you focus on other, positive parts of your life. Forgiveness can even lead to feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you deny the other person’s responsibility for hurting you, and it doesn’t minimize or justify the wrong. You can forgive the person without excusing the act. Forgiveness brings a kind of peace that helps you go on with life.

The demographics of the Oprah show are the groups you need to win back. You need to find a way that they can forgive you, without minimizing the act.  We all make terrible life decisions. The black women vote is key.  Right now, you are polling low with them because of the affair (some of them are not mad at you for this.  They are the ones making excuses for you like, Elin wasn’t taking care of business at home and Tiger, I would make it work for you)  Memo to Tiger…be careful.  These are the types of women that you are sleeping with now. Back to the point at hand, the women you are polling poorly with.  One thing to remember is that Black women can be really racist, with the emphasis on really racist. There are women who are not mad that you had an affair, but are mad only because it was with a white women.  Oprah can help with that, because Oprah is a healer.  This is the time to say, “Whoops, I got caught up!” You will need to show your emotional side on the show, and you might even need to cry a little bit, to show contrition.  But, don’t worry, because most guys will never hear about it, much less see it.  So, don’t be self conscious.  At worst, we will say, “Wait til you get to the car to cry…”

(Don’t let Deebo see you slipping….you won’t have to go to the car to cry)

Oprah as the Great Emancipator can bring together white women as well.  They read Oprah, and value her input and opinion.  It’s the reason stars agree to do her show after bad press, like Tom Cruise.

Do not jump up and down professing your love for your wife. If you overdo it, people will not believe you. But, look at Oprah selling it and showing all the teeth and gums, pretending to be amused. This is the press you need.

Tiger, you can do it.  Let Oprah help…Harpo, reach out to a man who needs a helping hand…

Doesn't this look like McGruff the Crime Dog?

Getting fired is something that most of use go through during our quest to move from having a job to having a career.  While I have never been fired, I have seen the writing on the wall and quit a job or two to avoid the stigma of getting fired.  Getting fired is embarrassing.

Getting fired on your day off is even worse.

The Cleveland Browns are a franchise in total disarray at the moment.  I feel bad for the franchise, because they always seem to be stuck with the worst luck possible.  In their long, and storied history they have championships, but once Jim Brown decided to retire early for a career in Hollywood, they have been cursed.

You have the The Drive

The Drive refers to an offensive series in the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship Game played on January 11, 1987, between the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns. Broncos quarterback John Elway, in a span of 5 minutes and 2 seconds, led his team 98 yards to tie the game with 37 seconds left in regulation. Denver won the game in overtime with a field goal, 23-20.

Then you have the Fumble, which happened the next year AND was against the same team…

The Fumble refers to a specific incident in the AFC Championship Game between the Cleveland Browns and the Denver Broncos on January 17, 1988 at Mile High Stadium. With 1:12 left in the game, running back Earnest Byner appeared to be on his way to score the game-tying touchdown, but lost a fumble at the 3-yard line.


Then Browns fans suffered, as their team was ripped away from them by greedy ownership.

On November 6, 1995, with the team sitting at 3-4, Modell announced that he had signed a deal to relocate the Browns to Baltimore, Maryland in 1996 – a move which would return the NFL to Baltimore for the first time since the Baltimore Colts relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana after the 1983 season. The very next day, on November 7, Cleveland voters overwhelmingly approved the aforementioned tax issue to remodel Cleveland Stadium.

After extensive talks between the NFL, the Browns and officials of the two cities, Cleveland accepted a legal settlement that would keep the Browns legacy in Cleveland. In February 1996, the NFL announced that the Browns would be ‘deactivated’ for three years, and that a new stadium would be built for a new Browns team, as either an expansion team or a team moved from another city, that would begin play in 1999. Modell would in turn be granted a new franchise (the 31st NFL franchise), for Baltimore, retaining the current contracts of players and personnel. There would be a reactivated team for Cleveland, where the Browns’ name, colors, history, records, awards and archives would remain in Cleveland. The only other current NFL team to suspend operations without merging with another was Cleveland’s previous NFL team, the Rams, during the 1943 season.[1]

So, I feel your pain. As a raider fan, I know the feeling of having another city enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Heck, you even have the Dawg Pound, similar to the Black Hole.

Not your smartest move, Ochocinco....

But, even after all that, you have to remove your GM with the Sheriff? NFL.com is reporting this story, as well as others….

According to multiple published reports, Cleveland Browns GM George Kokinis was escorted out of the team’s facility Monday.

This is Hipster J. getting escorted out by the police, not the GM, but funny nonetheless....

The Browns have yet to officially respond to any of Monday’s reports, but team director of public relations Neal Gulkis said late Monday, “I haven’t heard anything, I can’t confirm those reports.”

Even so, as news on the situation continues to surface, it is becoming apparent that Kokinis is likely on his way out in Cleveland.

NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi told NFL Total Access Monday that Kokinis will be fired, and that Kokinis is aware of the situation. According to Lombardi, Kokinis has not been involved in any of the team’s recent decisions and has been something of an outcast within the organization, with coach Eric Mangini making the front office decisions.

Browns play-by-play announcer Jim Donovan told NBC affiliate WKYC-TV3 in Cleveland that the Browns have already ”severed ties” with Kokinis.

Following Sunday’s 30-6 loss in Chicago, Browns owner Randy Lerner said he was “sick” about the state of his team, and that he would like to bring in a “strong, credible, serious leader” to help run his team, according to multiple published reports.

More on this story to follow.

Update: The team released a statement Monday night that Kokinis is “no longer actively involved” with the Browns organization.

Did you really have to have him escorted out of the building?  Did you think that he was going to steal the stapler like in Office Space?

Just like my Raiders, so have to comport yourself like professional if you want people to take you seriously.  That goes twice for my Raiders.  Good luck Browns….it starts with firing Mangini.

How are you going to clown with the police?  It seems like I said earlier, it’s all about the DUI arrest that led to the spiral…

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reveals the depths of her despair

Thursday, July 09, 2009

NASHVILLE —- Former NFL star Steve McNair was shot dead in his sleep last week by a 20-year-old girlfriend distraught about mounting financial problems and her belief that he was seeing someone else, police said Wednesday.

Sahel Kazemi “was spinning out of control” when she shot McNair four times as he dozed on a sofa early Saturday, then turned the gun on herself, police Chief Ronal Serpas said.

Interviews with friends revealed that she was making payments on two cars, her rent was doubling and she suspected the married McNair was having a second affair with another woman.

She told a friend on Friday that “my life is a ball of s—- and I should end it,” Serpas said.

I don’t want anyone to kill themselves, but why take someone else with you?  That is a twisted sense of Romeo and Juliet to think about.

Now, you have to put some blame on McNair too, but not for the reasons you think.  Of course, if the guy just kept it in his pants and cherished his vows, then this would have never happened.  But, lets move beyond that.  Let’s assume that the affair happened.  How could Steve have avoided this fate?

First, don’t be a cheapass.  Stacks would have soothed everything over.  Even if you are cheating on you side piece you are cheating with on your wife, you just had to take care of things.  Fully pay for the Escalade would have been one less thing she would have to worry about.  That could have been the boiling point. MyCar.com explains

Extra-cost options can quickly drive the Escalade’s $54,725 base price (including an $875 destination charge) higher. Key among them is a Climate Package with heated and cooled front and rear seats as well as a heated steering wheel; an Information Package with a touch-screen navigation system, a reversing camera, and adaptive headlights; power fold-and-tumble second-row seats; a rear seat DVD entertainment center; and an oversized power sunroof. Our test truck had all of them: the $2,995 22-inch wheels, the $2,495 Information Package, the $1,295 rear DVD entertainment system, the $995 power sunroof, the $625 Climate Package, and the $425 power second-row fold-and-tumble seats. The sticker price for our sample Escalade with all-wheel-drive was $66,110.

Pay for it, you cheap bastard...
Your life has to be worth 66,000 dollars.
Two, don’t have side pieces.  I know I just said above about it being not about the fact that he had someone on the side, but in a way, it is.  You need to go the route of call girl.  Maybe if he watched more cartoons, he would have heard from Chef on South Park sing about what to do…
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Three, don’t make promises your ass can’t cash.  You can’t play with people emotions.
Steve did and paid the price…