Damn, I'm getting lifted off the sauce!

no one gets banned in Vegas…do they? Well, I guess Paris is the first one.

LAS VEGAS (CBS/AP) — Paris Hilton may be forced to spend her time gambling in Atlantic City.
Hilton was banned Wednesday from two Wynn resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, and her boyfriend was dismissed as a nightclub partner following their arrests in a vehicle that police said reeked of marijuana.
Wynn Resorts Ltd. spokeswoman Jennifer Dunne told The Associated Press that Hilton is barred from Wynn Las Vegas and Encore.
Meanwhile, boyfriend Cy Waits was “separated” from his job after less than a week as top managing partner of the Tryst Nightclub at Wynn and XS The Nightclub at Encore, Dunne said in a statement.

Now, your man is fired.  Ask yourself, was it really worth it?  Why was he driving anyway?  You should have a driver or be in a limo if you are going out to get your swerve on.

Waits, his lawyer and a lawyer and publicist for the 29-year-old Hilton did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Smart.  Maybe the only smart thing you have done recently…But, what really, what could you say?  I was smoking weed and I got my boyfriend caught up?

The moves come after Hilton was arrested Friday for investigation of felony cocaine possession. Waits was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Charges have not yet been filed.
Hilton was arrested inside the Wynn resort, where a police lieutenant reported a small plastic bag containing 0.8 grams of cocaine fell into his hand when Hilton reached for a tube of lip balm in a purse.

See Paris, remember wen we saw your weed (that doesn't even look like good weed, which is shameful with your budget) coming out of your purse

See Paris, remember wen we saw your weed (that doesn't even look like good weed, which is shameful with your budget) coming out of your purse

You knew that you have coke in your purse.  Yes, it was only a gram, but why are you fishing in your purse?  You KNEW it was in there and you only ran the risk of exposing the coke.  You only led them to look harder at you, especially when they found the butt of joint you tossed out the window.

Memo to Paris…unless you are in CA or other weed tolerant states and you have proper paperwork, don’t smoke weed…and definitely do not do it in the car…

The New York City-born celebrity socialite is scheduled for arraignment Oct. 27 and would face probation if convicted.
A police report made public Wednesday said the suspected butt of a marijuana cigarette was found in the Cadillac Escalade in which the couple was stopped in front of the Wynn Las Vegas hotel-casino.
Waits, 34, was driving. He had bloodshot eyes, smelled of alcohol and wobbled as he failed two field sobriety tests, the arresting officer said.
Waits allowed blood to be drawn when he was booked into the Clark County jail in downtown Las Vegas, Officer Bill Cassell said. Results won’t be released until the case reaches court.
Waits spent a night in jail on suspicion of misdemeanor driving under the influence before being freed on $2,000 bail with a Nov. 29 court date.
Dunne said Waits’ twin brother, Jesse Waits, is continuing as general partner of the Wynn resorts’ Tryst and XS clubs.

Well at least his bro will still be able to get freaky in the clubs.

Damn Morpheus, did you offer her the red and the blue pill?

Did she take both, or what?

You would think that pops would have kicked down some loot to prevent this, but it has shades of Reggie Bush to me.  You might ask, “What do you mean Steve?”  Well, the big issue with Reggie is that had he been a man and paid off his debts, the issue with USC would not have gone anywhere.  This started as a suit to get money back that the agent and runners gave to him.

This seems the same way.  Montana must have been broke and needed some loot and Larry didn’t kick down, until it was too late and Vivid had the video.  Now, the issue gets worse because there are some non flattering scenes with her co-star, Brian Pumper.  CBS explains

As a father, this has to be the worse nightmare you can have

NEW YORK (CBS) Montana Fishburne has welcomed her new found fame with open arms; however, the 19-year-old adult film star might be learning the hard way that the porn industry doesn’t always play by the rules.

The budding film star has reportedly hired a team of lawyers to clear up an X-rated debate with her sex tape partner.

According to TMZ, Montana Fishburne, whose father is “The Matrix” star Laurence Fishburne, has sent several letters to porn co-star Brian Pumper demanding that his production company stop selling “Phattys Rhymes & Dimes 14” because it contains footage of “work” that Montana and Brian did on the side…you know for practice.

The letter issued to Brian Pumper claims that Montana never consented to the use of the material for that video, but admits that she agreed to “practice” with Pumper in order to get ready for her debut with Vivid Entertainment, reports TMZ.

Montana Fishburne said she made it clear the additional footage was not supposed to be sold.

As of late, Brian Pumper has not responded to the letters, says TMZ.

Listen to the reason for the sex tape…

As reported last week, Montana, 19, has chosen to release a sex tape with Vivid to follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian:

“I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.”

Really? Kimmy Kakes showed you the way to fame? At least she was having sex with someone famous… I had no idea who Brian Pumper was until I looked it up and I still really don’t.

Would you watch 3-D porn?

August 16, 2010

Bring the goggles and raincoats, its about to get REALLY REAL in here!

wait, isn’t that just called being a voyeur?

HONG KONG – On the leafy fringes of Hong Kong in a shabby film studio, a nude ponytailed actor stretched out on animal-skins with his lover as the cameras rolled in a set evoking a subterranean sex lair in ancient China.

Turning away from a slightly blurred high definition TV screen as the actors writhed, director Christopher Sun shouted “cut” whilst yanking off his 3-D glasses. “Good” he yelled.

No ordinary porn flick, “3-D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy” is being touted as the world’s first IMAX-3-D erotic film.

I am with Ronin…I am totally down on 3-D. Real life is 3-D. Spend time going to do what you want, instead of watching others…

Thats what I am afraid of....

Hong Kong director Christopher Sun is currently filming his $3.2 million ‘3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy’, which is due for release in May, but Italian director Tinto Brass has already announced he will produce a 3D remake of his 1979 erotic film Caligula.

Although mainland Chinese censors are almost certain to block the movie’s screening, it has sparked wide interest in other Asian markets, including Japan and South Korea, as well Europe, and the United States.

Producer Stephen Shiu said: “This is the future of the movie business — it’s human nature to want to see things in 3D.”

Adding to the pressure, the American company Hustler is making a pornographic spoof of 3D science fiction blockbuster Avatar, the highest-grossing movie of all time and the film that heralded the beginning of the mainstream 3D boom.

There is a lot of things that are happening in a porno flick that I don’t want to see, and definitely not in 3-D. I certainly don’t want to see any dudes in 3D, or the money shot.

Still tastefully done...

Why is this a story?  Until I see some Carrie Prejean sex tapes, this is a non story

New Miss USA Once Won Pole Dancing Contest

Dearborn Arabs Delighted With Miss USA, While Overseas Other Muslims Scold


DEARBORN, Mich. May 17, 2010—

The triumphant walk for the new Miss USA took her straight into controversy as a Muslim woman who flaunts her beauty, and who once flaunted it so well she won a stripper contest.

Rima Fakih, 24, won the title as the country’s most beautiful woman Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Shortly after the release of pictures showing Fakih cradling a dozen roses across her strapless white dress while balancing a shimmering tiara on her head, came photos of Fakih in red short shorts, a tiny tank top and towering stilettos while balancing against a pole.

Fakih won the “Stripper 101” contest which was sponsored by a Detroit radio show Mojo in the Morning in 2007.

Spike, the co-host of Mojo, said news of the pole dancing drew the attention of Miss USA’s parent organization, The Miss Universe pageant.

“The Miss Universe representatives called earlier today,” Spike told ABCNews.com. “They wanted to see if we have more photos or information.”

“They couldn’t tell us what their intentions were and we didn’t want to give them anything that might cause her to relinquish her crown,” he said.

Spike called the inquiry “ridiculous” because “she’s wearing more clothes in the photos on our site than she was in those photos for the pageant.”

He said the contest was run by actual strippers, but the contestants did not strip. “They’re not naked. They’re encouraged to wear comfortable clothes,” Spike said.

Fakih won some jewelry from the show’s sponsors and a take home stripper pole.

It was the latest controversy for the Miss USA pageant. In 2009, the pageant’s winner was overshadowed by the comments of runner-up Carrie Prejean opposing gay marriage. She was later stripped of her title as Miss USA runner-up and as Miss California because of a sexually explicit videotape in which she appeared alone.

If you don’t get it, Carrie has a sex-tape where she pleasures herself.  That is something that can get you stripped of your crown.

YES! that was an incedible orgasm!

It’s not clear yet if Fakih’s earlier triumph will taint her Miss USA crown, but in Michigan people were beaming over her selection. The broadest smiles were on the many faces of Arab immigrants in Dearborn.

The fact that we are talking about Carrie Prejean in this situation is wrong.  She wasn’t a winner to begin with and she was talking sideways about gay marriage.  That is why she got caught up.  If anything, we should be comparing her to Vanessa Williams.

This girl from Detroit is fine.  As long as there are not anymore skeletons in the closet.  Even if she does, look at what she was able to accomplish.

Is this really the best of 2010? Then that says we had more downturn than just the economy....

You just won the steak knives…well at least you have your job.

If you have never seen Glengarry Glen Ross, then you hate yourself…

The sell job here by Maxim gets the phone slammed down on them

The prizes are spelled out by Alec Baldwin’s  character representing the wishes of the home office:

  • First place is a Cadillac El Dorado.
  • Second place is a set of steak knives.
  • Third place is “You’re fired.”

Because who in the Hell are they (being Maxim)  catering to?  They clearly are not catering to men that I know.  The fact that Katy Perry is on the top is criminal and deserves some sort of punishment.  In my office, they (the selection committee) are clearly fired, but even if she was second, I might be able to stomach it more.  But, she is number one, and that is a tantamount to aligning ideologically with the Nazis.

Here’s the Top 20 according to Maxim’s Hot 100 List:

20. Olivia Wilde
19. Bar Rafaeli
18. Christina Aguilera
17. Leighton Meester
16. Selita Ebanks
15. Amanda Bynes
14. Scarlett Johnasson
13. Amber Heard
12. Audrina Patridge
11. Eva Mendes
10. Marisa Miller
9. Kim Kardashian
8. Olivia Munn
7. Elisabetta Canalis
6. Rihanna
5. Megan Fox
4. Blake Lively
3. Zoe Saldana
2. Brooklyn Decker
1. Katy Perry

Now,  I give holy hell to some of the woman on the list, (5-head Rihanna to name one…) but there are too many names that I think of before I get to Katy Perry.  I am not a Kim Kardashian apologist.  But, she isn’t above Katy Perry?

Real or fake, I would saddle up and ride...

Here is another one that I don’t get, but illustrates why we are too old for maxim.  Number four is Blake Lively.  I didn’t know who she really was and I did some reading on her.

So you like the jean shorts look...

Now, I guess because I don’t watch Gossip Girl, I wouldn’t know who she is.  But, where is Christina Hendricks, who we already discussed, or Zoe Saldana?

The look that let's you know you are all good, or the man (or woman) who hit the lotto.

Or, Andy Roddick’s wife KILLS Katy Perry in a straight up comparative calculus.

Roddick is a lucky man....The one reason to get SI....

This doesn’t even have my personal favorite in the top 20, Halle Berry

Hair length doesn't matter for Ms. Berry

Talk amongst yourselves but with lists like this, I am glad that our tastes have matured.  The hit of the day that will not be there tomorrow is the thinking that gets you caught up.  The ability to see farther into the future will help you make better decisions.  You know that or man AP will have tons of woman on his page that would make you feel sorry for Katy Perry having to compete against that beauty.  But, I guess it is a rite of passage for a man to put away the toys of youth.  With choices like the ones Maxim makes, it becomes easier with each passing day.

P.S.  I haven’t even mentioned Eva Mendes, who Ronin would definitely throw up on the list higher.

Just let it drop....you are doing us no favors holding the clothes on...

E’s song of the day

April 26, 2010

I apologize for being absent the last couple of days.  I went to Tahoe for the weekend with my dad to play a little poker.  Good times were had but, unfortunately, good cards were hard to find.  No big wins in the poker room (but a couple of tough beats).  This song popped into my head randomly this evening, and while I have a pretty hefty queue of potential jams, I like to keep the process as organic as possible and just go with whatever song is playing in my head at the moment.  I finally got The Corrupter Soundtrack in the mail last week (a disc I was having trouble finding on mp3) and have already given it a few listens (yes, it is as good as I remember, if not better).  It got us talking about other tight soundtracks from the late 90’s. The song in my head this evening happens to be from once such great soundtrack: Rush Hour.  Today’s jam: Case and Joe – Faded Pictures.  Enjoy….

Don't know what the Big D is for, but I can think of a few....

Some people will attempt to spin this as another law and order guy who gave his life for the city of LA died.  I don’t play that.  This was a person who helped increase the animosity of race relations in LA.  The riot is your responsibility.  Your cavalier attitude to the Rodney King beatings were the lynchpin of the riots.

LOS ANGELES – Daryl F. Gates, the polarizing former police chief whose 14-year tenure ended amid widespread criticism over his department’s response to the city’s deadly 1992 riots, died Friday after a short bout with cancer. He was 83.

Gates died at his Newport Beach home with his family at his side, according to a police statement.

Gates’ brother said in February the former chief had bladder cancer that had spread to a bone near his hip.

A tart-tongued career cop with a short fuse and a penchant for making controversial statements, Gates was a flashpoint for controversy long before the riots that broke out after four white police officers were acquitted of most charges in the beating of black motorist Rodney King.

“He was a man of deep convictions,” said former Police Chief William Bratton, who left the department last year. “He was very happy to stand up for them, whether you liked them or not. And he enjoyed being in the middle of the bull’s-eye. He thrived on it.”

So this dude was happy to stand in the eye of the storm and laugh at the things that happened with Rodney King and then take the time to blame the victim.  If we know one thing, King did not ask to get beaten, nor did he do anything to deserve it.

Although often at odds with civil rights activists, the mayor and other political figures, Gates was well-liked by rank-and-file police officers. He was responsible for numerous police successes that came to be overlooked when he was forced into early retirement after the riots.

Gates was a “one-in-a-million human being,” current Police Chief Charlie Beck said. “He inspired others to succeed and, in doing so, changed the landscape of law enforcement around the world.”

I would agree with that assessment.  He showed other municipalities that it was okay to bring down the hammer on human rights and civil rights of your citizens.  If they were minorities, then take out your frustrations and play a game of baseball….remember, that is what the cops said…

He was credited with developing the policing plan that brought off the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics with not so much as a traffic jam. He also created the department’s popular Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or D.A.R.E., program for youth.

As a member of the police department’s command staff in 1972, he formed Los Angeles’ first Special Weapons and Tactics Team or SWAT. He also shut down one of the department’s intelligence units in 1983 after learning officers were spying on the American Civil Liberties Union and other organizations.

“He was a man of courage and character who had a deep commitment to the rule of law, with a deep pride of the LAPD,” said Paul Weber, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the police officers union. “Chief Gates was a cop’s cop.”

Some of the positive things are dwarfed by the racist things that he said and exhibited during his reign.

As early as 1982, Gates came under fire for saying more blacks died than whites during the use of carotid chokeholds because “the veins or arteries do not open up as fast as they do on normal people.”

Forensic experts said there was no such difference between races and a black community leader said the only reason blacks died more frequently was because the chokehold was used on them more often.

Gates later apologized.

But, he told his followers it’s okay because I had my fingers crossed.

See? I really didn't mean it. The negro is inferior to the white man...science proves!

In 1991, when a policewoman was killed in the line of duty, Gates labeled her accused assailant as “an El Salvadoran drunk who doesn’t belong here.” He once told a congressional committee that drug users should be shot.

Gates’ police career began to unravel with the 1991 beating of King, which was videotaped by a man in a nearby apartment after King was pulled over for speeding. Audiotapes of the officers making racist remarks about the incident were released and the videotape of the prolonged beating televised.

Gates criticized the officers’ actions but dismissed them as an aberration. Critics said they represented a pattern of abuse directed at minorities allowed to flourish under Gates’ watch.

Under pressure to resign, Gates announced his retirement in the months following the beating. He was just two months short of leaving when the officers were acquitted on April 29, 1992, a verdict that triggered one of the worst outbreaks of civil unrest in Los Angeles history.

Well said...the aftermath of the riots...

Four days of rioting throughout the sprawling city left 55 people dead, more than 2,000 injured and property damage totaling $1 billion. Entire blocks of the city were reduced to cinders by fires.

Gates came under intense criticism from the mayor, fire chief and others who said officers were slow to respond. Then-Mayor Tom Bradley said Gates had “brought Los Angeles to the brink of disaster just to satisfy his own ego.”

Gates shrugged off the criticism, calling his department’s response to the riots “beautiful” and blaming underlings for what errors he did acknowledge. An investigative panel later faulted him for failing to properly prepare the department for such trouble.

Gates’ place in history is still being debated.

Not with people who can see the truth of all colors.  He was willing to watch it burn because it was in the area that he didn’t live.  This was just shameful.  It’s like Do the Right Thing. This was the thing that Pino couldn’t get and what Gates didn’t get either.

“He’s not a politician and the politicians got him,” City Councilman Dennis Zine, a former LAPD motorcycle cop during Gates’ tenure. “They blamed him for use of excessive force, then blamed him when he held back in the riots.”

Gates cemented the LAPD’s standing as the “most respected law enforcement in the United States” with a rigid adherence to classic law-and-order policing, Beck said.

But Bratton said though Gates cared deeply for policing and made significant contributions, he left a department that “had sort of lost its way, and for the next 10 years LA suffered as a result of that.”

After retiring, Gates worked briefly as a radio talk-show host and later as a consultant for various companies.

He also wrote the memoir “Chief: My Life in the LAPD.”

Years after his retirement, he was still responding to his critics.

“There were two beatings. There was one of Rodney King, and then there was the beating of the Los Angeles Police Department. And that one lasted a whole year,” he told The Associated Press in 2002.

He called the rioters “hoodlums” and said they were out to loot and steal with little concern for King. He called King “a no-good S.O.B. parolee who has never been able to find himself ever since.”

A month before he retired, Gates led his last Los Angeles Police Academy graduation ceremony. The crowd cheered him and a band played “Swinging Gates,” a song written in his honor.

Gates’ 43-year career with the LAPD began in 1949, not long after a two-year stint with the Navy during World War II.

A Glendale native and University of Southern California graduate, he was mentored by legendary Chief William Parker. He became chief in 1978.

Gates’ personal life, like his career, was sometimes tumultuous. His marriage ended in divorce and his son struggled with drug abuse, suffering an overdose during the 1992 riots.

In addition to his brother, a retired LAPD captain, Gates is survived by two children.

Look at his comments.  I think that they speak for themselves…

tell my loyal fans to go buy more stuff thet they do not need!

PT Barnum said that a sucker was born every minute.  He obviously didn’t think about the creation of Apple Computers.

Steve jobs must be reading from the playbook...

Biz Break: Apple’s iPad: Could its price be cut?

By Frank Michael Russell


Posted: 04/07/2010 01:07:16 PM PDT

Updated: 04/07/2010 02:20:05 PM PDT

Apple, the Cupertino maker of “I’m a Mac” computers and “i” devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod), may have room to maneuver on the iPad’s $499-and-up price. According to a “teardown” analysis by El Segundo tech researcher iSuppli, the $499 model of the iPad has manufacturing costs of just under $260. Read the rest of this entry »

E’s song of the day

April 6, 2010

I’m about to leave the house to go stay at my Dad’s place for a couple of days.  I’m still hoping to post while out there, but you never know, so I thought I should get in today’s jam now just in case.

Ronin was talking the other day about a buddy who was watching the Disney Robin Hood cartoon with his kid.  That was always one of my favorites growing up, and it got me thinking about the surprisingly well-done music featured in the film.  I did some digging around and found this cool Los Lobos cover of my favorite song from the movie.  Unfortunately, it does not exist in any form that wordpress will let me add to the post.  You can listen to a 30 second snippet on ilike, or you can listen to the original and watch this video.  Today’s jam: Roger Miller – Not in Nottingham.  Enjoy….

I owe Robert Culp a lot for the amount of entertaining that he has provided to me over the years. The first role that I cam remember him in is I Spy with a young Bill Cosby.  One of the real reasons that I remember this show is that this was the first one that had an African-American character as the lead character.  Now, I have seen a bunch of the earlier episodes on DVD.  The plot should be copied to a buddy-buddy show now, not the flop that was done with Eddie Murphy and Own Wilson.

Making buddy buddy movies fashionable...

I Spy is an American television secret-agent adventure series. It ran for three seasons on NBC from 1965 to 1968 and teamed Robert Culp as international tennis player Kelly Robinson with Bill Cosby as his trainer, Alexander Scott. The characters’ travels as ostensible “tennis bums”, Robinson playing talented tennis as an amateur with the wealthy in return for food and lodging, and Scott tagging along, provided a cover story concealing their roles as top agents for the Pentagon. Their real work usually kept them busy chasing villains, spies, and beautiful women.

This was one of the first shows that I really remember my parents talking about.  The pairing was unusual in that time period, as we are going through the Civil Rights period.  The formula was so successful in the four year run, that they brought them back for some specials, like I Spy returns.  Robert Culp was in another show from the 80’s that I liked as well, called the Greatest American Hero.

Connie Selleca was nice eye candy too. But, if you get an Alien suit, how do you lose the instructions?

The Greatest American Hero is an American science fiction TV series which aired for three seasons from 1981 to 1983 on ABC. It premiered as a two hour movie pilot on March 18, 1981. It starred William Katt as teacher Ralph Hinkley (“Hanley” for the latter part of the first season), Robert Culp as FBI Agent Bill Maxwell, and Connie Sellecca as lawyer Pam Davidson. The show chronicles Ralph’s adventures after he is given a red suit from a group of aliens, which gives him superhuman abilities. The series was created by producer Stephen J. Cannell; Joel Colon helped design the costumes.

Robert Culp R.I.P. Your work will always be remembered….

Actor Robert Culphas has died after collapsing outside his Hollywood home yesterday.

The star, who teamed with Bill Cosby in the racially groundbreaking TV series I Spy and appeared as Bob in the critically acclaimed sex comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, was taken to hospital but pronounced dead. He was 79.

His manager, Hillard Elkins, said the actor had been on a walk when he fell.

The actor’s son was told he died of a heart attack, Mr Elkins said, though police were unsure if the fall was medically related.

Los Angeles police Lt. Robert Binder said no foul play was suspected. Mr Binder said a jogger found Culp, who apparently fell and struck his head.

Culp had been working on writing screenplays, Mr Elkins said.

I Spy, which aired from 1965 to 1968, was a television milestone in more ways than one. Its combination of humour and adventure broke new ground, and it was the first integrated television show to feature a black actor in a starring role.

Culp played Kelly Robinson, a spy whose cover was that of an ace tennis player. In real life, Culp actually was a top-notch tennis player who showed his skills in numerous celebrity tournaments.

Cosby was fellow spy Alexander Scott, whose cover was that of Culp’s trainer. The pair travelled the world in the service of the U.S. government.

The series greatly advanced the careers of both actors.

Most people will not remember that he was also in Guilty Conscience w/Eminem.