SSShhhhhh! I'm busy knocking off my side piece or jumpoff!!!

I guess the life of a professional athlete leaves you with a lot of time on your hands.  You definitely train and go to practice, but once that is done, you are left to your own devices.  If you have you head on straight, you make sure your body can recover from the brutal pounding you take in practice and in games.

Some players take ice baths to help stimulate recovery faster.  Your body is a temple that you want to be able to operate at peak performance.  Jumping out of windows like you are Superman is not going to help.

Posted Sept. 30, 2010 @ 9:45 a.m. ET

aguars WR Kassim Osgood had to jump for his life on Monday night when he leapt out of a second-floor window to escape a armed intruder who attacked him and a 19-year-old Jaguars cheerleader, according to police.

this is just like the window I used to jump from...

Okay…I don’t want to minimize what happened, but a second story window is about ten feet off the ground.  He didn’t jump from a ten story window, just ten feet.  Growing up, I used to have to do that all the time, as I had to sneak into my girlfriends room occasionally without being seen.

The Boston Herald gives some details about the alleged attacker

Julian Armond Bartletto, 20, of the 10500 block of Running Oak Court has been arrested on charges of aggravated battery, false imprisonment, armed robbery, burglary and violation of an injunction, police said. He was booked into the Duval County jail ineligible for bail, according to jail records.

Second issue is that Kassim, you are thirty.  Now, I am not an age NAZI, since love doesn’t measure age in the equation.  But, what are you doing with a girl fresh out of high school?  You are a professional athlete, with thirsty hoes,  groupies are available everywhere.

She is pretty dec Kassim....

Osgood was watching television late Monday night with Mackenzie Rae Putnal when the armed intruder, Putnal’s ex-boyfriend, entered wielding a gun. The intruder pistol-whipped Osgood in the head after pulling Putnal by her hair and hitting her with the gun and his fists.

Putnal escaped to her parents’ home downstairs and grabbed a gun. Putnal exchanged fire with the intruder but shots from both guns missed.

Okay, I will be the first to admit that I want a woman who is down for gangster ish like this.  Having the wherewithal to absorb some beating, then escape to get the piece and fire off some caps trying to hit dude is cause for me to give you dap, Mackenzie.  Even more amazing is in the details.  The Herald continues

By the time it was over, police said the armed intruder had traded gunfire with the woman after sticking a gun to her head, saying, “What did that football player say to his girlfriend, ’It’s a good day to die,’ ” misquoting ex-Florida Gator Chris Rainey’s recent text message to a former girlfriend after an arrest.

The fact that she was mentally tough to take some beating, and the psychological torture that her ex attempted to inflict… Pro Football Weekly picks up the story…

Osgood jammed a chair under the door and jumped out a window to the lawn below. He ran to a neighbor’s house to call police. Osgood sustained minor bruises during the attack and while fleeing.

In the words of Riley Freeman, that is a real b*&$# move…you left your girl.

Kassim, I guess we have to add your name to the list now...

How are you just going to leave her like that?  Plus, you don’t have a cell phone that you could have used to call the police from the house and made sure your jump-off was okay?  I mean, you are leaving her to fire back and defend herself!  But, on the other hand, you are proving that women are equal to men.  No patriarchal rhetoric here!  It’s okay for you to bring home the bacon and fire the guns in the house.  N.O.W. would be proud… The Herald gives a little more light to the story than PFW, since they are more concerned with the fantasy aspect of the story. (I am bet that Osgood is benched or probably chilling on the FA wire in your league)

Mackenzie Rae Putnal and Osgood, 30, were watching television in a second-floor game room just before 11:15 p.m. when a man walked in with his face covered with a plastic bag and pointed a gun at them. Exclaiming that “I can’t believe you’re with that guy,” he pulled Putnal around the room by her hair and hit her with gun and fists before hitting Osgood in the head with the weapon too, the arrest report said.

I wonder what ex was referring to, his age, or the fact that outside of special teams, he is not that good?  Maybe Kassim cost him a victory in fantasy football…the dude was talking ish about Kassim though….

The gunman took the woman’s cell phone and tackled her when she tried to flee, holding the gun to her head as well as Osgood’s and also hitting her dog several times. When ordered to sit on the floor, Putnal escaped down a hall and leaped over the balcony to the floor below, the report said.

The gunman ran after her, so Osgood jammed a chair under the game room door handle and jumped out a window to the lawn below, running to a neighbor’s house to call police. Meanwhile, Bartletto and Putnal confronted each other downstairs with guns. The woman targeted him with her laser sight before both shot at each other and missed.

I gotta again give dap to the parents for having the laser sight, but how do you miss then?  Sometimes a higher force is looking out for fools.  Plus, this is a girl you might want to have in the foxhole.  Notice the story doesn’t mention her bruises or any injury, but we know that Kassim got lumped up?  She jumped out the window too to the ground below.  I wonder do her parents know that a thirty year old man is beating the coochie up of their nineteen year old daughter?

“He’s fine,” Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said. “I’m aware of it. I really can’t comment on that whole deal. He’s doing OK.”

Osgood is in his first year with the Jaguars after signing as a free agent this past offseason. He has made three Pro Bowls as a special-teams player — all with the Chargers — and has a 24-yard TD catch this season.

Maybe this is why teams don’t allow or frown on relationships between players and cheerleaders.  I started this missive as a warning about jump-offs and side pieces.  That message is still an important one to carry on.  Steve McNair got caught up with a young tenderoni (shout out to Bobby Brown) and he had his life ended due to the drama surrounding her.  While the side piece was not the main culprit ( and in fact, she is the hero in the situation) in of the scenario, hanging out with her was.  Listen to Wu-Tang Kassim…protect your neck!

p.s.  This is not a small dude…

Osgood, 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds, caught the game-winning touchdown in the Jaguars’ home-opening win against the Denver Broncos. He played seven years for the San Diego Chargers before signing this year with the Jaguars.

I can think of a lot of things that can kill.  IF you think that the sentence is just, then the method used to carry out the sentence should be irrelevant.  These people are killers, in some cases, mass murderers.  They didn’t have any sympathy for the victims, why do they deserve ours?

Death Row, Where Is Thy Sting? Lethal Injection Drug in Short Supply

A Shortage of an Important Anesthetic May Be Good News for Some Inmates


Sept. 20, 2010 —

There has perhaps been no better time to be on death row than right now.

A shortage of a key ingredient of the lethal injection cocktail used by prisons is forcing some states to delay scheduled executions until next year. The crucial component, sodium thiopental — better known as Pentothal — is an anesthetic that is combined with two other drugs that complete the fatal TKO.

Pentothal is produced by only one pharmaceutical company — Hospira — and a spokesman told ABC News that the drug’s active pharmaceutical agent is supplied by a third party and currently unavailable until early 2011.

“We are working to get it back onto the market for our customers as soon as possible,” spokesman Dan Rosenberg wrote in a statement.

Among those customers are most of the 35 states where the death penalty is legal. Last week Kentucky was scheduled to use its last remaining dose of Pentothal in the lethal injection of death row inmate Gregory Wilson, but his execution was postponed for legal reasons.

“We have enough dosage to carry out one of the execution protocols,” said Jennifer Brislin, a spokeswoman of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. “We’ve been trying to secure [more] since at least March and have been unsuccessful.”

Even if his stay comes to an end, Wilson still may be in luck: Kentucky’s Pentothal stash has an expiration date of Oct. 1. Aside from Wilson, there are two other inmates on death row in the state whose fates are held in limbo by the shortage.

Oklahoma was compelled to stay the execution of Jeffrey Matthews last month because of a shortage of Pentothal. The state planned to use a different anesthetic in its place, but lawyers for the inmate successfully argued the new drug was “nothing more than experimental.”

Even among those who are agnostic on the question of whether the death penalty should be legal, there is an awareness that lethal injection can be an extremely painful way to go if not properly — pardon the pun — executed.

Penthothal is the first drug an inmate receives. It is a short-acting rapid-onset barbiturate and general anesthetic that numbs the patient for the double-whammy that follows: a paralyzing agent that shuts down the body’s muscular and respiratory systems, and potassium chloride, which stops the heart, causing death by cardiac arrest.

“It is necessary that the first drug work. It eliminates the pain for the next two drugs,” said Richard Dieter of the Death Penalty Information Center. “Everybody agrees that two-thirds of this process would be excruciating but for the sodium pentothal.”

Dieter, whose organization does not take an ethical stance on the death penalty, stressed that the current shortage of Pentothal is not typical.

“A lot about this issue is absurd,” he said. “That you run out of the drug is like being short of rope for a hanging. That is the reality here.”

Perhaps adding to the absurdity of the situation is the fact that the manufacturer of Pentothal does not condone its use in capital punishment.

“Hospira manufactures this product because it improves or saves lives, and the company markets it solely for use as indicated on the product labeling,” said Rosenberg, the company’s spokesman. “The drug is not indicated for capital punishment, and Hospira does not support its use in this procedure.”

Although Rosenberg said the company has consulted with departments of correction across the country, not one of them reached by ABC News would comment on Hospira’s anti-capital punishment stance.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists similarly declined to comment on the use of Pentothal as an ingredient in lethal injections.

Still, there is one state where it remains an unequivocally unhappy place to be a death row inmate: Texas. Two people are scheduled to be executed by year’s end, and the state apparently has plenty of Pentothal.

“We have the drug in reserve,” said Michelle Lyons, of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, “and therefore have enough for the executions currently scheduled.”

Just give them a hot shot of some leftover heroin or something.  Pump it up so we know there is no chance of coming back.

I'll even spring for the spoon...

All day yesterday, I thought about what we lost and he still hasn’t fully hit me yet. The music was inspiring, and mood changing. The poetry coming from Tupac could be a total attitude adjustment.

Your music still motivates others...the test of a true legend

A true artist/poet has been gone for 14 years yesterday and his music still inspires others to create good music and tell the stories of the streets that need to be heard by others.  It’s been a long time and that void has not and really will not be filled by others.  That is what makes the loss still so painful.  We need good music, and all we are getting is bubblegum rap for the most part.  We need Biggie, we need Tupac.

They were like turned into a modern day Cain and Abel possibly

When I hear Dear Mama, I think of my own mother, who passed away over twenty years ago. That song as the ability to make me both happy and sad at the same time. It never fails to pull on th heartstrings.

Me and My Girlfriend always gets me to think about how Jay-Z stole my mans shit, and how clever he was with the word play to talk about the criminality and the love of firearms.

I get around brings back memories of college parties and going out to the club chasing the box. That was an immediate party song that would get people up and shaking.

While I have down down the spectrum to agnostic about religion, Hail Mary brings back time in the church as a little boy. Ronin and I used to be ushers in church and sing in the choir.  We needed forgiveness for the things that we did as kids.

I don’t know if we will have a poet in the same way as Tupac ever again. It really was disheartening to be watching TV in Hawaii this weekend and seeing the VH1 top 100 performers and to see Tupac in the low 60’s. Rap may not be your particular cup of tea, but to disrespect him and have Rage against the Machine, Cheap Trick and others ahead of him is ludicrous. But, rap music wasn’t even on this list the last time they did it, so it is baby steps…but Beyonce is ahead of him? child please…

We will never know what really happened that night in LV, but, I miss you and mourn would could have been.

I fucking hate Brazilian soccer.  But more than that, I hate all of those dumb assholes who emerge out of the woodwork to cheer on a team that they have ZERO real attachment to.  It’s like all of those non-New Yorkers who just conveniently decided ten years ago that they would rep the Yankees.  Way to jump on the most obvious bandwagon you bunch of tools.  I rep American soccer, because I’m an American.  Other than that, I rep the Norwegians (my family’s homeland) or the Dutch (my last name is, after all, Holland).  Most of these so-called Brazilian fans aren’t even aware that international soccer is played during those 4-year periods in between the World Cup.  If you don’t care enough about futbol to comment on it more than every four years, just rep the team where you actually live.  You people make me sick…

Well, you got people to talk about you, but it aint gonna be nice.

The first thing to notice is the score.  You got it put on you.  Your shirts did not work and maybe helped your team to get the holy heck beat out of them. Well, at least you got some attention on TV.  That is the only reason to wear those shirts.  How did he lie? Because he left your team and your owner let him out of the contract?  It was for his daughter.  Some of you take that as a shot to Utah the state, when it is a matter of getting the best care.  Are the specialists in Utah for the type of retinal cancer his daughter had?  No.  Are they in LA?  Yes.  They sent him from NYC to LA.  Plus, he was familiar with the Lakers and that is another support unit.  The man LOST 7-8 million dollars resigning with the Lakers, when the team was in shambles.  Kobe wanted to leave, PAU right in the kisser was toiling in Memphis and the Lake Show was struggling to get into the playoffs.  So, your hate was misplaced.  But, that is okay, since you got what was coming to you and now you get to deal with Carlos Boozer leaving.  (I don’t want to hear that you have Milsap to replace him.  Milsap is a nice player, but there is a reason that he was on the bench with Boozer playing.  Now, your depth is weakened tremendously and free agents already do not want to come play there.  That is part of your deep seeded hatred of yourself, since you already think everyone hates you.  We don’t.  We just do not understand you.  Plus, we don’t see you as a threat, since you never win it all.)

This is not shocking, as Jazz fans have done this before.

If only you could punch him in the eye....(H/T Bleacher Report and Alex Kennedy

This type of behavior was commented on and reported about TWO YEARS ago at Bleacher Report.

But, it makes some sense now.  I read the blog of Utah Jazz fan at Jazzbots (maybe Erik can comment since he is a Jazz fan in mourning) and his last paragraph ties it all together.

Jazz fans will boo Derek Fisher for the rest of his career. We will do so because he left Salt Lake for Los Angeles and because we fear he never wanted to be here in the first place. It is a manifestation of our larger frustration with the desire for acceptance and our perceptions of an unbalanced playing field. Perhaps no one can tell Derek Fisher he was wrong for leaving Utah. Just the same, no one can tell Jazz fans they are wrong for rooting against him.

You can boo the man, but when you bring his family into it, then you have crossed the line.  Plus, don’t hate on people who don’t want to live in your state.  He did it for his family and you have to respect that.  He left loot on the table, that HELPED the Jazz. Plus, that year, Fisher did not have his best statistical year.  All reasons to be happy that he left.

DWill was the future and Fish would have stunted his growth.  Things work out for a reason, but Utah seems to have the small mans complex hard.  It is not Fishers fault that you never have won it all.

Now, the shame of it all, the ironic nature of this is that one of the best players on their team, Carlos Boozer, ACTUALLY LIED, and did it to a BLIND MAN, Gordon Gund.

July 14th, 2004
To: Cavaliers Fans
From: Gordon Gund

I know last week’s developments with respect to Carlos Boozer are a source of extreme disappointment for you. I want to assure you that I feel exactly the same way. Like you, I believed in Carlos.

Several days have now gone by. This has helped me to gain perspective. I hope this letter will do the same for you.

First, Jim Paxson has taken a tremendous amount of criticism in the media for what happened. As the team owner, I made the decision not to pick up the option on Carlos’ contract. Any criticism should be directed to me, not to Jim Paxson. I want to be very clear that any fault is mine.

Up until late last week when the trust was broken, I believed in Carlos Boozer, the player, and Carlos Boozer, the person. That is why I tried to do what he said he wanted. We tried to do right by him, by the team and by you in trusting in his repeated insistence that if we showed him respect, he would show respect to us.

Carlos and his agent first approached us in December of 2003, stating his desire for financial security as well as his desire to remain in Cleveland and be a key part of the future of this franchise. He and his agent made it very clear that if we respected them, and provided the security he was looking to gain, he would respect us. Given his record on the court, with the franchise, and in the community, we had every reason to believe his commitment.

Over the course of several months, we had multiple meetings that involved Carlos, his wife and his agent. In our most recent meeting on June 30, Jim Paxson and I told Carlos we had two options. He could play this year on his existing contract and test the market for free agency next year, or we could elect not to exercise the option if we had the understanding with him that as soon as legally possible he would negotiate a contract with us for the maximum we could pay him under league rules.

I told him that as we could not have an agreement at that time given the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, we would have to trust one another’s intentions. I said I define trust as his intention to stay in Cleveland and enter into a long term contract with us as soon as possible under the league rules. In that meeting, we were clear with him that he could make more money in the open market a year from now than we could pay him by redoing his contract this year. I told him he needed to understand that and we did not want him to later think we had taken advantage of him. Jim told him, “There are at least seven teams that have cap space right now who will want to pay you more than we can now. We don’t want to lose you. Why would we not pick up the option?” Carlos said “Because we’d like long term security and we want to stay in Cleveland.” Carlos went on to say that he was happy to be a Cavalier and never indicated any concern with his role on the team or his relationship with Coach Silas.

Carlos, his wife and his agent – all of whom were in that room — knew what our maximum ability would be to pay him. Both Carlos and his wife responded that they wanted financial security now and therefore were anxious to pursue the second option of entering into a long term contract with us as soon as possible and that they would live with any consequences from this decision.

Carlos’ agent then said he wanted to go to another room to talk with his client and his wife alone which they did. When they returned, his agent said he had again explained everything to them so that they understood everything involved and said that their thinking had not changed.

Jim Paxson then told him, “We’d like to begin, as soon as permissible, to negotiate an agreement that we can sign on July 14th.” Carlos responded, “That’s exactly what I want. I want to get this done as quickly as we can.”

Over time Carlos had told Jim and me repeatedly, “If you show respect for me, I will show respect for you.” So, in the June 30 meeting, I reminded him of that and said, “We are all counting on what you said in earlier meetings and again today.” He responded, “That’s right and you can trust me on that.” I asked if we could all trust each other? Carlos, his wife and agent each responded “Yes.” At that point, believing so strongly in Carlos, I said we would not pick up his option. Our intent, as soon as we could do so, was to re-do his contract. The quotes you saw in the media July 1 about his desire to remain here were entirely consistent with what he told us.

In the final analysis, I decided to trust Carlos and show him the respect he asked for. He did not show that trust and respect in return. That’s what happened. I wanted you to hear it directly from me. The decision was mine and I take full responsibility.

We currently have no intention of matching Utah’s offer to Carlos. In order to match it, and within the restrictions of the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, we would need to make player personnel moves of such a magnitude that it would have significant negative impact on our team moving forward. We are continuing to look at every possible option that will allow us to improve our team and continue to build on the tremendous momentum we have experienced in recent years. More than ever, we are committed to bringing a championship to this city. Thank you for your continued support of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now, lets juxtapose this letter, with the one that the recently deceased owner of the Jazz, Larry Miller thought about Derek Fisher. Gene Wojciechowski rode with him and got his thoughts

I’m going to give Miller the benefit of the doubt and blame the meadowlarks thing on high altitude. By the way, it’s 1:52 local time. The first quarter has got to be winding down, right? We merge onto I-80. Miller will answer anything. It keeps his mind off the game. In no particular order, he thinks: that the Jazz can win this NBA Finals … that Derek Fisher didn’t deceive the Jazz when he asked out of his contract during the offseason — and then signed with the Lakers (Miller and Fisher chatted briefly before Game 3 of this series) … that he absolutely admires Phoenix’s Steve Nash, “but no question he’s on the downside of his career” … that he never would have brought Shaq to the Suns in the middle of a season … and that even with a draft day mulligan, Miller would still take Deron Williams over Chris Paul with the No. 3 overall pick.

So, if the dude that made the deal thinks he didn’t deceive him, why should two Mormon skanks think so?  Fanatics indeed… BTW, you at least can continue to watch the Lakers on TNT, ESPN and ABC and dream about what it is like to hold the Larry O’Brien trophy up.

You are about to be tased....

You got what was coming to you. Whatever made you think this was a good idea, I bet you reconsidered that now....

This is a clear sign that fools never learn.  Remember when Andrew Meyer disrupted the Kerry rally and got tased?

don't hate people making money...

His line led to riches….

I can get behind the idea of this comic

Didnt this dumb@ss learn anything?…Remember Don’t tase me Bro?  Well he has been remixed with Hammer, since Hammer is for the children…but really, children…do not run on the field, and you will not be get tased…

Report: Teen wanted dad’s OK news services

Before 17-year-old Steve Consalvi ran onto the field at Citizen’s Bank Park on Monday, where he was Tasered by a police officer, the teenager reportedly called his father for permission to do so. “He said, ‘Dad, can I run on the field? I said, ‘I don’t think you should, son,'” Wayne Consalvi told the Philadelphia Daily News of the conversation he had with his son. “This would be a once in a lifetime experience!” Steve Consalvi replied to his father, according to the newspaper.

First, if you have to call your dad to do something, then you should not do it.  Plus, as a Dad, saying you don’t think so is not strong enough.  Ultimately, you blame the son, but the father could have solved all this just by pointing out that the idea is stupid and you forbid him to do it.

Second, if he did it after you tell him not to, you can wash your hands of the entire matter.  Right now, you look like a parent who is a little too lax on the rules.

Wayne Consalvi told the newspaper that his son was not drinking and he wasn’t on drugs. Steve Consalvi is “a real good student, heading to Penn State,” his father told the Philadelphia Daily News. The father also told the newspaper that his son didn’t run onto the field as a result of a dare or bet, either. “I don’t recommend running on the field, but I don’t think they should have Tased him at all,” he told the newspaper. The Phillies and Philadelphia police are investigating whether a police officer’s use of a Taser to apprehend Steve Consalvi was an appropriate use of force.

Hell yes, it was an appropriate use of a taser.  Stay off the field and you will not get tazered.  How about this one.  I recommend not getting tasered and by that I mean stay off the field.  Should they have just tackled him and whooped his @ss?  Oscar Grant needed an investigation.  Rodney King needed an investigation.  This needs a commendation.  More fools that run on the field, or think that it is a lifetime experience need a lifetime adjustment experience.  A Tazer can cause that.  I bet that he will not run onto any more fields.  But, the taser is necessary to prevent others from thinking that this is okay.  Remember the Royals coach who got attacked by the fan?  How can a father in any right mind think that this is okay.  If they shot him, I would have been fine with that too, even though that is excessive.  Maybe just an old school beat down works.  But, if YOU STAY OFF THE FIELD, THIS WILL NOT HAPPENED TO YOU!

Lt. Frank Vanore, a police spokesman, says Commissioner Charles Ramsey reviewed the tape and felt the officer had acted within the department’s guidelines, which allow officers to use Tasers to arrest fleeing suspects. Vanore says internal affairs is still investigating. Ramsey told KYW Radio in Philadelphia that he supported the officer’s decision to use a Taser. “It was inappropriate for him to be out there on the field,” Ramsey said. “Unless I read something to the contrary, that officer acted appropriately. I support him 100 percent.” Consalvi, wearing a baseball cap, red T-shirt and khaki shorts, hopped a fence and scurried around the outfield, eluding two security officers in the bottom of the eighth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals. One officer used a Taser and the fan went down in a heap. Several Phillies placed gloves over their faces and appeared to be stifling laughter at the wild scene. Phillies spokeswomen Bonnie Clark said the police department is investigating the matter and discussing with the team whether using the stun gun was appropriate. The team said it’s the first time a Taser has been used by police to apprehend a spectator who ran onto the field. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

Won’t start none, won’t be none….Words to live by…

UPDATE My new favorite Don’t tase me Bro! video

Think twice before throwing my way!

Yesterday I posted my thoughts about the Raiders just prior to our first round draft choice (Rolando Mcclain, LB, Alabama).  I expressed concern that Al Davis would make another bone-headed move and pick some tool like Jimmy Clausen.  Thankfully he made a choice that I can get behind, and I’m now excited to see how this second (and third) round shapes up.  My post yesterday elicited a rather unexpected sprinkling of hate from our buddy (and longtime follower) Alan.  I have spent some part of this morning crafting my response to Al’s series of rants against the Raiders and decided to create a new post to share my thoughts.  If you’d like to get the background on this little spat, you can read Al’s first comment, Steve’s response, and Al’s follow-up comments in the comment section of the post directly below this one.  In this post you will find my response to Al’s collection of comments:

Ok Alan,  let’s try to wade through your bullshit one argument at a time.  First, you may note that the only argument from your initial comment that Steve took exception with was the COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED (and unevidenced) attack on multiple pro-bowl corner Nnamdi Asomugha.  I’ll begin by agreeing with one of your statements (something else you seem to have difficulty with) and spot you that Robert Gallery was the biggest waste of a top 5 pick since the Bengals drafted Akili Smith 3rd overall in 1999. As I noted in my initial post about the draft (a fairly innocent post, especially given your rather aggressive response), we are in dire need of both offensive AND defensive linemen.  That’s what we call a “concession.”  Now, as for the rest of your drivel:

1. You seem to have a problem with Cable and the rest of the coaching staff, yet you have offered ZERO tangible evidence to support any of your accusations.  Don’t get me wrong, a 5-11 record is unacceptable, period.  The notions that Raiders fans have somehow become complacent or
content with simply posting wins against division rivals are ludicrous.  I cannot speak for all Raiders fans, but all members of the Too Old crew certainly don’t feel that complacency, and, living 5 minutes from the Oakland Coliseum, I haven’t met any other Raiders fans who are content with the level of the team’s performance.  That being said, all major professional sports teams go through ups and downs.  From 1963 to 2002 the Raider had only 7 losing seasons.  I would call that a “commitment to excellence.”  True, the Raiders have not seen a winning record since 2002, but Tom Cable at least has a higher winning percentage as head coach than the 3 previous coaches. Again, not acceptable but at least a sign of improvement.  I’m not sure what evidence you have to suggest that Cable doesn’t instill a competitive drive in his players (punching an assistant in the jaw seems pretty bad-ass, or at least suggestive of a certain high intensity level).  You also refer to the Raiders “coaching staff” as if you have ANY clue who else works for the Raiders other than Cable.  As a fan, I’m VERY excited abut some of our off-season coaching acquisitions (of which you are, perhaps, unaware).   The recent hiring of new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson (black coaches!) has got me hopeful that the offense may pick up next year.  His work with Baltimore over the past couple of years points to his ability to help a young, unproven quarterback shape up his game.  I’m also very pleased to have two former USC coaches on the staff.  QB coach Paul Hackett was the head coach at SC when I got to campus in the fall of ’99 and he was also a longtime successfull assistant under John McKay.  Defensive Coordinator John Marshall was also a linebackers coach for some of those great Trojan teams in the late 70’s.  These are guys with proven track records of success.  So what’s your argument about coaches Al?

2. Steve makes a series of arguments (with both numbers and direct quotes from top-tier NFL coaches) about the incredible prowess of Asomugha among NFL corners and you respond with ad homs?  Really?  That’s the best you’ve got?  I know you foreigners (forgive the xenophobia, but for the sake of argument…) may have trouble with the unique terminology used to discuss the sport you may know better as “American Football.”  “Tested” refers to the number of times quarterbacks chose to throw to the receiver guarded by Asomugha.  Let’s say that each teams has 100 offensive plays in an average game (probably a high estimate) and that offenses run the ball half of those plays.  So we’re looking at 50 pass plays per game (again, usually more like 30-40, but whatever), multiplied by 16 games.  So that’s 800 pass plays over the course of the season.  of those 800, Asomugha was only defending the targeted receiver 30 times.  This was not because he was defending some 4th string guy, rather, he REMOVED THE TOP OPTION from consideration just by being on the field.  How can you look at those numbers and not recognize the incredible impact he has had on the opponents’ offensive gameplans?  Your ad homs just come off as ignorance to the nuances of the game.  Steve has offered all of the numbers, so I won’t rehash those, and he’s also provided some pretty choice quotes from big-name coaches.  I’ll throw one more into the mix, this one from long-time Denver Broncos coach (now with the Redskins) and even longer Raider-hater Mike Shanahan:

“The people that throw at him usually get beat,” Shanahan said. “He’s not going to be challenged, but he plays 100 percent on every play. He plays the run, he plays the pass, the guy is a competitor. He’s the most underrated top player in the game—I can’t say the history of the game because I haven’t been around here that long—but I can say in my 25 years, he is by far the most underrated player.”

Shanahan continues—”I’ve never met him but I’m going to shake his hand after the game because I keep on looking for him but I never get a chance to talk to him. He’s one of my favorite players, even though he is with the Raiders. That shows you how much I like him.”

So in terms of pure numbers AND the opinions of well-respected evaluators of football talent you have NO ARGUMENT.  Apparently your new dig on Asomugha is that he isn’t a team leader?  Aside from the fact that it is VERY RARE for a cornerback to assume the kind of leadership role that you demand of him (in fact, I challenge you to name a hugely successful team with a CORNERBACK – not a safety, but a pure corner – as team leader.  Deion Sanders at least had future hall of fame QB’s leading both the 49ers and Cowboys) what better way to lead than by demonstrating a commitment to the highest possible work ethic?  As Shanahan explained above, this guy is rarely involved in the action on Defense (because QB’s and offensive coordinators fear him) yet still puts in 100% on every play.  He keeps a detailed notebook and watches countless hours of film to ensure the highest level of preparedness.  What more could you ask for from a player?  That’s what makes him a professional and, simultaneously, makes your unfounded attacks seem weak and petty.  I’m not sure what you mean by putting up “both sides of the case so we can discuss it” but I’d certainly be happy to compare Asomugha’s numbers last season with some of the other “top tier backs.”  I guarantee that they stack up very nicely.  You keep saying that he isn’t top ten at his position but offer ZERO argument to support that outrageous assertion.  Now who’s running for Congress Al?  I found an interesting statistical analysis done by an Atlanta Falcons fan (seemingly unbiased in terms of evaluating a Raiders corner) in which he rates the top 50 corners in the game as of January, 2009.  I won’t copy and paste the long article, but will link it here.  Needless to say, Asomugha is #1.  Research makes for better argument, and you have none…

3.  As I’ve said before, the Raiders are in need of major improvement.  I’m not sure where in my earlier post you feel I expressed approval with the current state of the organization (if anything, it was trepidation with the way Al Davis would handle our first round pick – which I approved of, by the way).  We have major offensive and defensive line holes, our quarterback situation is rather disastrous (yes, Jamarcus was a bust.  although, actually, Gradkowski has showed promise), and we have an unproven collection of young receivers.  There is much work yet to be done (and hopefully the rest of the draft, soon to begin again, will help resolve some of these issues) but one position that we will not be drafting today is cornerback (although, I would love to grab USC defensive back Taylor Mays, still available as of this post.  But that’s just the Trojan in me talking).

I’m sure Steve (and probably also Ronin) would be happy to add their two cents as well (the Too Old Crew never backs down from a debate) but this sums up where I’m coming from.  Next time you try to step to the Raider Nation come correct or don’t come at all.

Your Friend,


Even the glasses were cooler before it disappeared for 50 years.

When will this end? I’m so sick of 3D movies. Whats the big deal? I really don’t like things moving/flying/floating around me in real life so why would I like it while watching a movie. HD/3D, what does any of this have to do with the story or acting or characters or directing or anything??? O.K. HD looks great but after a few minutes of being in awe of unnatural enhanced color,  brightness and sharpness my brain shifts toward everything else in the media. Like the STORY!!! And thank YOUR god I feel that way. I would hate to be that simple minded to be so easily mesmerized by a cool light show. Are we that shallow of a society that all we need are some PRETTY things floating around to woo us into a trance. ART is something to be appreciated but 3D destroys other “arts” around it because it is such a dominate force. 3D is like a big bully to the direction, lighting, sound, acting, and well everything else that goes in to a the making of a film. In my opinion it does more harm than good. What if an actor just stepped in front of the other actors while they were speaking their lines? Well, that is exactly what 3D does to everyone who worked on a film that didn’t sit behind a desk to create the 3D effect.

We know why every film now is in 3D. One word, Avatar. Yeah that’s right. One stupid predictable alien movie makes 2 Billion dollars and everyone in Hollywood is gaga over 3D. STOP already!!! Show us some respect. Theaters even charge more for a 3D ticket. Not for the glasses, which they recycle, but for… I don’t know… they haven’t told us… maybe for production… but then shouldn’t Indie Films cost less for a ticket? Today, the already high prices for 3D will go up 20%.

In markets across the United States, ticket prices for 3-D movies jumped more than 20 percent Friday. Chains including Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Holdings Inc., and AMC Entertainment Inc. are trying to capitalize on the hits “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

In Danvers, Mass., that means prices for 3-D movies are rising from $14.50 to $17.50. And at a Seattle multiplex, a regular 3-D showing is now $15, up from $13.50. For IMAX 3-D, it’s now $17, up from $15.

“This is a very dangerous situation for the movie industry,” says Paul Dergarabedian, box-office analyst for “When is too much too much? The demand has been huge, but theater owners should not just think that they can charge whatever they want, because there is a point when people will literally just stop coming because they can’t afford it.”

Even though last year’s box-office revenue hit $10.6 billion (a record), and this year is 10 percent ahead of last, 30 percent of the 2010 box office is from just two films, “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland,” Mr. Dergarabedian says. Read more.

What a slap in the face. Are we not in an economic recession? Record profits??? Are you kidding me? Weren’t we just a few years ago worried that the top Theater chains were gonna go under and may need help. Even Crack Dealers don’t have BALLS this big. From what I’ve read the Crack prices were always pretty steady at about $5 for a couple rocks. No dealer ever got a junkie hooked then said now you gotta pay $6. If so there might have been a Crackhead revolt. Even Crackheads can spot a Mark. But to Ma And Pa with 2.4 kids, they’re as gullible as a con man in love to their children wishes and the studios know it. But what about the anti-trust laws we are supposed to have in this country? Can the Theater conglomerate just decide TOGETHER to raise prices 20%.

How about this, Hollywood? Don’t make movies that cost half a billion dollars. Why should movie goers have to pay for Hollywood’s risky roll of the dice. Or make all prices progressive. Cost a billion pay $25. Cost 25 million pay $2. I would go for that.

Well, today it gets even worse. Today one of my favorite directors of all time announced the he too will be hitching a ride on the 3D Chuck-Wagon. Yeah, that’s right Sidney Lumet is remaking Dog Day Afternoon in 3D. LOL Just Kidding. SL would never do that. Martin Scorsese ain’t so cool.

Martin Scorsese is the latest director to take the plunge into 3D waters.  A spokesperson for Sony Pictures confirms that the Academy Award winning director of “The Departed” and the recent “Shutter Island” will direct “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,” based on Brian Selznick’s bestselling children’s book.  The film will be produced in 3D. Read more here.

The art from Invention is incredible.

Over half of The Invention of Hugo Cabret is some of the most beautiful artwork ever in a book. A fantasy M.C. Escher comes to mind. Why does this art need to be in 3D? Maybe we should redo everything in the Grand Louvre? Rembrandt van Rijn portrait in 3D anyone?

How about The Mona Lisa?

Put on your glasses DUMMY!!!

Not like this is new TECH. 3D has been around for decades. My parents watched 3D films when they were young. But then 3D faded. When I was a kid I remember local SF TV20 distributing 3D glasses to build their viewership. I never got into it but some people did but then it all faded once again. And 3D will fade today as well.

Hollywood wants people to stop sharing their media online…maybe they should stop with the shake down tactics at the Cinemas. But I guess since they stopped serving real butter there has to be some reason to go to the movies. 3-D TV anyone? Oops!

Release the Kraken

April 10, 2010

I love my “Real Housewives” on Bravo. Be it Orange County, Atlanta, New York or Jersey i’m in. And now that there are four different cities for each season I’m never at a loss. Set the DVR brace yourself for some craziness, mild disillusionment, greed, jealousy, ignorance, and some spit-flying CAT FIGHTS.  Can’t really explain why I’m pot committed to the Housewives every week but they bring much love and laughs each episode. Yet the true laughs come after Housewives. This is when Andy Cohen’s 12AM show “Watch What Happens Live” spends most of its 30mins making fun of Bravo’s reality shows . If you haven’t seen this show you are missing some good laughs. Even if you don’t watch any of Bravo’s shows the topics include popular culture, politics, and entertainment news. So you are sure have some general knowledge of the subjects. At least enough to get most of the jokes. Andy’s quick wit is only matched by his guests nonstop stupidity. To make matters worse and the show even more of a train wreck most of the guests are the same reality personalities that Andy makes fun of each week.

Sometimes Andy gets a special guest. This week, and I don’t know how this happened, we were honored with Lian Neeson. Liam never gives interviews and WWHN has such a small audience I can’t believe it was something planned by agents and managers. Plus Liam just lost his beautiful wife Natasha Richardson I can’t imagine he was taking any press seriously these days. Laura Linney even  called in from a ski trip in Colorado to say hello. Ski trip??? Not cool Laura. In any case Liam was great. Take a look.

Liam Nesson on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo

as Liam Neeson plays Release the Kraken or Withhold the Kraken. Hilarious!!! At about 1min left he gives the finger to  Justin Bieber. Donald Trump gets the quick gas face and Lindsay Lohan get spared. Classic.

Is there a breeze in here?

I know that this will make Ronin glad and Erik mad, but I just call them like I see them.

Quit crying sissy! I thought you were supposed to be the man! I guess not. Hope NYC doesn't make you soft...

Defensive tackle Brian Price could be the first Bruin selected in the NFL draft ahead of a USC player since 2002.

By Sam FarmerMarch 29, 2010 | 8:15 p.m.

Any NFL scout assessing the football talent at Los Angeles’ two major universities would do well to follow the advice he has given to countless players over the years:

Keep your head on a swivel.

Because when it comes to pro-day workouts, L.A. is again a two-school town. UCLA is no longer entirely in the shadow of USC, which has staged some of the country’s most popular pro days, attracting droves of NFL scouts, coaches, general managers and even team owners.

The Bruins’ pro day is Tuesday and USC’s is Wednesday. Players will be measured, timed and put through various drills in front of dozens of evaluators from probably every team in the league.

“They’re still a work in progress,” an NFL personnel executive said of UCLA. “If you look at their tape, they do have some guys with talent. When you compare them to USC, the gap is starting to close.”

The Bruins, whose pro day has been an afterthought in recent years, now might have the best prospect of the two schools, although USC still has a larger collection of future pros. There’s an outside possibility that UCLA defensive tackle Brian Price could be selected before USC’s three first-round candidates in next month’s draft: offensive tackle Charles Brown, safety Taylor Mays and defensive end Everson Griffen.

The last time a UCLA player was selected before one from USC was 2002, the spring after Pete Carroll’s first season, when Bruins linebacker Robert Thomas was taken 31st by the St. Louis Rams, and the Trojans were blanked until Seattle took defensive back Kris Richard in the third round.

“Having talked to a bunch of kids who have been recruited by both schools, everything [at USC] is about, ‘Hey, this is where the best come,’ and that kind of stuff,” UCLA Coach Rick Neuheisel said. “Well, it’s time for the best to decide where they want to go. . .

Its about time…

“So for us to have a guy like Brian, who chose us over SC, and still is going to reach that culmination of a first-round pick, that’s a huge deal. And hopefully the sign of many more to come.”

Price, of Crenshaw High, is widely projected to be drafted late in the first round or early in the second. He could be the first UCLA defensive lineman selected in the opening round since Manu Tuiasosopu in 1979.

Price is thought to be in the second tier of defensive tackles, behind the two elite ones: Nebraska’s Ndamukong Suh and Oklahoma’s Gerald McCoy. Selected the defensive player of the year in the Pacific 10 Conference, Price led the Bruins with 23 1/2 tackles for a loss and seven sacks.

Twenty-four teams interviewed Price at the scouting combine in February, each giving him some type of memento — a hat, a T-shirt, a tote bag.

“When I left Indianapolis, I had like four extra bags filled with clothes,” he said. “I’ve just been giving them away.”

Come late April, only one team will matter to Price, and the same goes for his UCLA counterparts headed for the next level. Among them are cornerback Alterraun Verner, projected to go around the middle of the seven-round draft, and a host of late-round/free-agent prospects, including linebackers Kyle and Korey Bosworth and Reggie Carter; tight ends Ryan Moya and Logan Paulsen and receiver Terrence Austin.

Among the USC players scouts are evaluating are tight end Anthony McCoy; receiver Damian Williams; running backs Joe McKnight and Stafon Johnson; offensive linemen Jeff Byers, Alex Parsons and Nick Howell; safeties Josh Pinkard and Will Harris; linebacker Luthur Brown and cornerback Kevin Thomas.

Hopefully, they both lose to CAL…

We are coming for ya Trojans and Bruins!