So you be the judge

April 15, 2010

Some Douche-bag named Michael Goodwin from the Post writes a story about how he thinks Obama intentionally created the Nuclear Security Summit to resemble the Crescent Moon and star to show his support for Muslims and of course Fox News runs with the story. Fox News ends with “We will let you be the judge” while clearly displaying their real conclusions at the bottom of the screen which read “Summit design looks like Islamic Crescent Moon”.

Turkish Flag. One of our strongest Allies.

Jon Stewart takes it from there…

“Yeah, you be the judge. We’re just letting you know about some bullshit thing we saw, saying this is a coded message to the Muslim world. We’re just curious citizens, wondering if we put that logo up with four Muslim flags, whether you’ll have a visceral reaction that our president is perhaps Muslim, while clearly stating our conclusion on our lower-third graphic.”

“…We are just doing the math, giving you the answer then asking you to check our work”

Great line

But you gotta watch the entire video. here

The full Fox News segment is here.  I warn you it’s a different type of comedy. More sad disgrace for journalism than anything else.

Turns out the inspiration  behind the NSS logo was really the Bohr Model for the H Atom.

Everyone had a bracket...if you don't you are un-American

This is my favorite time of year.  When I was less responsible, I would call in sick, or take the day off.  I had planned to do that today, but the events of a meeting yesterday and the recognition that I am happy to be employed meant that I came in today.  But, since I love the tournament so much, I am only going to work a half day, and take off at 11:30 to watch games.

So much money is going to change hands because of this.  I love the excuse,  “A little money makes the games more interesting…” I use this to justify the money that I send to my bookie, online betting account.  I can’t wait to get to the games and enjoy the madness…

Heck, even our president has a bracket.  I better do better than him, or he spent too much time filling out the bracket.  Although I bet that he has all the bracketologists working and giving him input.

A little too safe, but he is the president. It doesn't look good to gamble

Someone shows up that gives you hope. Three years ago it was Barack Obama. Yesterday it was Anthony Weiner. My favorite congressman from Brooklyn/Queens NY. Maybe you remember Weiner from his ripping of Maria Bartiromo 6 months ago when she had no clue what Medicare was. Well here is my boy Wiener ripping the entire Republican Party. Calling the Republican Party “a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry”.

The Republican Party is “a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry,” Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) charged on the House floor. When Republican Rep. Dan Lungren (Calif.) objected to the accusation and took the extraordinary step of asking that Weiner’s “words be taken down,” Weiner pushed back.

“You really don’t want to go here, Mr. Lungren,” Weiner said. Asking that words be taken down is a move on the House floor that is rarely made and carries great weight.

Weiner, after a pause, asked to have his words withdrawn and said he’d substitute new ones. “Make no mistake about it. Every single Republican I have ever met in my entire life is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the insurance industry,” Weiner clarified.

Somehow, that failed to satisfy Lungren, who asked that those too be taken down. After a long pause, before the chair ruled, Lungren withdrew his request.

The House was debating a bill to repeal the insurance industry’s exemption from antitrust laws, which passed overwhelmingly. Nineteen Republicans opposed it, including House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio). Lungren supported it.

My favorite is “You really don’t want to go here, Mr. Lungren”. That is Dan Lungren, Republican from Sacramento CA. Don’t mess with my boy Weiner from Brooklyn he’s connected. Really connected. Connected with the people. The same people you are supposed to represent.

I just learned that one of the most influential authors that I have ever read has just passed away.  His name is Howard Zinn.

A young Howard. Maybe at Spelman?

When I read material from Howard Zinn I could feel his passion for what he was writing about. He wrote the real history. The History you never find in books in H.S. and rarely find in college. Every chapter would strike a nerve inside of me of mixed emotions. Could be anger, rage, pride, disgust or just about anything “made of sterner stuff”.

The point was that Howard told the stories that no one else told. He resurfaced events in history that had been washed aside by boring antidotes of “great” men of war and conquest. Events that told the real story. Events that gave you a common man’s perspective of events that preceded or followed the so-called “landmark events” you studied about in class. Sure Washington crossed the Delaware. But who was on the boat with him? And why? And why didn’t this fellow that fought in the Revolutionary War get the money he was promised? Or Howard’s telling of Slave Revolts and how they were the most feared and frequent events of a Southerner’s life. Or of the Strike breakers in Colorado that made me swear off a certain beer forever.

I remember Howard telling the story of his reluctance and regret for dropping bombs (yep, Howard was a War hero) over Germany as a young pilot during WWII. And how those events shaped his life, writings, and politics.

Simply put Howard told the truth through a common persons eyes that no one else knew to tell or wanted to tell.

In fact, Howard Zinn is probably the biggest reason I didn’t pursue a career in politics. It just didn’t seem as honorable as it once had in my life after reading a common person’s history of this country. I had no room for a politician’s compromise. Values were reshaped and Nobility replaced by a proud people’s heart and a worker’s sweat.

Good-bye Howard. I will miss you. America will miss you.

Here is something I found, recently published in the Feb 1st edition of the Nation, on Pres. Obama and his report card for year uno. It might be the last thing written by Howard Zinn about our new President.

Howard Zinn


I’ ve been searching hard for a highlight. The only thing that comes close is some of Obama’s rhetoric; I don’t see any kind of a highlight in his actions and policies.

As far as disappointments, I wasn’t terribly disappointed because I didn’t expect that much. I expected him to be a traditional Democratic president. On foreign policy, that’s hardly any different from a Republican–as nationalist, expansionist, imperial and warlike. So in that sense, there’s no expectation and no disappointment. On domestic policy, traditionally Democratic presidents are more reformist, closer to the labor movement, more willing to pass legislation on behalf of ordinary people–and that’s been true of Obama. But Democratic reforms have also been limited, cautious. Obama’s no exception. On healthcare, for example, he starts out with a compromise, and when you start out with a compromise, you end with a compromise of a compromise, which is where we are now.

I thought that in the area of constitutional rights he would be better than he has been. That’s the greatest disappointment, because Obama went to Harvard Law School and is presumably dedicated to constitutional rights. But he becomes president, and he’s not making any significant step away from Bush policies. Sure, he keeps talking about closing Guantánamo, but he still treats the prisoners there as “suspected terrorists.” They have not been tried and have not been found guilty. So when Obama proposes taking people out of Guantánamo and putting them into other prisons, he’s not advancing the cause of constitutional rights very far. And then he’s gone into court arguing for preventive detention, and he’s continued the policy of sending suspects to countries where they very well may be tortured.

I think people are dazzled by Obama’s rhetoric, and that people ought to begin to understand that Obama is going to be a mediocre president–which means, in our time, a dangerous president–unless there is some national movement to push him in a better direction.

When I read this… just “Pause and Perspective”.

Why should I be surprised?

October 16, 2009

It was more than 70 years ago my grandparents packed their bags and got the hell out of Louisianaa. So why would I be surprised that there is still blatant racism in the Bayou? I wouldn’t. Just read this story.

Has anyone told this Judge about our President? Maybe word hasn’t gotten out down there that Obama is the product of an interracial marriage. Then again Obama’s parents did split-up so maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on the racist Judge. Then again most marriages do end in divorce.

Read the  San Francisco Chronicle spin on this racial story and tell me if my grandparents trek was in vain.

“From another point-of-view, the case is clearly no different from the discrimination gay couples suffer when government refuses to grant them right to marry.”

“Clearly” no different. WTF

Waste of space and I am sure that she didnt write it....

Waste of space and I am sure that she didn't write it....

Who wants to read what she wrote?  Plus, I want to know who bought the coat?  I bet it’s leftover from her spending the Republicans hard earned money out of the war chest.

Sarah Palin book part of conservative boom

By HILLEL ITALIE (AP) – 3 hours ago

NEW YORK — These are boom times for conservative authors.

Michelle Malkin’s “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies” spent weeks at No. 1 on The New York Times nonfiction list. Sales have been strong for Dick Morris’ anti-Obama “Catastrophe” and the reissue of “The Five Thousand Year Leap,” by W. Cleon Skousen.

And Sarah Palin may top them all.

In a feat usually reserved for the likes of J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown, Palin’s book was No. 1 on and Barnes & just two days after Harper announced it had moved up the release date from the spring to Nov. 17 and that the memoir’s title was “Going Rogue.”

Staying power is what it is all about.  This book was on the NY Times best sellers list.

See?  people will buy anything....

See? people will buy anything....

The fact that people are lining up to buy it doesn’t really mean much.  It might mean people are stupid, but we here have been saying that for a long time.

Palin’s 432-page memoir, still No. 1 on Friday, has been given a first printing of 1.5 million copies and booksellers have begun fighting for sales. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. cut the $28.99 list price by more than half, to $13.50, and and Barnes & are offering “Going Rogue” for $15.65, a 45 percent discount.

I haven’t seen J.K. Rowling hawking Harry Potter for a big discount.   That is because people actually think that she can write and they are patiently (and in some cases not so patiently) waiting for the book.

Call me a skeptic, but I dont think that they will be waiting in line like this for Sarah Palins book

Call me a skeptic, but I don't think that they will be waiting in line like this for Sarah Palin's book

I doubt that Sarah can string a couple of sentences without throwing one of her trademark “You knows” in.

nor do I think that they will be dressing up like her...

nor do I think that they will be dressing up like her...

Plus, have you seen them discounting the book BEFORE IT IS EVEN OUT? That just reeks of desperation and trying to stay in the limelight.

Although she resigned abruptly last summer as governor, and the Republican ticket of Sen. John McCain and Palin was decisively beaten in the 2008 election, “Going Rogue” will surely outsell the memoir of her Democratic counterpart, Vice President Joe Biden, and likely approach the million-selling heights of President Barack Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope.”

Yep, just like people bought Billy Beer back in the 70’s.  People like keepsakes, especially if they are memorable.  If nothing else, she is memorable for a lot of things, even if it is not being good.

That beer actually was okay for a cheap beer...

That beer actually was okay for a cheap beer...

Yes, Sarah, I am calling you the equivalent of Billy Beer, without the cheap price or good taste….

“I know a lot of people who are surprised by this,” says Adrian Zackheim, president and publisher of Sentinel, a conservative imprint of Penguin Group (USA). “There was some question as to whether her popularity was still intact after she resigned as governor and some question as to whether the original following was still with her. The answer to these questions is pretty unequivocal.”

“Movement conservatives are voting with their dollars to endorse the values they believe Sarah Palin represents,” says Twelve publisher Jonathan Karp, who has published books by McCain and by a liberal favorite, the late Ted Kennedy, whose “True Compass” came out last month.

“In a similar way, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin provide an opportunity for ideologically motivated consumers to see their views validated. It’s the political equivalent of attending a Grateful Dead concert. Pure and simple, it’s market democracy.”

Wow, Jerry must be rolling over in grave.  Really? Sarah is the same as the Grateful Dead?


Tonight, one last band will shake off its cobwebs in an attempt to Barack voters all night long. The Grateful Dead announced plans over the weekend to reunite for one show, and one show only, in support of the candidate. Tickets to the live performance sold out almost instantly, but Deadheads far and wide can watch the performance from the comfort of their dwellings at at 7:30p.m. PST. What a long strange trip it's been for Obama since his campaign began back in 2006, but he's kept on truckin', and come tomorrow, the future of his presidential hopes will be determined for the people, by the people.

The Dead(at least the living….if you believe the ACORN scandal, then really the DEAD too) are for Obama

Here is a Dead Show..

These dirty rocked out hippies are not voting for Palin...

These dirty rocked out hippies are not voting for Palin...

and here is a typical Palin fan…

I shudder to think how much that airbrushing cost.  Especially since she is a failure....

I shudder to think how much that airbrushing cost. Especially since she won't win anything again....

and her conducting politics….will the book talk in depth about that?  That might be the best part of the book…

I wonder does she even know who she is talking to?

I wonder does she even know who she is talking to?

Karp calls the title “brilliant” and says it “suggests she’ll let it all hang out,” a likely attraction for customers on Amazon, which lists purchasers of Palin’s book as also buying “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense” and Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny.”

Palin herself has said that “Going Rogue” will give her a chance to express herself “unfiltered,” a bold brand for a public figure who has likened herself to a pit bull with lipstick and once alleged that Obama was “palling around with terrorists.” Palin’s collaborator, Lynn Vincent, has her own history of attacking the left. She is the co-author of “Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party.”

“That sounds pretty lively,” says Marji Ross, president of Regnery Publishing, which released Malkin’s book. “Palin is certainly well positioned to take on the bureaucrats and government establishment, but she also may be positioning herself for a run at the (2012) nomination and that might have its own discipline.”

A lot of people have disciples, but do we really want them running the country?

This guy had a lot of disciples and what happened?  For those of you not in the know, this is Jim Jones, and no, he doesnt rap

This guy had a lot of disciples and what happened? For those of you not in the know, this is Jim Jones, and no, he doesn't rap

“Palin is going to appeal to anyone interested in American culture right now,” says Harper publisher Jonathan Burnham, who declined to offer specifics on the book, whether content or tone.

“Although she has a very strong conservative following, who are with her through thick and thin, she has this large cultural presence that exerts a great deal of fascination. And what we’re seeing here are two vectors coming together.”

The very existence of a Democratic administration means material for conservatives. In the 1990s, Ann Coulter and Barbara Olson were among those who wrote best-selling attacks against President Bill Clinton. Al Franken, Michael Moore and other liberals were popular authors during the Bush administration. Now, says Ross, as Democrats reign in Washington, “conservatives have been energized.”

“They have really come out of the lethargy they were stuck in last year,” she says.

Burnham declined comment on how or whether Palin’s memoir would be fact-checked. (Publishers traditionally rely on authors to tell their story straight.) Liberals are ready to step in. The Progressive Book Club and Media Matters, a progressive media watchdog group, will soon start a joint project to fact-check upcoming conservative releases. “Going Rogue” is high on the list.

“These books are often riddled with sloppy and demonstrably false claims,” says Media Matters senior fellow Karl Frisch. “We feel we have good reason to keep our eye on Sarah Palin.”

Burnham declined comment on Frisch’s remarks. He said the manuscript, much of it written over the summer, was “extremely strong” and covers everything from her family to Alaska to her vice presidential run.

“It’s Palin, up close and personal,” he says.

I just do not get her or the people that think that she is the one to lead the country.  You have a right to support her, and fortunately, I have a right to make fun of you for doing it.

Agent Zero has made news before for the crazy antics he has pulled.  The USA Today  blogs about some of his idiosyncratic behaviors.

Washington Wizards superstar Gilbert Arenas wants you to hear him but prefers if you didn’t actually listen.

Arenas, one of the most talented players in the NBA, has become so famous for saying outrageous things that many now chalk it up to Gilbert being Gilbert.

1ablog-gilbertarenas So it shouldn’t surprise the Wizard front office that their star guard with the $111 million contract is blaming them for paying attention to him.

Arenas has been hobbled for the past few seasons with a knee problem. To his credit he has played in pain. But some of the blame belongs to Arenas who went against the wishes of the Wizards with some of his rehab techniques. (Photo by Evan Vucci, AP)

Last year he browbeat the organization into letting him return and now blames the Wizards for accommodating him.

He tells Mike Jones of The Washington Times:

“If you have a kid that loves basketball, that eats, sleeps, drinks and thinks basketball and all he knows is basketball and he gets hurt and he’s your franchise player, you need to hold him back from himself. If I’m saying I feel good and you know it’s supposed to take six months, instead of letting me at four months run … they should have held me back. Rather than saying, ‘Let’s let this guy do what he wants and use him to sell tickets’ – sometimes you have to protect players from themselves. I don’t feel like I got that type of protection. But, I don’t judge them for that. Some things just happen. I told them I felt OK because I wanted to play, and they did what they did.”

The all-star has spent the offseason working with trainer Tim Grover in Chicago and says he’s finally back.

“Nobody could guard me before, and can’t nobody guard me now. If I hadn’t come up here, I’d be starting off the season with a 95 percent chance that I’d be sitting out more games. … (Grover) saved my career.”

I don’t blame either side.  Gilbert and his ego wanted to get back on the court, where he is Agent Zero, the man who knows no fear.  He is the guy that everyone can count on.  I can’t blame the team either because they are listening to their best player and his wishes.

But, he is making the news today for his tattoos, that are premised on this idea…

Black Rushmore in effect....four people that everyone should know...

Black Rushmore in effect....four people that everyone should know...

Slick...not usually a big tattoo guy, but that one has some meaning to it

Slick...not usually a big tattoo guy, but that one has some meaning to it

The Wizards star guard has the faces of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama and Malcolm X tattooed across his leg which forms what he has dubbed “Black Rushmore.”

The Washington Post points out the tats…

Now if he can channel the power of the big four into his hoopgame, we are in for a treat…

Doing my morning reading at the Confluence got me chuckling.  Counting down the days until I give my History final, I began to put a recent post at the Confluence into context.

The quote “History writes itself” is running through my head looking at another Chicken Little, the sky is falling and Obama is asleep at the wheel posts.  Reading Stateofdisbelief, they find themselves in a nightmare that they are unable to wake up from.  But, the sad state of affairs is that it’s reality and while they attempt to tell you its raining, its really someone pissing on your head…or your computer

I Try…I Really Do

Posted on May 28, 2009 by Stateofdisbelief

Now, if you think that’s bad you should see what they cut from that video.  Apparently POTUS, sans TOTUS, proclaimed himself to be the bestus presidentus EVAH “since FDR.”

“I would put these first four months up against any prior administration since FDR,” Obama said. “We didn’t ask for the challenges that we face, but we don’t shrink from them either.”

Now, I can take a lot of crap but hearing him fawn all over himself and declare that he is better than Bill Clinton is more than I can stand.  I honestly think blood poured out of my eyes and ears when I saw that.  Who the hell??? what the hell?? Jeebuscripes on a cracker!  And the fucking crowd goes wild???

Now, before you get the wrong idea, Bill Clinton was a good president.  But, this is EXACTLY the PROBLEM WITH PUMAS.  They take things COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT, so that they can have some hidden rhetorical high ground for hating that Hillary lost.

Here are some of the things wrong with this persons rant.

1) IT’S A HOLLYWOOD FUNDRAISER.  There is always some hyperbole in a fundraiser.  Yes, you are speaking to your base, asking them to go into their pockets FOR OTHER DEMOCRATS!

Kris Alingod – AHN Contributor

Los Angeles, CA (AHN) – President Barack Obama drew more than 200 Hollywood celebrities to a Democratic National Committee fundraiser Wednesday night, saying his presidency would not have been possible without them and giving assurances about his accomplishments in his first months in office.

2) Even if someone has to defend Obamas record in the first hundred days plus of his presidency, holding someone to JUST THAT STANDARD IS STUPID.
A) PLUS, you want to measure 100 days of Obama versus 8 years of Clinton?  He better be MUCH BETTER or what the hell was that dude doing in office?
B) Besides, I like to have evidence for all my points.  David Greenburg points out the folly of your rant…

The main reason that the hundred days are an unreliable indicator of future performance is the same reason we watch them so closely: They constitute the period in which the public is just getting to know the new president, and in which the president is just getting to know his new job. New presidents tend to be clueless about governing. Even running a large state can’t prepare them for the responsibilities, attention or demands to act quickly — just as they need to find their footing. (FDR’s term hardly defined his legacy; many of his greatest achievements came later.) Sizing up presidents based on their hundred days is like judging a rookie from his first cuts in spring training.

David Greenberg, a professor of history and media studies at Rutgers University, is the author of “Nixon’s Shadow: The History of an Image.”

But, if you want to measure, Greenburg has laid out Clintons first 100 days

By 1992 Bill Clinton was promising during his campaign, “I’ll have the bills ready the day after I’m inaugurated, I’ll send them to Congress, and we’ll have a hundred-day period. It will be the most productive period in modern history.” The boast proved impossible to fulfill. A few important measures such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act followed, but nothing Rooseveltian.

But, Greenburg also critiques the Obama administration

With April 30 looming, he has managed, to his credit, to pass a stimulus bill (albeit through rougher waters than he hoped), roll out a banking-crisis fix (with fewer details than Wall Street hoped) and propose a mortgage solution (with less money than everyone hoped). He’s signed a few ballpoint-ready Democratic bills like the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and issued executive orders closing the Guantanamo Bay prison and overturning the anti-abortion “gag rule” for family-planning centers overseas.A lot of people are still expecting more. In his speech before Congress last month, Obama promised initiatives to tap new sources of domestic energy, contain global warming, invest in education and toughen financial regulations — not to mention the rather large matter of health-care reform. The hundred days is surely, as historian Arthur Schlesinger once said, a “trap.”

The trap that Schlesinger talks about proves the power of clairvoyance.  The PUMAS fall right into the category.  Nothing that Obama is going to do will satisfy them.  Everything is wrong and purposefully done to make their lives as miserable as possible.  Even the appointments of Hillary to SOS and Sotomayor to the Supreme Court have some hidden agenda behind them.

3) If you want to walk down memory lane, there are some doozies in the first hundred days of Clinton

Exhibit A.  Attorney Generalgate Dr. Bill Long (quals there…) explains the issues

Clinton’s first big mistake was his inability to find an attorney general. He wanted a woman for the post (actually, he tried, and largely succeeded, in making his Cabinet reflective of the diversity of America), and so it seemed that he would first run through every woman who hired illegal immigrants to watch her kids before finding one that didn’t. Finally, on Feb. 11, he had a “live one,” to quote his chief of staff, in Jane Reno. But she wasn’t confirmed until March 11, well after a big problem had broken out (more about that below). But his repeated failures in getting an AG made Clinton seem to be an amiable, if not misguided, boob.

Ouch! He went there.  But, that is the image that most PUMAS like to remember, the homespun charm and everyman quality.  But, in terms of policy successes and failures, that was a major one.  That had the feeling of incompetence to it.


This is one of the bigger complaints that PUMAS have about the Obama presidency is that he hasn’t eliminated this standard.  But, lest we forget, how did the standard come about? CLINTON!  You know, one of their own? Dr. Long continues…

The second “mistake” was in being distracted with his “gays in the military” issue. Clinton isn’t very clear on all the dynamics of why that issue came to the fore when it did, but he says that on January 25, five days after he took the oath of office, the Joint Chiefs requested an “urgent” meeting with him about the issue. He doesn’t say if this was a response to something he had already set in motion or was simply to vent some concerns they had about what he would do. From the gaps in Clinton’s account, it could have been a sort of “set up”–where the military folk, which were all Republican appointees, might have wanted to “steal his thunder” early in the Administration by potentially embarrassing him. I don’t think this is the case, but there may be some truth in it. Clinton was inexperienced in Washington. There was no secret that even though Colin Powell was the consummate military officer he didn’t like the Clinton-Gore approach to governing one bit (when Powell was at Willamette University last December he rolled his eyes describing the informality of a Clinton Cabinet meeting). So, I have to leave that one undecided at this point. It did cause a major “distraction” for Clinton for months, however. (emphasis included by Dr. Long)

Just for kicks, there is video evidence of this…


That was on his watch…There also is no passing the buck onto Janet Reno, since he had to give the authorization to go ahead with the assault. Dr. Long details why…

I think the biggest mistake, which few people talk about these days, was the deadly bungling of the raid of the ATF officials on the Branch Davidian headquarters outside of Waco TX on April 19, 1993. Just do a Google search on the topic if you want to know a lot more. Suffice it to say that on Feb. 28, 1993, the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms…in the Treasury Department), which had been tipped off about the Branch Davidians’ collecting weapons since summer 1992, finally decided to raid the complex. Only problem was, the ATF had called a local ambulance company to notify them that they should be on the ready (possibility of a shoot-out, which is what happened), the ambulance company notified the newspaper, the newspaper reporter got lost on the way to the Branch Davidian compound and asked a local mailman where it was, the local mailman happened to be the brother-in-law of David Koresh, who was the leader of the Branch Davidians. Of course, the brother-in-law called Koresh, who set up his people to shoot to kill, and in the ensuing attempt of ATF to raid the compound four of them were killed and 20, a full 1/4 of the agents sent along, were injured. Several Davidians were killed.

Why I know that I like Dr. Long is that he already has the pre-empts to the arguments that people will make to justify this decision.

This set off a 51-day standoff, which was miserably ended by a decision made by Reno which Clinton approved. He recounts it inadequately in his autobiography. The decision was to tear-gas the facility, even though there were possibly 25 children in the house. As it was, the facility caught on fire, incinerating more than 80 people. Justifications for it were easily forthcoming–these are “bad” people, Koresh was another Jim Jones, the kids were abused, etc. etc., but nothing, in my mind, could cover up the fact that Clinton, working through a terribly inexperienced AG, made a very poor decision. I think what was behind it was that the FBI, which had already spent upwards of $50 million on the siege, just wanted to end it. It was the high-handed and dumb manner in which this siege was ended that led, ultimately, to the bombing of the Murrah building in OKC exactly two years later. Dumbness has its consequences.

So,  under the first hundred days of the Clinton campaign, we had he inability to appoint an AG, the passing of  “don’t ask, don’t tell” legislation, (which was started by the gays in the military discussions and the hurting troop morale arguments he allowed himself to be blinded with during his first hundred days) and the Branch Davidian conflict.  While I don’s exactly agree with the conclusion by republicnas, its sorta funny.

But, as of the end of April 1993, as some Republicans were fond of saying, “At the White house there were just two senior people–Christopher (Warren Christopher) and Bentsen (Secretary of the Treasury Lloyd Bentsen). Other than that it was just ‘Home Alone.'”

When you measure the results, you have to be able to remove yourself from the situation.  Most of the writers/commenters at the Confluence are unable to do so.

But, the real reason that I decided to post, and the other part of the title is to look at the fact that a discussion with Clinton and George W. Bush was not sold out.  The people of the T.Dot, and home to blogroll rapper Drake, seemingly don’t care that the number 42 and 43rd presidents are going to speak.

Tenille Bonoguore

From Thursday’s Globe and Mail, Friday, May. 29, 2009 03:41AM EDT

Instead, he’ll be back to his usual Friday afternoon, and planning the next road trip to see his favourite rock band.

David Bester is a man willing to go to great lengths for a spectacular show. Indie rock band The Hold Steady is worth it, he says. U.S. Presidents numbers 42 and 43 are not.

So he’s selling the two tickets he purchased to tomorrow afternoon’s “conversation” between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for less than their $189 face value.

“I bought them the day they became available. At the time I was very excited to go,” Mr. Bester said yesterday.

“It seemed like a really neat opportunity to go and hear something that is unusual, but the security precautions they are taking are turning it essentially into an all-day affair… I just could care less right now.”

What was meant to be the hottest ticket in town isn’t proving to be an easy sell.

Organizer Christian Darbyshire yesterday said “400 or 500” tickets were still available from a total of 6,000.

A call to the ticket hotline confirmed that general admission tickets are still available at $229, but anyone willing to ask around can probably get their hands on discounted seats.

Doors open at 1 p.m. for the 3:30 p.m. event. Seating is first-come, first-served, and ticket holders have been warned to come early due to security measures. (It took two hours for guests at Mr. Bush’s first post-presidential talk in Calgary to clear security.)

For Mr. Bester, that’s just too much hassle for a show he suspects won’t have the fireworks he desires.

If Obama went to speak somewhere, the people would be out in force.  Confluence, step your game up. Stateof Disbelief, you are going to have to try harder if you are going to smear the President.

It’s okay to get blown off.  Some people said that they were going to come over for Super Bowl festivities.  A few were not able to make it, but the rest of us had a great time and I had a tasty fajita bar and other delectable items made by Becky and assembled by me.  They missed this game changing play we were screaming about right before half time.

Among friends, it’e no big deal.  When someone you don’t know invites you, you should have a reason to turn it down.  Not liking the person would be a reason to turn someone down.

President Obama (and other presidents, as it has become a tradition) invited the Pittsburgh Steelers to come to the White House and celebrate with their Championship.  But, for some reason, James Harrison felt that we needed to PERSONALLY KNOWN that he turned down the invitation to the White House.

Monday, May 18, 2009
Steelers’ Harrison won’t visit Obama

Yes, James, that is the truth.  IF YOU HAD LOST, he would not have invited your team.  It is a privilege that comes with winning.  As far as you and I are concerned, the President is not going to shun the winners to invite the losers of the various competitions.

Harrison, a five-year veteran, recorded a career-high 16 sacks during the 2008 season. He agreed to a six-year, $51 million extension in April, two months after the Steelers capped the season with a 27-23 triumph over the Cardinals. Harrison joked perhaps he’ll join his teammates for the trip in six years — when they don’t win a title and have “10, 11 rings.” “I don’t feel the need to actually go,” he said of the visit with President Obama. “I don’t feel like it’s that big a deal to me.”

James, it should be a big deal to you to be able to meet any leader of a counrty.  But, you have the opportunity to meet the leader of the United States and the most powerful person in the world.  How many opportuntities will you have in your lifetime to do that?

Even if you don’t like the person, why wouldn’t you go to voice your displeaseure with the person in power?  As far as I’m concerned (to borrow a phrase from James Harrison) you could tell the person about the policies that you disagree with.  But, when you make comments like this, it makes me think that you didn’t vote.  Any election is an polarizing event, since people will be casting their ballots for their particluar preference.  You blew a perfectly good chance to have your opinion/feelings heard.  Nothing might have come out of that chance meeting and expression of ideals, but don’t sell yourself short.

This is where the blog first took it’s turn as a step away from the childish toys of our youth, but not quite towards our fathers Vitalis…

The Maxim Top 100 is a list of the most beautiful women that have caught our eye.  The First Lady has managed to crack the list with a grace and beauty that captivated the masses.

She broke on the list in position #93…

The First Lady is No. 93. according to

Yesterday, Maxim magazine released the first 10 names on its annual “eyeball-searing, fantasy-fulfilling, brain-exploding” Hot 100, and there, between an “awesome Aussie” TV star and a “mind-blowingly sexy” supermodel was Michelle Obama.

Yes, the one in the White House.

What’s she doing in such a “stimulus package”?

Well, Maxim says its knows a “political bombshell” when it sees one, pledging its allegience to “the hottest First Lady in the history of these United States. (Sorry, Martha Washington!)”

This is a lot better than all the discussion Michelle’s footwear has brought. This is what the LA Times is speculating on, instead of worrying about their financial future

First Lady Michelle Obama, who’s become quite the fashion role model with her J.Crew wear and buff-arm-spotlighting sleeveless frocks, is under scrutiny for what she wore on her feet the other day.

They’re trendy Lanvin sneakers. Which look really nice and comfy and all. Trouble is, they cost $540. If you can find a pair anywhere.

And, of course, if you’ve got $540, plus — what? — 9 or 10% tax in some places. Which seems like a lot for two shoes not guaranteed to benefit your jump shot.

So, if she was a basketball player, her footwear would be okay? She can spend that on a pair of Jordans, but no other brand?  Do you know how much a nice pair of comfortable dress shoes cost for men?  Exactly… People need to get over themselves.  Shoes are not an issue and this post further proves that. While we would disagree on Palin’s (more to me Republican issue of spending campaign contributions on fashion, not that she wore any one thing) clothes and MO’s clothes, this shouldn’t be an issue

The other trouble is that — wait for it — she wore them to a poverty event, a Capitol Area Food Bank for Feeding America to provide much appreciated help and publicity to benefit the food bank.

Mrs. Obama  also has gone to serve a lunch hour at soup kitchens in Washington, where an unidentified presumably homeless person showed up with a camera cellphone to capture Mrs. Obama, who kindly posed for the man.

We have a video review below of Michelle Obama’s first 100 days too.

First Lady Michelle Obama's fancy $540 Sneakers close up

The sharp-eyed Amy Diluna was first to spot the first lady footwear contradiction here.

Sharp-memoried politics readers will recall all the positive attention Mrs. Obama garnered during the presidential campaign for her everyday, every-woman $150 dresses from Black & White Market.

While Cindy McCain, John’s wealthy wife, and some woman from Alaska both attracted negative attention for their expensive clothing, some of it reputedly borrowed.

(FYI, Michelle Obama is a Democrat. The other two women are Republicans. But what could that have to do with anything?)

Diluna also notes about Mrs. Obama: “A week ago, she shoveled dirt at a tree planting while wearing the line’s chiffon tank. Dresses and strappy pumps cost upward of $1,500, while tops go for $400 to $1,000.” An online poll by the N.Y. Daily news finds 59% think the shoe choice was in poor taste for a poverty event.

Now, the video below.

How many of them actually voted?  So, the lady goes to help out at a soup kitchen and you are worried about what shoes she is wearing?  This is trying too hard, or as my kids in Richmond used to say, “You are doing too much….”

— Andrew Malcolm

Just behind Obama at 94 was Yvonne Strahovski, the Down Under actress who costars in NBC’s Chuck.

Who knew that some show nobody watches would get me shine?

Who knew that some show nobody watches would get me shine?

And just ahead at 92 was “blonde and Polish” supermodel Joanna Krupa, star of some sizzling PETA ads.

I am bald down below because I hate FUR!

I am bald down below because I hate FUR!

The countdown continues today, with numbers 81 to 90, at