All day yesterday, I thought about what we lost and he still hasn’t fully hit me yet. The music was inspiring, and mood changing. The poetry coming from Tupac could be a total attitude adjustment.

Your music still motivates others...the test of a true legend

A true artist/poet has been gone for 14 years yesterday and his music still inspires others to create good music and tell the stories of the streets that need to be heard by others.  It’s been a long time and that void has not and really will not be filled by others.  That is what makes the loss still so painful.  We need good music, and all we are getting is bubblegum rap for the most part.  We need Biggie, we need Tupac.

They were like turned into a modern day Cain and Abel possibly

When I hear Dear Mama, I think of my own mother, who passed away over twenty years ago. That song as the ability to make me both happy and sad at the same time. It never fails to pull on th heartstrings.

Me and My Girlfriend always gets me to think about how Jay-Z stole my mans shit, and how clever he was with the word play to talk about the criminality and the love of firearms.

I get around brings back memories of college parties and going out to the club chasing the box. That was an immediate party song that would get people up and shaking.

While I have down down the spectrum to agnostic about religion, Hail Mary brings back time in the church as a little boy. Ronin and I used to be ushers in church and sing in the choir.  We needed forgiveness for the things that we did as kids.

I don’t know if we will have a poet in the same way as Tupac ever again. It really was disheartening to be watching TV in Hawaii this weekend and seeing the VH1 top 100 performers and to see Tupac in the low 60’s. Rap may not be your particular cup of tea, but to disrespect him and have Rage against the Machine, Cheap Trick and others ahead of him is ludicrous. But, rap music wasn’t even on this list the last time they did it, so it is baby steps…but Beyonce is ahead of him? child please…

We will never know what really happened that night in LV, but, I miss you and mourn would could have been.

You have no guarantee of winning the job, so your money is in jepardy.

Whitman wins GOP nomination for Calif. governor
LOS ANGELES (AP) – Meg Whitman, the billionaire former chief executive of eBay, easily won the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, setting up a general election contest against former Gov. Jerry Brown.

Whitman took a large lead in the polls in the final weeks of the campaign after a negative ad war over which Republican was the most conservative.

The contest was the most expensive primary in California history, with Whitman spending more than $81 million and state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner spending $25 million.

Whitman, who has never before run for elective office, is the first woman to win the Republican nomination for governor in California.

Brown, governor from 1975-83, was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Jerry Brown just got to sit back and watch the fireworks.  Plus, he can steal from the loser and recycle some of the messages that seemed to work.

and this was carved for all to see? That must have been a crazy party! Who really knew that people from India threw crazy get togethers like this?

We already chronicled the sad story of Rodell Vereen and his sickening proclivity to chop down horses, someone is trying to following in his footsteps. Or, they are trying to emulate his actions, in which case you need a new role model.

Horse tied up, sexually assaulted in Felton

Posted: 05/19/2010 08:16:53 PM PDT

Updated: 05/20/2010 09:32:49 AM PDT
A Felton woman says her horse was sexually assaulted Monday evening in a pasture near Graham Hill and Mount Hermon roads, according to Santa Cruz County Animal Services.

The horse’s owner told Animal Services that she spotted a man on top of her horse. She said the man ran into the woods when he saw her coming, according to Lynn Miller, the agency’s interim manager.

“It’s very bizarre behavior and very alarming to have someone doing this and you wonder, where next and who next,” Miller said.

The California Penal Code outlines a specific, misdemeanor crime for sexually assaulting an animal, Miller said.

It is very rare that the agency gets reports of such crime, he said.

In Monday’s case, the horse’s owner said she could not initially find her horse when she went to the pasture and began calling out to her, Miller said.

The horse whinnied back and the woman followed the sound and then saw her in another area of the pasture, tied to a redwood tree, he said.

She saw the man pulling up his pants and yelled out and he took off into the woods.

It was near dusk and the woman did not get a clear look at him, he said, but reported he had a light-colored beard and was wearing tattered clothes and may have been homeless.

The horse was uninjured, Miller said.

She told the officer she had heard a similar incident happened to another horse in the area, but Miller said they had not received any other reports.

Normally, the Sheriff’s Office would field the call, but Animal Services took it because deputies were busy and the perpetrator was gone, Miller said.

Animal Services encouraged the woman to file a report with the Sheriff’s Office, he said.

The Sheriff’s Office has not gotten a report of the incident, and deputies are unaware of any similar recent cases, Sgt. Dan Campos said.

Can you get me a sandwich?

In 2003, according to Sentinel archives, a Shetland pony named Rose was taken from Coast Road Stables north of Santa Cruz and reportedly sexually assaulted. A jogger in that case had reported seeing a man sleeping beside a horse in the bushes along Shaffer Road on the morning before the pony wandered back, uninjured. The hair on the tails of several horses there had been cut as well, deputies reported at the time.

Even Horses have sex in cars...Must have been a great leg shaking finish!

I dont really believe but cool pic

It’s hard to say that talking about Eric Massa isn’t fun, especially now that Joshua Green has introduced of the term “snorkeling” to mainstream political debate.

But murmurs of “why are we talking about this?” have grown into a hum, and now they’ve crested into a full-on screaming session on the floor of the House of Representatives: as the House considered a non-binding resolution calling on President Obama to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, retiring Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) fulminated at the press for not covering the vote.

“Cynicism is that there’s one, two press people in this gallery! We’re talking about Eric Massa 24/7 on the TV,” Kennedy railed. “It’s because the press–the press of the United States is not covering the most significant issue of national importance, and that’s the laying of lives down in the nation, for the service of our country, is despicable, the national press corps right now.”

Teddy would be proud of his young son. I was happy to hear someone in Congress pissed-off at the Press. The modern news cycle adds nothing to helping the public understand the current issues nor does the Press help Congress get their message out.  This is nothing new but thanks for reminding us Patrick. If you were gonna stay in Congress you could remind us more often but sadly you are gonna leave. If we had more like you in Washington maybe we could get something done in this country.

In an ultimate insult to young Patrick today on MSNBC I watched two stories on Tiger Woods followed by one on a lesbian prom in Mississippi and finally a story on why Kennedy is so frustrated. The conclusions were a lifelong fight with depression because he was only two years old when Teddy was dealing with the Chappaquiddick incident, alcohol and prescription drug abuse early in his life, and basically just being a Kennedy. What??? I sat there amazed. Does the Press think we are idiots. He JUST told us why he was so angry.  The plain fact that the Press doesn’t follow the important stories America needs to know. Here is Paddy telling the Press they need to follow Iraq/Afghanistan and the votes on the Hill that influence the War and all they hear is “blah blah blah”. BTW, not one story on Iraq/Afghanistan in the hours before and after the story on Kennedy but Massa was the  subject of  a number of segments and a round-table on CNBC.

If three is good, wouldn't four be better?

but wouldnt that make her more attractive?  Who hates breasts?


Woman Files Lawsuit After Surgeon Gives Her Four Breasts


5:58 PM EST, March 3, 2010


A Staten Island mom has filed a $5 million lawsuit against her plastic surgeon after she said she wound up with four breasts as a result of a botched implant surgery.

Maria Alaimo, 47, claims she went to Dr. Keith Berman in 2003 to increase her bust size to a 36 C. However, when she woke up from the augmentation procedure, Alaimo says she had intense swelling and looked as though she had four breasts.

“Maria came out of that operation with essentially four breasts,” her lawyer, Michael J. Kuharski, told jurors during Monday’s opening arguments in Staten Island Supreme Court.

Alaimo alleges, in court papers, the surgery has caused her “pain … disability, loss of self-esteem, humiliation and embarrassment.”

The mother of two apparently found Berman through an online advertisement. She reportedly shelled out $7,000 cash for the surgery.

Photos taken after the surgery show heavy scares on Alaimo’s breasts, which reportedly appear flattened on the bottom with severe swells the size of a softball on top.

Berman told jurors he warned Alaimo about the potential risks of the surgery. However, Kuharski insisted the doctor was only concerned with making money.

Copyright © 2010, WPIX-TV

Now, this might not go over well, but what was this woman doing getting breast surgery?  47 is still relatively young, but that is not a spring chicken.  I guess I am of the belief that you should just work with what God gave you.  Age ultimately has something to do with it, but I think that she was okay (I really don’t know) with whatever she had to begin with. Things that could have gone wrong…

1) You could die.  Even with a perfect set of fake boobies, if you are dead, they are no use to you.

2) You could get too much attention.  Not all attention is good attention.  There is something to that…now you are getting it for having four breasts, but you kinda brought that on yourself by a) suing and b) getting the breast job in the first place. If it was actually four breasts, what is wrong with that?  breast augmentation is about feeling better about yourself and the attention you receive.  I think that with four breasts, you will get the attention you want, and maybe too much of it.

It could have been worse…she could of have this as a picture…

We need to test them for steriods or something....these kids are too damn smart, if that is even

no, because I can still beat their ass in the game of life! But seriously, they make me feel like a mental midget.  But, their parents have super eggs and super sperm, because it is not just the twins.  The rest of the family is brilliant as well.

The ‘Wonder Twins’ are set to enter secondary school at 9

Published Date: 01 March 2010
By Ellen Branagh

A PAIR of nine-year-old twins are today set to become the youngest pupils to be admitted to a secondary school.

Paula and Peter Imafidon already broke world records when they passed A/AS-level mathematics papers at the age of seven.

Peter and Paula, from Waltham Forest, London, attend an ordinary state primary school but have already received provisional offers from more than 12 leading secondary schools.

Dubbed the “Wonder Twins”, they hit the headlines when they set three world records by passing A-level and AS-level maths papers at the age of seven.

They became the youngest candidates ever to pass an A-level maths paper and the youngest twins to achieve this level in mathematics anywhere in the world.

A year later they took and passed the University of Cambridge’s Advanced Mathematics (FAM) paper, becoming the youngest students ever to pass the rigorous examinations.

The twins, who take part in the Excellence in Education programme for inner-city children, have also co-authored a book with their primary school classmates – with proceeds going to charities and their school.

Their father, Chris Imafidon, said: “We’re delighted with the progress they have made.”

He said the youngsters would be fine at secondary school, despite the age difference with their peers, adding: “Because they are twins they have each other.”

The twins’ three sisters also took part in the Excellence in Education Programme, which works to develop children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Their older sister Samantha, now 12, passed two GCSEs in mathematics and statistics at the age of six and their eldest sister, Anne-Marie, now 20, was the youngest girl ever to pass A-level computing, at 13. Their other sister, Christiana, 17, is the youngest schoolgirl ever to study at undergraduate level in any British university, entering at the age of 11.

Now that is a family to really be proud of. But, at the same time, there must be a lot of pressure, because you don’t want to be the dumb kid.  But, it’s nice to know Britain has some Black Doogie Howsers running around.

except these kids won't leave love stains in the back of Harold's car

Soon, one of them really will be the Prime Minister.  Then what will you say?

look at him profiling like he is doing big hate here your thing...

Look at him profiling for the hate here though, do you thing..

look at this kid who is big pimping…got older dudes scared and shook.  First, that calls for some Mobb Deep.

David Greenburg, I shouted you out, since you are the one attempting to challenge his signatures in court.

A Brooklyn teen is hoping to become the City Council’s youngest member ever – but the adults are fighting tooth and nail to keep him off the ballot.

Abraham Tischler, 18, is running for the Borough Park Council seat left vacant when Simcha Felder took a job with city Controller John Liu.

His platform is teen friendly – he wants to save free student MetroCards; but he also is vowing to fight to keep city firehouses open and crack down on bogus parking tickets.

The Touro College sophomore says his inexperience is actually a plus. So far, he has spent just $560 – for posters and flyers.

“I owe no one favors,” he said.

Still, at least one of the adults running against him in the 44th Council District worried enough to take him to court.

David Greenfield, 31, the executive vice president of the Sephardic Community Federation, is suing Tischler and says the teen’s petitions have forged and duplicated signatures.

Tischler insists there is nothing wrong with his petitions.

After all, his mom and dad helped him gather the 1,415 signatures he eventually submitted – nearly double the required 765. Anything that looked fishy, Tischler said, was tossed.

“They wouldn’t knock me off if they didn’t think I was a real challenge,” Tischler said. “Let the people decide who they want to be their councilman.”

Greenfield, a former chief of staff for Assemblyman Dov Hikind, has Mayor Bloomberg‘s backing and is one of the frontrunners. So is longtime community board lead Joe Lazar, who has Public Advocate Bill de Blasio‘s backing. But it’s Greenfield, who has raised $131,000 for the race, who is pressing a lawsuit.

“We don’t know anything about the guy,” said his spokesman, Eric Kuo. The campaign is also concerned, he said, because Tischler isn’t participating in the city campaign financing system.

“He could drop half a million dollars of family money in the campaign tomorrow,” Kuo said.

Ridiculous, said the teen’s dad, who has capped spending for his son’s campaign at $1,000.

“David Greenfield, with all his money, with all his power, is trying to get an 18-year-old kid off the ballot because he’s scared,” said Harold Tischler, 46, a construction contractor.

“Give him a shot.”

The statements that they are making are just showing how yellow they are.  First, if your game is tight, you don’t have to worry about someone else.  You have the backing of the Freaking Mayor!  Second, the dude is a college student.  Just pay to have some pictures at a party posted with him hitting the bong, and you are all good.  But, that you take it to court, says that you couldn’t handle it yourself.

David Greenburg, you win Hater of the Week! due to the fact that you are scared of an 18 year old in politics, when you should be a veteran of political races…

Hope you enjoy how you look in Orange...

and I am pretty sure that they do not have facebook in prison.  But, there are a lot of guys who will provide sexual favors TO him, for no charge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Facebook! The place for completely random hook-ups

A Wisconsin teen was sentenced to 15 years in prison Wednesday for using Facebook to blackmail classmates into having sex with him. Anthony Stancl, 19, pleaded guilty in December to two felonies, including repeated sexual assault of a child. Stancl was 18-years old at the time of his crimes.

According to court documents, Stancl posed as a girl on Facebook, induced some 30 classmates to send him naked pictures, and then used the photos to blackmail at least seven of them to have sex with him. Over 300 nude photos of male classmates were found on Stancl’s computer.

Why do you send someone you have never met a picture that you might be embarrassed about? Plus, how do you allow this dude to blackmail you? So, there is a naked picture out there of you. Guess what? You were born naked! There is nothing to be embarrassed about the human form. At least seven of you were conned into having sexual relations with this guy. Isn’t the fear of someone finding out that you participated in a homosexual act (only if you are not homosexual) more worrying than someone finding out that you had a nude picture?

Stancl “admitted that he pretended to be ‘Kayla’ and threatened the victim that if the victim did not have various types of sexual contact with the defendant, the photographs of the victim would be sent to people at the high school,” according to the complaint.

So, people find out that I am into sexting?  Is that really all that bad?  I understand the fear of shame and scorn at school.  That is horrible and I am not going to blame the victim.  Dude got what he deserved and will get some karmatic payback.  I think that the pressure of the decision got to the poor individuals who are apart of this twisted web.  Notice, they only give seven, who were brave enough to come forward.  That means that there can be others that we will never know about, and they are living with the stigma of their actions.  That can be worse than people finding out.

‘I am afraid of what he can and might do’

Waukesha County Circuit Judge J. Mac Davis handed down the sentence “because he said Stancl had proven he was manipulative, excessively self-centered and could still be dangerous,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“I am afraid of what he can and might do,” Judge Davis said.

Stancl’s attorney told that the student struggled with his sexuality and was humiliated after being outed by another student.

“He had a strong desire to fit in with everyone,” the lawyer said. “I think that was why he went to the great length he did to appear that he wasn’t gay and was just a victim [of extortion] like they were…He was never comfortable with the fact that he was bisexual so he came up with an elaborate scheme to cover that to appear to be a normal heterosexual teen.”

So the lawyer is really trying to drum up sympathy for his client?  Questions of sexuality during the teen years and even later are very difficult battles to have to go through.  I could even have a little sympathy for him if he blackmailed the guy who outed him, since that should be a decision and choice each individual should have the power to make.  But, he expanded that web to catch a lot of other people in the web.

Also, how does his scheme make him appear to be a normal heterosexual teen?  YOU ARE FORCING GUYS TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!  Normal heterosexual boys are working on having sex with young, or older women, not being forced into things they may not want.

Parents Must Be Vigilant

The case is yet one more example of the dangers children face in the social networking world’s great Wild West.

In a radio interview after the sentence, Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel warned parents to be vigilant about their child’s use of the internet. “They have to know that the more capability they give their kids electronically with this stuff, the less control they have over their kid’s safety,” said Schimel told radio station WTMJ.

“They need to know that parents should and can search their kids computers and their phones and what their kids are doing. They should put monitors on their computers so they can find out what their kids are sending or instant messaging. They should think about whether their kids need to have a phone that has a camera, internet capability and all those other things that come with it,” he said.

Stancl expressed remorse after the sentencing.

“I am deeply, deeply sorry for the pain and suffering I have caused you and your family. I can’t imagine or understand how much of an impact my actions have had on you,” Stancl said, according to UPI. After completing his prison term, Stancl faces 13 years of extended supervision.

Another reason that you should not have facebook….

I bet she will be the coach of the U.S. Olympic team...She is world class...

Get the f@$% outta here…

The strip club mainstay pole dancing – known as much for its sensual moves as its rigorous athletic side – may be headed for the Olympics.

A group of pole-dance advocates is hoping for a “test” event in 2012 and a more formal pitch four years after that, in Rio de Janeiro, according to The Associated Press.

KT Coates, a prominent pole dancer in England and director of Vertical Dance, is leading the Olympic push.

“After a great deal of feedback from the pole-dance community, many of us have decided that it’s about time pole fitness is recognized as a competitive sport, and what better way for recognition than to be part of the 2012 Olympics held in London,” she said in a petition she’s preparing for organizers of the London Olympics.

Coates added that the prospective sport “has the wow factor.”

While her petition now has about 4,000 signatures, she is hoping to add 1,000 more.

Advocates of pole dancing say other even more unlikely sports have gotten the approval of the International Olympic Committee. Tug of war was an early Olympic medal contest, and curling is now huge at the Winter Games.

Yet, well-established sports like cricket and squash haven’t managed to get a spot for themselves at the Olympics, and baseball and softball recently got the ax. The International Olympic Community would need to recognize pole dancing as a sport, which could prove to be an uphill battle.

But pole-dance enthusiasts are hopeful about their chances to go for the gold.

“It’s just a matter of time before pole dancing gets Olympic recognition,” says Ania Przeplasko of Hong Kong, founder of the International Pole Dancing Fitness Association.

“There will be a day when the Olympics see pole dancing as a sport,” she told The Associated Press. “The Olympic community needs to acknowledge the number of people doing pole fitness now. We’re shooting for 2012.”

Some dancers aren’t so sure about pole dancing at the Olympics because they worry that the sensual aspect of the discipline would be destroyed, and that old-school pole dancers might be pushed aside by gymnasts, circus performers and Chinese acrobats who could easily pick up the moves.

“I don’t need to see pole dancing in the Olympics,” U.S. Pole Dance Federation co-founder Wendy Traskos said. “I don’t think this is necessarily the path that we need to take, as a sport.”

But Traskos notes that the notion of pole dancers competing for Olympic medals isn’t as farfetched as it was five years ago.

“Now, when you talk about it you don’t hear ‘like a stripper’ anymore,” Traskos said. “You hear things like, ‘Oh, my friend takes classes for fitnees’ or ‘Yes, I’ve seen it on ‘Oprah.’ “

Baseball and softball got the axe.  There should be no way that this is an Olympic event.  That give credence to people who think that Poker (but I just met her…) should at the Olympics.  even as someone who loves playing Poker, this is a disgrace to all other real sports.

Going for the GOLD!

With the church shooting this week, I know that criminals will do anything to get their hands on that gwap.  As I reflect on the question, I have to say that you are really never too young to be a dumb nigga and I think that the story explains why.

Now, Mr. Softee needs to carry a gat and wear a vest...SMDH

15-year-old arrested in ice cream truck shooting

A 15-year-old suspected of shooting an ice cream truck driver in Vallejo has been arrested.

The Associated Press

VALLEJO, Calif. —A 15-year-old suspected of shooting an ice cream truck driver in Vallejo has been arrested.

Police say the boy was arrested around 7 p.m. Wednesday in Oakland as he was leaving a home carrying a suitcase and bag. He is being held at Alameda County Juvenile Hall in San Leandro.

First, the kid had the wherewithal to try and escape with some of his belongings.  I guess that he needed a little more hitch in his getty-up.  Second, this little punk is cooling off in my town of San Leandro.  I don’t know where the juvie detention center is, but one of his punishments should be no more ice cream.  Whenever they serve it, the biggest, strongest kid should come over and forcibly take it from him to teach him a valuable lesson.  Personal property is fun and is the right for all.

Police say the teen shot 39-year-old Amarjit Kaur in the chest after demanding money on the afternoon of Feb. 3 as her truck was parked near Springstowne Middle School.

The boy’s alleged 14-year-old accomplice was taken into custody last week and police say the gun used in the shooting was recovered from his home.

Kaur remains hospitalized.

14 and 15 year old shooters are shocking to say the least.  I was a sophomore in high school at 14 and all I thought about was getting some trim (see I am trying to bring back that word…) and playing sports.  I still think ass beatings are a cure for some of this. I am also shocked (and this is where you can call me sexist) that they shot a woman.  I can’t imagine that she was a threat to harm them after the robbery took place, so it seems senseless.

Hopefully the hard reality of prison life will get them straightened out.  Although all it will really do is make them a better brand of criminal, one that has been tested in the system, spit out and ready to go again.