Happy Non denomination holidays.  As Bing Crosby once sang, I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, but he certainly did not mean it this way…

Rick James Cocaine

Truer words have never been spoken Rick...

I wasn’t dreaming of a white Christmas, but reading this made me think of brotherly love and I came to the realizaation that I don’t love my brother this much…

Man Dies After Eating Ounce of Cocaine Out Of Brother’s Butt

  • Man Dies After Eating Ounce of Cocaine Out Of Brother's Butt


By JULIA JACOBOpix11.com | @wpix9:41 p.m. EST, December 20, 2011
After eating an ounce of cocaine hidden in his brother’s buttocks, a South Carolina man died soon after.Deangelo Mitchell, 23, and his brother Wayne, 20, were in the back of a North Charleston Police Department cruiser on Nov. 30. The duo was being transported to jail when they began whispering about narcotics hidden inside the older sibling.

The Mitchells were arrested when a police officer found three small bags of cocaine underneath a rear seat of their 2001Chrysler. It is evident in video footage that Deangelo Mitchell encouraged his younger brother to ingest the cocaine. The older Mitchell has a lengthy record and was concerned that he could face life in prison if convicted of a narcotics charge. “I can’t get no more strikes,” he told his brother.

He further directed his brother to “Eat that s***” and “Chew that s***.”

In the footage, Wayne Mitchell can be seen, in handcuffs, reaching back to retrieve the cocaine from his brother. He then drops his head while he eats the cocaine.

Wayne Mitchell soon after began convulsing and bleeding from his mouth. “White powder residue” was found on the rear seat of the police cruiser, cops noted. Deangelo later said “he believed his brother swallowed an ounce of cocaine.”

Wayne Mitchell died within an hour of ingesting the cocaine.

Deangelo Mitchell was initially charged with narcotics trafficking and was released from custody after posting $50,000 bond. But after a review of the police footage, authorities rearrested him Tuesday, charging him with involuntary manslaughter in connection with his brother’s death.

Why was he acting like a cheerleader?  I mean, c’mon man…he is already doing you a solid…
What do you tell your family about this? Holidays are definitively going to be awkward from now on. Worse, is that there is video of the act…

You will fall in love and get married while reading this...keep the fifty bucks as a wedding present

…they should have seen them coming and ran…

ABC News

Police Focus on Couple Who Raised Abducted Girl

Authorities focus on couple who raised abducted Calif girl for 7 years


The Associated Press


The tears in Amber Nicklas’ eyes as she realized she would be taken from the only family she ever knew was enough to make Detective Jerry Saba’s stomach churn.

The girl, abducted at age 1 from her foster parents in California seven years ago, was found this week at a Phoenix home where she was being raised by a palm-reading couple.

The Los Angeles County sheriff’s detective was among a host of authorities who went to the little white clapboard house that doubled as a psychic business and told the man and woman raising Amber they were taking her into protective custody.

The blonde-haired girl began to cry but eventually calmed down as she was led away clutching her Barney doll.

“I felt horrible for her,” Saba told The Associated Press on Friday. “Here she is at age 7, being taken away from the only family she knew.”

Amber was brought back to Los Angeles on a sheriff’s plane while she played Rock Paper Scissors with the detectives and was even shown Disneyland as they flew over Anaheim.

She remained in protective custody Friday as authorities investigate what role, if any, the Phoenix couple had in her abduction.

The couple, who were originally from Romania, were using a different name for Amber. When police arrived at the home, the purported parents seemed resigned to losing her, Saba said.

“I think they had suspicions we would be coming,” he said. “They weren’t asking the types of questions I would expect from true parents, they weren’t offering up any resistance.”

The couple, whose names were not released, were detained then released after questioning. A second woman elsewhere in Phoenix was also questioned and released. Saba said he hoped charges will be filed, but was unclear of a timeframe, in part because of the complexity of a case spanning jurisdictions in two states.

The couple’s attorney, John Blischak, told The Arizona Republic they did not know Amber had been kidnapped. Blischak did not immediately return a call to the AP Friday afternoon.

Amber was abducted Sept. 21, 2003, by three juvenile aunts — one of them as young as 13 — who went with her and her foster parents to a Chuck E. Cheese in nearby Norwalk. Two of the aunts created some sort of distraction while the third got away with Amber.

The act must have been good and the timing must have been on point, but again, it’s Chuckie Cheese.  There is a lot to do there.

Cut one line up for me, CHUCK!

Saba said investigators at the time worked hard to track the girl but the case went nowhere. There were a couple leads saying she was in Arizona but, despite searches by authorities there, she was never found.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? Remember the name Jaycee Lee Dugard?  She was kidnapped and found years after the fact?  The authorities had been to the home numerous times over the years and did nothing and never worked with the info they had that a pedophile had children at his house…

Two of the three aunts served time in juvenile detention for the abduction, but Saba would not comment on what investigators gleaned from interviews with them or if they remained part of the investigation.

Amber appeared to have been living in the Phoenix home since soon after she was abducted, Saba said. It was not clear how she ended up there, but authorities say the couple in the house knew one of the aunts. Saba did not elaborate on the relationship.

Gustavo Lom, who owns a sandwich and taco shop across the street from the couple’s house, said he remembered when Amber was a baby and often saw her and the couple outside together.

“I thought they were a normal family. They seemed to treat her as affectionately as any parent treats their kids,” Lom said. “I’d see him carrying her in his arms, kissing her on the cheek, sitting on the porch together.”

The couple were also raising a baby girl and had a grown son. Those children appeared to be their own, authorities said.

Authorities originally planned to put Amber into protective custody in Phoenix but worried her pretend parents would try to find her.

“She’s been abducted once, we were afraid if she remained out there, they would abduct her again,” Saba said.

Amber appeared to be well nourished and the house was clean and tidy, Saba said. The couple raising her had kept her out of school in an attempt to hide her and when police arrived, the purported mother tried to hide Amber in a bathroom shower under a pile of clothes and towels.

Authorities gave Amber enough time to change out of a pink skirt and into a pair of cotton pants before being returned to the care of Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, Saba said. That agency declined to confirm it was looking after Amber or provide any details on her original abduction.


Associated Press Writer Amanda Lee Myers contributed to this report from Phoenix.

Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Copyright © 2010 ABC News Internet Ventures

Sometimes, the very thing that you are looking for is right under your nose….

its for for kids AND adults!

That must have been some party...

Now I understand why Maradonna was so upset and why he took the job as coach in the first place.

The Colombian soccer team didn’t make the World Cup, but the country’s police made a great save to intercept a replica tournament trophy made entirely out of cocaine.

Colombia authorities seized the 14-inch replica trophy bound for Madrid at Bogota Airport Saturday, CNN reported.

The painstakingly engraved statue was painted gold with green stripes on the base to match the real trophy. It was bound, along with several team jerseys packed in the box, for an address in Madrid when it was intercepted in a warehouse inside the airport.

Colombian National Police said the “bad condition” of the gold paint on the trophy’s surface is what tipped them off.

The real World Cup trophy is almost as valuable — cast in solid 18-carat gold — but weighs about ten pounds less.

You have to applaud the creativity of the drug smugglers. Necessity is the mother of invention…

Doing lines has a different meaning to Maradona

Tony, I think you have a little something on your face

Tony, I think you have a little something on your face

As you know, my boy E sometimes has to work the graveyard shift.  So, when I am getting ready to leave, he is just getting back from the all night grind.  Last night was particularly brutal, as he worked from 6pm to 6am.  With that type of schedule coupled with the fact that it rotates between grave and normal day shift, you can see why his body would be going crazy.

So, as I ran into him this morning, we were talking about what he was doing to stay awake.  E lamented the fact that he was feeling wiped out about 4am, so he drank a Mountain Dew to help fight off sleep.  Normally, this would be a 5 hour energy drink, but he thought that he could beat off the rush of Dew faster, helping him go to sleep sooner when he got home.  Well E, don’t drink Red Bull Cola if you are trying to get to bed.

Mail Online

The more popular Red Bull, dubbed the ‘clubbers’ drink,’ is often mixed with vodka. It contains caffeine, vitamins, and sugar which, the company claims, kick-starts the body’s metabolism and keeps people alert.


Red Bull Cola could be banned in Germany – after traces of cocaine are found in it

By Alan Hall
Last updated at 4:34 PM on 25th May 2009

Germany is considering a nationwide ban on the high-energy drink Red Bull Cola after traces of cocaine were found in it.

Authorities in the states of Hesse and North-Rhine Westphalia have ordered retailers to stop selling the beverage – which is available in the UK.

The consumer ministries in the two states confirmed they had ordered retailers to pull the drink off their shelves after a food safety institute in North-Rhine Westphalia found the drug in samples.

Red Bull Cola
Coke problem: An investigation in Germany has found traces of de-cocainized extract of coco leaf in Red Bull Cola

‘The institute examined Red Bull Cola in an elaborate chemical process and found traces of cocaine,’ said Bernhard Kuehnle, head of the food safety department at the federal ministry for consumer protection.

Now, you might have a view of crackheads as being nice and harmless, like          Tyrone here… But crackheads are not all fun and games children.  Don’t do drugs! (That is our PSA, so we can get off probation for drugs…just kidding…)

Authorities said the cocaine levels do not pose a health threat but are not permitted in foodstuffs.

The investigation found the drink to contain a de-cocainized extract of coca leaf in the drink.

That means the drink cannot be classified as a foodstuff but as a narcotic and needs a special licence, authorities said.

Giant German retail group Rewe had already issued orders to remove the fizzy drink from its shops. Wilhelm Deitermann, spokesman for the North-Rhine Westphalia consumer ministry said he expected most – if not all – other German states to follow suit and ban the drink.

Red Bull Cola has protested the action. ‘De-cocainized extract of coca leaf is used worldwide in foods as a natural flavouring,’ said a spokesman.

Coca leaf doesnt travel very well...that is why I make it into cocaine!

Coca leaf doesnt travel very well...that is why I make it into cocaine!

The company added that Red Bull Cola as well as other food that contains coca leaf extract is considered safe in the EU as well as in the US.

I knew something was up with this drink.  We had a bunch of promo Red Bull Colas and one of my debaters started drinking one, and he kept coming back for more, like he was a crackhead!  I knew something had to be in that drink.

We here at Too Old love the music.  In fact, if you look on the side of the Blogroll, you can see that we have been repping the Clipse since the beginning of the blog.   It’s something about the lyrics that are hilarious and felt authentic, unlike Big Boy Officer Ricky and his fake drug rap.

In this story, art imitates life. With Rick Ross and his drug life, Deeper than Rap, to that I say Deeper than rap my ass.  The sad thing is Rick had a little flow to him, but his credibility is shot.  When you continually lie, people will develop hate for you. All you had to do is be honest.  The issue wasn’t that you had a real job and you “Hustled” as the CO.  But, when faced with the truth, he was embarrassed about where he came from, which ended any possibility of being taken seriously.

But, the Clipse had grimy settings and dudes that hung with the crew that you knew were involved in “things”…things that were not legal, but also the reason why they had a lot of money…

By Ismael AbduSalaam @ Allhiphop.com

Former Clipse manager and nightclub owner Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez has been charged in U.S. District Court with running a $10 million a year drug ring.

Here is what a million dollars looks like.

According to federal documents, Gonzalez’s 6 year drug empire has allegedly moved 100 pounds of cocaine and over a ton of marijuana through Hampton Roads, Virginia since 2003.

this is about 66 lbs, so imigine about 1/3 more cocaine!

this is about 66 lbs, so imigine about 1/3 more cocaine!

Authorities suspect Gonzalez imported the drugs from Panama Florida, California, and Arizona.

The 82-count indictment states that Gonzalez laundered drug money through several front businesses, including the Clipse’s booking agency Soul Providers Management.

The federal document elaborates that the defendants painted “themselves out as music producers, rappers, entrepreneurs, club owners, clothing designers and other legitimate occupations in order to conceal the true source of their income.”

In addition, Gonzalez is accused of making several kingpin transactions, such as purchasing 10 kilos cocaine for $200,000, and 625 pounds of marijuana for $540,000 in 2007.

Gonzalez’s Encore Lounge nightclub was allegedly purchased in 2007 for $80,000 and 40 pounds of marijuana.

Earlier this year, the Virginia Beach nightclub closed down after a reputed 100-plus incidents of violence and drug transactions in 2008.

Six other co-conspirators were named in the 60-page document, including a police officer who allegedly tipped Gonzalez off about the coming indictment.

To date, Anthony “Geezy” Gonzalez remains at large. At press time, the Clipse could not be reached for comment.

Well, this is good for the new CD.  They are in the news, and any news is good, when you are a rapper, especially when you rap about drugs and you are “keeping it real”  Peep Pusha and Malice hold it down with Kayne…  This story, just like the song, is Kinda Like a Big Deal…

That amount of weight and money will get you major time…

Truer words have never been spoken...

Truer words have never been spoken...

I just smoked my Navigator away!

I just smoked my Navigator away!

Not that I am one to talk, but I keep my dirt private.  Plus, I filed for an extension to delay the inevitable, unspeakable crime against humanity my tax situation is.  Death and taxes are truly two things you can count on.  Another thing that you can count on is Marion and Meth have a love of the drugs.  Here is a blast from the past with In Living Color…

Method Man and Marion Barry have been in the news for tax problems.  Marion seems to just not be able to pay his taxes.  He doesn’t think that he has to, so he doesn’t.  That is just going to get him locked up.  But Marion got a larger than average sized “baggie” of luck…

Federal prosecutors Thursday dropped a request that D.C. Council member Marion Barry be jailed for failing to pay his taxes on time, instead asking a judge to extend the former mayor’s probation, subject him to electronic monitoring and place him under a curfew.

“The government can read the tea leaves,” Mr. Barry, Ward 8 Democrat, said after a hearing in U.S. District Court.

During the proceedings before U.S. Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson, assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Zeno repeated the request that Mr. Barry be incarcerated for violating the terms of his 2006 probation by failing to file his tax returns on time and said confining the council member on weekends or in a halfway house “would satisfy the government.”

This is not the first time that Marion has given the finger to the idea of paying your taxes is patriotic.

Judge Robinson is expected to issue a written ruling in coming days.

The one thing that helps Marion is that he has mind control over the justice system similar to the mind control that Chris Tucker had over Debo in Friday.

Prosecutors in 2007 unsuccessfully tried to have Mr. Barry’s probation revoked after he failed to file his 2005 taxes on time, and in February sought to send him to jail for being late with his 2007 tax returns – the eighth time in nine years that he failed to file on time, they said.

Method Man on the other hand, was alledged to have some AfroMan in him…

Late last month, New York newspaper The Daily News reported that rapper Method Man was too high to pay taxes and that his Lincoln Navigator was seized as a consequence.

In the interview, Method Man explained that “Myself, I’m a pothead. It’s no secret. Everyone knows that. I go on the road and forget everything else. Sure, [the tax department] sent letters to my house saying, ‘We need this money.’ They started sending them in 2002. Here it is, 2009, and I never paid this shit because I don’t think like that!

We understand bro… It’s hard keeping track of where your stash is, how can you keep a hold of a single piece of paper like a W-2?

But in a video that was featured on WorldStarHipHop earlier this week Method Man makes a few clarifications regarding The Daily News interview.

I’m back. I forgot to clear up one more thing up,Method Man explained. “At the end of the article it says, the reporter and shit says I didn’t pay my taxes. It was a play on the Afroman song. We was playing around. It was jokes. You know what I mean? We was joking around at the end of the article and it wasn’t fair that The Daily News put that headline on there.

Filmed on the set of one of his upcoming videos, Method Man made sure to point out his soberness.

And I’m sober right now at my video shoot,” said Method Man. “These nigga’s been smoking in the background. I’m sober right now telling y’all this.

Blackout 2, Method Man and Redman’s second studio album as a duo is expected to be released on May 19.

Support this brother because it is costly to fight the IRS and to have a decent stash of weed around for all the hangers-on.

Remember, crack is a hell of a drug…

Incest accusations shock Colombia

A Colombian man has appeared in court accused of raping his daughter over many years and fathering several children with her.

The first sentence of the story is all wrong.  What would you define as several?  This is what I found… for interest sake, I define several as 3-5.

  • several(a): (used with count nouns) of an indefinite number more than 2 or 3 but not many; “several letters came in the mail”; “several people were injured in the accident”
  • respective(a): considered individually; “the respective club members”; “specialists in their several fields”; “the various reports all agreed”
  • several(p): distinct and individual; “three several times”

Arcebio Alvarez, dubbed the “monster of Mariquita” by the local media, allegedly abused his daughter, now in her 30s, since she was nine years old.

The case has shocked Colombia, and the 59-year-old needed police and army protection for his court appearance.

I know this is going to sound racist, but I didnt include the picture at first, because I thought that it was a picture of Cesar Chavez

I know this is going to sound racist, but I didn't include the picture at first, because I thought that it was a picture of Cesar Chavez

I am going to go on record and say that that was not really enough.  I know if I was one to defend him and someone came and tried to attack him, I would just push him towards the attacker and wait to see who won.  If Alvarez won, then I would just escort him back to the courtroom.

Mr Alvarez denies incest and rape, saying his daughter was adopted.

“We agreed to have a romantic relationship because we really loved each other. But she was not my own child,” he told the court in the central Tolima province.

Sometimes I would ask him [why we were doing it] and he would say it was God’s will
Arcedio Alvarez’s daughter

It is not clear whether his claim is true, or whether it would affect the charges he faces, but the woman says she always saw him as her father.

“I always respected him as my father and he is my father,” she said.

“He never spoke about [incest], about why we were doing it. Sometimes I would ask him and he would say it was God’s will.”

The woman told police how her mother died when she was five years old, leaving her in the care of Mr Alvarez.

She says she was raped repeatedly and became pregnant 14 times. Eight of her children, aged between one and 19, survived.

That is not several, that is hella times.  Plus, his excuse is weak.  She is not my biological daughter.  Even if that is true, (and boy you are a dumbass if it isn’t true, because haven’t you heard of a little thing called DNA?  Ask Alfie Patten how that one is working out…) she is basically your daughter and is completely, and unequivocally off limits.

In addition to that, you did it 14 times.  Now, that is not just the act 14 times, you got her pregnant 14 times.  How the hell are you paying for all that and the kids? Hint…sniffy, sniffy

First you get the money, then you get the power...

First you get the money, then you get the power...

The case has also prompted a movement to change Colombian law, says the BBC’s Jeremy McDermott in Colombia, to ensure that those found guilty of raping children go to prison for life.

That just seems like a common sense law.  There is no reason to put children through the depravity that adults find themselves caught up in.  Sick people need to be treated and until they are, then prison is the most acceptable place for them.

The woman and her children are now under state protection.

Child welfare campaigners have called for a life sentence if he is convicted, saying there are hundreds of thousands of child sexual abuse cases in Colombia not being prosecuted.

2008 MTV Movie Awards

June 2, 2008

I am usually not the blogger to deal with award shows and popular culture things, since I am over them, most the time before they get started, like American Idol and, “So you think you can dance?” That is Erik’s normal domain and I don’t want to step on his toes. But, some drastically funny things happened at this year’s award show.

The first thing that caught my eye was that Lindsey Lohan was in attendance. I started to wonder what she had done to be there, and then I remembered that anything that she was in, I wouldn’t want to see anyway, so why should I care. Then the usual wardrobe malfunction that happens with her happened. At least this time, she was wearing undergarments.

I have always been in support of going commando, as I love our country. This is a girl that I run hot and cold on. In the past before all her drug and alcohol problems, she was pretty smoking hot…Even some of the recent Marilyn Monroe takeouts are artistic. Here is one of her pictures that make me think about my list and her place on the list. Plus, she is a sex addict, what a perfect combo! Snowboard daredevil Riley Giles throws his fears to the side and jumps in and talks about Lindsey and her addictions.

Riley revealed how Lindsay used orgasm after orgasm as a potent substitute for the huge chemical hits she was used to while partying.

He explained: “When you orgasm, your endorphins shoot up and it becomes a massive natural high. If you have an addictive personality like Lindsay you need that to replace the highs you got from taking drugs all the time. Sex became a key part of her recovery.

“And we didn’t get out of bed for days. It was the perfect place—roaring fires with amazing views over the Sundance ski resort.

“The first time we had sex I couldn’t believe I was looking down at Lindsay Lohan naked. We’d barely gotten through the door when we just ripped each other’s clothes off.

“Lindsay is so hot. She has a great body. Her backside is fantastic, perfect, all plump and round.

“She has great curves but her belly is nice and flat and toned. We couldn’t get enough of each other.”

SO this is Extreme Daredevil… he kinda should be shocked that he is pulling premium box like this… It gives hope to all of you out there that if you develop a serious coke problem, and then go to rehab, you too can swoop on vixens that are looking to fill the place their drug addiction usually held.

Hopefully she will get back to acting…but she sucked at that, so get back to being the party girl that made us love you. I really don’t know why you are at the MTV music awards, since you really can’t sing and you can’t act unless it’s feigning ignorance at your various wardrobe malfunctions… I wonder where Miley Cyrus got the idea of the suggestive picture from?

I just figured out why she was there at the MTV awards. She must have won the legend award for most upskirt shots without panties on. Her contestants that she was competing against was Brittney Spears, but she has dropped out of the limelight, allowing Lindsey to take the line and win.

The other thing that was memorable for me was Rain Wilson, the guy who plays Dwight. His character on the Office is classic and Dwight is a pimp, no questions asked. Just like at the end of the season, he is macking the hoes… One of the other memorable Dwight moments is when he and Michael go to NY to hang out with Ryan. Dwight is pimping all the girls in the club and is making out with some woman from a college basketball team. She is all broken up with Dwight leaves her, like a true player, he leaves her wanting more.

At the Awards, he comes on the stage with only a bear around the groin with Megan Fox. I think that he would make it hard to present anything with only the bear, but Megan seems relatively composed.

This is for you Erik, your man and his girl enjoying each other’s company at the awards


BEST MOVIE – Transformers
BEST VILLAIN – Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
BEST COMEDIC PERFORMANCE – Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.
BEST FIGHT – Sean Faris, Cam Gigandet, Never Back Down
BEST KISS – Briana Evigan, Robert Hoffman, Step Up 2 The Streets