Don’t people know that it’s wrong to speak ill of the dead?

By Kate Howard, The Tennessean

A property management company has filed a claim against former Titan Steve McNair’s estate for back rent on a West End apartment he began leasing in October.

McNair was the co-signer for a condo on Parthenon Avenue near Centennial Park, with his cousin, Raymond White, as the primary renter. But once the 12-month lease was finalized, the electricity was turned on in the name of a young woman, according to public records from Nashville Electric Service.

Mail and utility bills for the condo had been going to 26-year-old Adrianne Hobbs. Gianikas Property Management has asked McNair’s estate for $1,750 in rent, late fees and pet damages for the condo, which was vacated last month.

Rent was late in June and was never paid in July, according to court filings.

McNair was shot and killed July 4 in a condo off Second Avenue. Police have ruled that McNair was murdered by 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi, who then killed herself. The two had been dating, and police said Kazemi was distraught over catching McNair, who was married, with another woman.

Side piece Sahel Kazemi, who murdered McNair and took her own life...obviously during happier times...

Side piece Sahel Kazemi, who murdered McNair and took her own life...obviously during happier times...

Steve, Steve, Steve…if other people learn from this horrible tragedy, then while we would have lost a great leader (and not so great husband) but gained something from his death.  DON’T BUY YOUR SIDE PIECES ANYTHING!  This is where it started (that and keeping it in his pants) to go sideways for him.  had he just been clear that this was some late-night smash time, then she would not have gotten so clingy.  It is a lot easier to separate from that, then it is to make a commitment to someone by buying them things…

She told friends she had seen another woman leave the condo off Second Avenue and followed her home. That woman was not Hobbs, Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said.

“The person who I am aware of, who believes that she was followed by (Kazemi’s) Escalade, is a different individual and lives elsewhere,” Aaron said.

This sounds like it could have gotten worse.  If Sahel “Shooter” Kazemi KNEW OF this other person, I am glad that she didn’t shoot her up too.  Suicide after killing someone else is such the cowards way out…

A former employee at the property management company says McNair had been coming to the office each month and paying the $1,000-a-month rent personally for the Parthenon Avenue residence.

The electricity in Hobbs’ name was disconnected Aug. 7, according to records from the Nashville Electric Service. It is unclear how she knew McNair.

Before we go jumping to conclusions, what if the woman was the side piece of the cousin (or even better yet, what if she was the girlfriend?)  yeah, she would have come forward, but maybe all the notoriety scared her off.  Now, they have your name too…

“As far as we knew, McNair gave (White) the keys, and we thought (White) moved in,” said Stephanie Burch-McMahan, who managed the apartments until earlier this year. “It wasn’t until a couple months later, we discovered there’s no male person living in the apartment.”

Phone numbers for White have been disconnected, and he could not be reached for comment. A call to his attorney was not returned Tuesday.

‘We let it go’

Someone saw a woman walking a puppy in the pet-free condo, and the manager said she sent a letter to White. There appeared to be only women’s items in the apartment, Burch-McMahan said, and other residents of the apartment complex told management they’d seen only McNair and a blonde woman coming and going.

“If there had not been for (McNair’s) celebrity status, we would have called and said, ‘Who is this person living here?’ ” she said. “We knew if we confronted him about it, it would create a lot of awkwardness, so we let it go.”

That is what being famous gets you…a lot less questions.  Steve and others need to know that handling your business out in the open will get you caught up, even if some people are willing to hide it.  All these people thought that they were bulletproof….

Burch-McMahan, a fan of McNair, said she was at first disheartened at the circumstances of McNair’s death, but she considers him a kind and generous person and doesn’t want to judge him now.

“Maybe losing an icon like Steve means we are being asked to re-evaluate what we will accept and expect from relationships, and be conscious of the pain and destructiveness that infidelity causes,” she said.

Sound a lot like Joey, doesn’t it?

The smile seems forced, but i bet he loves his job!

The smile seems forced, but i bet he loves his job!

From CHEATERS® surveillance cameras, you are about to view actual true stories, filmed live, documenting the pain of a spouse or lover caused by infidelity. This program is both dedicated to the faithful and presented to the false-hearted to encourage their renewal of temperance and virtue.

Hobbs could not be reached Tuesday. A reporter spoke with her in July at the West End condo, but she said she didn’t know McNair and she had no comment.

Her friend Valerie Skelton identified herself as White’s girlfriend and said she herself lived in the condo. She said she had moved in a few months before McNair’s death. Skelton also did not return a phone call or e-mail Tuesday.

Valerie on the left, Adrienne on the right

Valerie on the left, Adrienne on the right

Steve, please tell me (through a dream or however the dead contact the living) that you were not smashing either of these two women.  I am hoping that it really was your cousin, his girl and her friend…

Gary Rubenstein, the attorney representing Gianikas Property Management, said mail had been coming in Hobbs’ name, and Skelton applied to be added to the lease nine days after McNair’s death. Rubenstein wasn’t sure who was living there.

Because White was the primary lessee, the company intends to pursue payment from him. But they still filed a claim against McNair’s estate because there is only a limited amount of time to do so, Rubenstein said.

Sharks smell blood in the water.  You are going after the dead for your money?  Let the man rest.

He said he has been in touch with White’s attorney and any payment they get from White will be deducted from their claim against McNair.

Rose Palermo, who represents Mechelle McNair in the probate case, said she has no information about the claim and can’t comment. Steve McNair did not leave a will.

American Express also has filed a claim against his estate for $44,000, and Magee General Hospital in Mississippi has filed for about $287.

Crime case officially isn’t closed

Though Metro investigators ruled the deaths of McNair and Kazemi a murder-suicide on July 8, they have not officially closed the case or made the case file public. It’s unlikely they will do so until the conclusion of the federal case against the man who sold Kazemi the gun, Aaron said.

Adrian Gilliam Jr. has been charged with being a felon in possession of a handgun after the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms traced the gun that killed the pair back to him. He told Metro police he sold Kazemi the gun for $100.

“The Metro Police Department’s investigation is parallel with the investigation by the federal authorities,” Aaron said. “In fact our officers have been very much involved in the federal case as well as the murder-suicide investigation. As far as the very thick case file, I suspect that is going to be not made public until the federal matter is resolved.”

I still feel sorry for the poor sap who thought he was doing some woman a favor by getting here a gun for protection and not he is caught up too…

He felt like he got suckerpunched after the election, but Obama didnt need to beat the old man down like that!

He felt like he got suckerpunched after the election, but Obama didn't need to beat the old man down like that!

Since we are on the topic of sucker punches, I thought that I would combine that topic with another of our favorite topics the TV Cheaters with Joey Greco.

If you were confused with what a suckerpuch is, this should clear it up nicely. This is a suckerpunch.  Also, allow this to be a lesson to all about remaining faithful, but also to keep you damn mouth shut when it is over and don’t taunt the other person.  Fast forward to 4:30sec for the best action, BUT you should watch the whole thing!

This is when you know you have graduated your game to the highest levels is when you can start claiming you chopped down Tyra.  Now, I am not saying that he is, but this is how it usually starts….

I got nothing but love for you...

I got nothing but love for you...

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We laugh, because we can.  Art imitates life, because it can, and it is better than what we can come up with on our own without any help…Guys, how many times do I need to say, quit looking for the side pieces and be happy with what you have…?  Evidently, I don’t say it enough…There are woman that YOU SHOULDNT MESS WITH! and DEFINITELY DO NOT DATE!

I wasn’t sure if this was a Keeping it Real Goes Wrong moment, or a Women NOT to Date scene, but it is a combination of both.  To get started, lets look at this classic movie line…

Jenny Jackson: All I know is a brother that has more than one woman and is looking for some more is a pimp.
Drayton Jackson: Well, that covers just about every man *I* know.

This is just one exchange in the movie, How to Be A Player.  It is the life that most men try to live at some point in their life.  The plot is relatively simple, in that we all know someone who can or does play the main character Dray, who seemingly has all the ladies and knows exactly what to tell them. Hit the break to see the plot and to see it imitated in real life…

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I still think its strange to dress the kids to look alike...

I still think its strange to dress the kids to look alike...

You had to know it was going to happen.  One kid changes the quality of life for a married couple.  I definitely know about that feeling.  You grow and care more for the child, not really for yourself.  You begin to grow apart and then you wonder why did you get married in the first place.  When those doubts start creeping in, then you know that your race has been run. That, and when the scandal rags catch you creeping…

The third grade teacher Deanne Hummel, 23 and Jon

The third grade teacher Deanna Hummel, 23 and Jon

For once, reality TV is real.  People get divorced all the time.  One half of all marriages end in divorce, so its really a crapshoot.  John and Kate will be looking for new partners now…it was only a matter of time when you have the Enquirer on your back.  The Los Angeles Times provides clarity.

In a much-promoted episode of the hit series Monday night, Jon and Kate Gosselin, the parents of eight children, announced in separate interviews they were separating; seconds later, text appeared on a black screen to add that the couple had decided to “legally dissolve” their 10-year marriage. The children will stay in the house, the couple said, and Jon and Kate will switch off living there.
And the show, apparently, will go on. TLC executives declined to comment Monday, but the Gosselins had committed to a full season of 40 episodes and indicated they would continue allowing camera crews access to film the family’s life, just not with Mom and Dad there together.
The announcement was hardly a surprise. Viewers of the 2-year-old series had seen the couple’s relationship deteriorate recently, and even people who don’t watch have been exposed to their problems through an endless stream of headlines — “Caught With Other Woman” and “Inside Jon’s Prison” — in the tabloid and celebrity media.
Now, we don’t watch the show,  but you have to feel bad for them 1) because its a divorce 2) the kids.  But, with Hollyweird, the show must go on.  They are going to continue to make that show and make that gwop.  Gotta get paid, even working with someone you now hate.  But, here is the scuttlebutt that people love to hear about.  Kate is not above the talk too, as here is pictures of her at the beach.  The discussion is about her and her bodyguard.  Here is a take of another gossip blog
Looks pretty good for forcing 8 kids out of the womb...

Looks pretty good for forcing 8 kids out of the womb...

Kate Gosselin, of the popular TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, is horrified by the latest rumors of infidelity.  This time it is Kate who is in the middle of a scandal, reportedly having an affair with her bodyguard and family friend Steve Neild.

According to the latest rumor mill, Kate has been engaging in an extra-marital relationship with a member of her security detail.  He travels extensively with the family as they make public appearances and travels with Kate as she meets her schedule of media commitments across the country.

Hear what Kate’s brother Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi had to say on the subject.  Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi gave a reluctant and sad interview about the deterioration of the Gosselin household.

The bodyguard who is caught up in the mix...kinda looks like Ted Danson for Cheers

The bodyguard who is caught up in the mix...kinda looks like Ted Danson for Cheers

The Los Angeles Times continues with its analysis of the problem.

But with the success came their indoctrination into the tabloid swamp. And as the show entered its fifth season in May, the lens has focused less on the kiddie chaos and more on the turbulent marriage.
Both Jon and Kate have been plagued by rumors of infidelity in recent weeks — he with a 23-year-old teacher and she with her bodyguard. Added to the turmoil was an investigation by the Pennsylvania Labor Department into the show’s possible violation of child labor laws, an allegation TLC has denied.
When the show returned May 25 — after dozens of tabloid covers, blurbs on blogs and snippets on TV gossip shows documenting the couple’s woes — viewers tuned in.
The season premiere drew 9.8 million viewers, more than twice as many as had watched the fourth-season finale. But ratings for subsequent episodes have cooled, with last week’s installment attracting only 2.9 million viewers.
You don’t have to choose sides, they both are alleged cheaters.  Where is my man Joey Greco and the detectives of Cheaters?  They need to combine the two shows and have a double episode where they follow John and Kate and bring them together with their side pieces and air their dirty laundry out in the open.
Careful Joey!  She seems stabby!

Careful Joey! She seems stabby!

If I am going to take an examination, I have to say that Jon is a smart guy, since it was the flexible Spongebob in the show.
“Kate and I have decided to separate,” Jon said, sitting alone on the couch.
“I was too passive,” Jon said of their relationship. “I just . . . went along with everything. Now I finally stood up on my own two feet and I’m proud of myself.”
Kate offered her own outlook: “It’s very uncomfortable at this point because Jon has a lot of anger towards me and I would love to discuss it with him but he won’t talk to me,” she said. Before the recent strife, they were just a couple trying to manage a set of twins and rambunctious sextuplets. The combination of his cool and calm demeanor and her sometimes controlling and overly organized personality were first seen on the one-hour special “Surviving Sextuplets and Twins” on Discovery Health in 2006. Its success eventually led to the TLC series. It centered mostly on the couple’s home life in Pennsylvania and the idiosyncrasies involved with raising a gaggle of children.
Dude is still young, he is only 32 and he has a bunch of kids.  He should be happy for that blessing and for the fact that he is out of being under the thumb of Kate.  Plus, in reading about this, I found this site, which lists reasons to dislike Kate or this site which lists the missing people in the family klan.

We love Cheaters here at Too Old.  We watch, because we learn.  You have to adapt your game in these trying times.  One of the easiest things to remember is DON’T CHEAT!  If you avoid that pitfall, then you will never be on the show.

But, some people can’t learn from the mistakes of others, and they have to make those mistakes for themselves.

First, why did dude kick the window out of his jumpoff’s car?  That is clearly roid rage that is washing over his body.  I will say that this dude is a BEAST!  Did you see the punch?  That came from the hill…

But, I have a piece of advice.  If you have to go to Cheaters, it’s a wrap for the relationship.  If you need a private investigator to figure out what your partner is doing, give it up.  It’s a little different if you go to counseling first to try and repair your relationship, and it doesn’t work out.  Even with that outcome  that should be a sign that it is over if the counseling doesn’t work out.  If should never come to a case of callers Joey to help you out, because you know he has nothing nice to say.

Another thing that I learned from Cheaters is never confront someone who has a knife, or confront someone on a boat

People keep it real and are going to show their true behavior when faced with embarrassment.

I’m not even sure if I would call it a “guilty pleasure” as opposed to just “a show I watch if it’s on” but some of you high-brow intellectual readers and “richey people” out there might look down on it as trashy, so I’ll keep it in my grouping with other reality TV for now. Whatever you want to call it, I love this show. Obviously a big-upping of my man Joey Greco goes hand-in-hand with this. For any of you poor, unfortunate souls out there who have not witness the greatness that is Cheaters, allow me to briefly summarize. Men or women who have a serious suspicion that their significant other is unfaithful call into the show and meet with host Joey Greco. Greco then sends his team of investigators (who appear blurred on camera for their protection) to conduct surveillance on the significant other. After they have collected enough evidence Joey Grecco takes the initial individual to confront his/her significant other (always while in a potentially compromising situation with another) and bedlam/hilarity ensues. If that description alone was insufficient to demonstrate the tightness of this show, perhaps this video will do the trick:

Yes, that was Joey Greco straight taking a knife to the stomach for the good of the show. While the stabbing resulted in a much larger security budget for the show, and hence less physical assault on Greco himself, they still allow a fair amount of tussling between the people featured in the episode. There are also ALWAYS crazy things that happen. I watched an episode a few weeks ago in which the woman caught her man having a threesome in a tattoo shop. I’ve seen women get their clothing tossed into a garbage bag and thrown out onto the street. There is ALWAYS somebody yelling. The phrase “who the fuck is this bitch” is commonplace. If you don’t watch this show you must hate yourself.

As a convenient addition, the show has spawned an online dating service for people who have committed not to cheat. Of course the ultimate goal must now be to meet a woman via this service, cheat on her, and make it to the big show as a result.**

**Too Old for Maxim in no way endorses cheating, or being on Cheaters. We simply enjoy watching Cheaters. Understanding this important distinction could save your life.

Roger Clemens, you lying, cheating, stuck-up, sanctimonious, pedophile, LOSER. HA! HA! HA!. I’m Happy they caught you. And the truth came out. Roger, the truth always comes out. I told you so.

roger 2

(As predicted by yours truly last week) Last Year when you said your word is all you have. You must have been broke because everyday all I see is news about how you are a LYING MESS. First we read that you are an egomaniac. Then News came out that you cheated on your wife. Then we got news that the woman was a washed up country singer. Next day we learned that you met her and had “relations” when she was 15. You sick BAST–D. And finally today you issue a statement that you apologize and admit your mistakes. Thanks Roger I was waiting for you to do that. Thanx. Oh, and you can shove that right up your A– or wherever you stuck the steroid needles.

roger and me

Maybe you should drop the lawsuit against your former trainer/drug dealer now that your word means nothing. I guess you should have listened to Reggie Jackson when he told you not to fight the Mitchell Report. Anyway, Roger have a good life. Kiss the Hall of Fame goodbye. Actually don’t even enter the city limits of Cooperstown. And buy a dog because he will be your only friend when your wife leaves you and you run out of money to pay your attorney. (Yes Predictions) Second thought, Don’t get a dog I like dogs.

BTW, props to Jose for telling the truth.