Wait until they get aload of me!

Owners of Brett Farve rejoice!

(I am one of those owners who had to bench him, even though I was able to steal him in the 9th round of a ten team draft)

Traffic Cops, be afraid, be very afraid in the Twin Cities! remember “straight cash homie”  is going to a city near you!

The Associated Press
Published Wednesday, September 25, 2002

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Vikings receiver Randy Moss was arrested Tuesday after being accused of bumping a police traffic officer with his car.

The officer tried to stop Moss from making an illegal turn, and Moss used his car to slowly push the officer along the street, police spokeswoman Cyndi Barrington said.

Barrington said an assault charge was being considered.

The officer was not seriously hurt, WCCO-TV reported

Where is Ludacris when you need him?

Maybe we should extend an Amber warning to all the skeezers and skanks and scallywags (all better known as hoes, and like method man and redman, I mean it in a good way)

Damn it feels good to see people up on it...but not in a stalkerish peeping tom way...BTW, that is Miss KY 2008...wondering if she will need her States abbreviation after messing around with Randy...?

The New England Patriots completed a trade that sent Pro Bowl WR Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday morning, ESPN, the NFL Network and Boston Herald reported.

The Vikings sent a third-round pick to the Patriots in return for Moss, who becomes a key weapon for Minnesota QB Brett Favre.

The teams had not yet confirmed the trade. But Vikings S Madieu Williams said on Twitter that the deal was “official.”

Moss returns to the team where he spent the first seven years of his career. Moss caught 574 passes for 9,142 yards and 90 TDs from 1998-2004 in Minnesota.

It leaves the Patriots and QB Tom Brady without the stretch-the-field wideout who set an NFL single-season record of 23 receiving TDs in 2007.

I'm mixing up the game! DB's take your vitamins, I'M BAAACCCKKK!

From the Patriots position, they were on the come-up.  First, they got more for the guy then what they paid for.  When he was dealt from the blogs favorite team, the RAIDERS, they only got a 4th round pick, because they were happy to get rid of his contract and his dour attitude. (We still miss what could have been here in Oakland Randy)  It is rare in the NFL that assets acquire more value later in their careers.  Second, they did not have to give him an expensive contract extension.

Moss did not get a contract extension from the Vikings as part of the deal, NFL Network reported.

ESPN reported that Patriots coach Bill Belichick spoke by phone to inform Moss of the trade on Wednesday morning. The network described their conversation as cordial.

For Favre, the trade gives him a serious receiving threat that he has long lobbied to acquire and that he has lacked this season with Sidney Rice injured. Favre, with the Packers in 2007, pushed the team to acquire Moss but lost out to the Patriots.

This is exactly what Father Time, I mean Favre needs to get the offense on a roll.  Soon, they will get Sidney Rice back and that offense will be firing on all cylinders.  You will have AP (not our boy tophatal, but Adrian Peterson) Headache (not the AND1 baller, but Percy Harvin) Moss, and Rice.  Plus, you have Shank Em at TE, so weapons are everywhere.

The receiver will return to New England on Oct. 31, when the Vikings visit Foxborough to the play Patriots (a game that occurs only once every eight years). Fox was already scheduled to broadcast that game nationally at 4:15 p.m. ET.

Moss’ final game in a New England uniform on Monday turned out to be his only in more than three years in which he did not catch a pass. The Herald reported that Moss had asked the Patriots to trade him after Week 1, when he had an outburst about his contract following a win against Cincinnati. Moss later apologized and said he and coach Belichick had cleared the air.

Moss, whose deal expires after the season, said after Week 1 that he wanted to stay with Patriots but added he thought this would be his final year in New England.

Moss is set to appear on Monday Night Football for the second straight week when the Vikings travel to play the New York Jets next week. He’ll likely be matched up again with Jets CBDarrelle Revis, who hasn’t played since tweaking his hamstring on a TD pass he allowed to Moss in Week 2.

Moss will be just second player to appear on MNF back to back. Keith Browner played for the San Francisco 49ers against the New York Giants on Oct. 5, 1987, then played for the Los Angeles Raiders against the Denver Broncos on Oct. 12 (viaESPN and Elias Sports Bureau).

Since the Vikings have already had their bye and the Patriots’ is Sunday, Moss could become the sixth player to play in 17 games if he plays in the rest of the Vikings’ contests.

This is another bonus to fantasy players who got jobbed this week by his unusual lack of effectiveness.  It is the functional equivalent of the “do-over” in backyard sports.  I guarantee that Favre will target him early and often…he is sure to be a “hit”!

Remember the plays Randy? Puff, Puff, PASS!

Hey, Do you still remember the plays Randy? Puff, Puff, PASS! That is your mistake Randy...its legal here in Cali!

R.I.P. Little man, you will be sorely missed...

I try to blog about things that interest me and that others will find interest in.  This may be one of those posts that only I have interest in.  Randall Cunningham lose his son and I sit here trying to figure out ways to overcome such a tragedy and I just can’t.  I see the picture and just incredible sadness washes over me.  I know people die all the time, including kids. But, this one really hits home.  My son is 5, so he is older, but I almost feel haunted by this one as this will take some time to ease.

Why Randall Cunningham and what is the link?  Black QB.  I wanted to be like him growing up.  I played some QB until I kept growing into a lineman.  I have the Cunningham throwback jersey.  I wear UNLV football gear.  Maybe I am just afraid that it will happen to me.  I have already had enough loss in my life, thank you very much.  Randall, tonight even though I am not overtly religious, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers tonight. ABCNews reports the tragic event.

Randall Cunningham’s Son, 2, Drowns in Hot Tub

Former NFL Quarterback Is Now a Pastor Who Used the Hot Tub for Baptisms


June 30, 2010—

The 2-year-old son of former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham drowned in a backyard hot tub in Las Vegas that his father, who is now a minister, used to perform baptisms, authorities said today.

Christian Cunningham died after being found floating in the hot tub, police said.

A woman at Cunningham’s house was with several children when she found the boy at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, police said. She pulled the boy from the hot tub and performed CPR. Police said they received a 911 call at 4:45 p.m. Paramedics rushed the child to St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Siena campus, where he died.

A friend of the Cunningham family and a church member told ABCNews.com that more than 100 people gathered to sing, pray and cry Tuesday evening at Cunningham’s church and at his home. At the gathering, people also shared stories about Christian.

“We were there for support,” said the church member, who asked not to be identified by name. “It’s about being a church family and supporting the family. We believe in the resurrection and we believe that his son Christian is going to be OK.”

The family friend described Christian as a precocious and happy child. “He was always active and running around, smiling and giving everybody hugs and jumping on their laps,” he told ABCNews.com. “He was so full of life. He was not only the Cunningham child, he was also the church’s child. He trusted everybody.”

The family friend said people were expected to gather at Cunningham’s church today.

“I just can’t imagine going through a tragedy like this without having a church family there for you,” he said.

Detectives were investigating the incident at the Cunningham house on East Robindale Road, though police believe the drowning was accidental.

“The initial investigation has revealed that it was accidental and not neglect, but it is still an active investigation,” police spokeswoman Officer Barbara Morgan told ABCNews.com. Cunningham, 47, was out of town and on his way home at the time of the drowning.

A former quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens , Cunningham became pastor of a church he founded called Remnant Ministries after his NFL career. The church was located near his home and he sometimes performed baptisms in that hot tub.

Cunningham carried Christian onto the field with him last year when he was inducted into the Eagles Hall of Fame during a half-time ceremony.

Cunningham is considered the greatest player in the history of the University of Las Vegas, where he still holds the record with 8,020 career passing yards.

His 16-year NFL career included four Pro Bowl selections and he demonstrated how the quarterback could be more mobile position, incorporating the running game into his arsenal. Cunningham moved to Las Vegas after his 2002 retirement from the pro football. He was drafted in 1985 by Philadelphia, where he remained through the 1995 season. He worked as a television sports analyst for one year before returning to the field as quarterback.

Death of Christian Cunningham Highlights Dangers of Hot Tubs and Pools

He and his wife, Felicity, have three other children: Randall II, Vashti and Grace.

Since 1990, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports more than 800 deaths in whirlppools and hot tubs. About one-fifth of those were drownings of children under age 5.

The agency advises consumers to place a locked safety cover on the spa whenever it is not in use and keep children away unless there is constant adult supervision.

In addition, since 1990, CPSC reports 43 incidents (including 12 deaths), involving hair or clothing being sucked into the suction fitting of a spa, hot tub, or whirlpool, causing the victim’s head to be held under water.

I met Randall once in Minnesota at a Vikings game, but don’t know him.  All I can feel right now is incredible sadness to the point that I am going to blog about something else.  While I don’t want to forget little Christian, I want to forget the sadness that I feel for his family.  R.I.P.  Parents really should never outlast their children…