If you read what she wrote, some of these dudes are lying to her to get the box...

My senior thesis was on the likelyhood of another terrorist bombing on US soil.

I wrote it in 1995…funny enough, I got a B+ on the paper, but of course, I didn’t care since it was enough to get out of Dodge (or Ogden, as the case happened to be…) and get my papers…

When I read this story, I found it funny, and thought it was about time that the thoughts of women were exposed.  When I was in SF going to school at San Francisco State, I had the pleasure to call some sexually liberated women my friends.  While I never got to home plate with any of them, there is too many funny experiences that I shared with them.

The first one that comes to mine is a time that one of these ladies has talking about how good her sex game was.  Another guy from a different school ( Berkeley) talked some smack about how good he was.  Alcohol, and ego was a good mix for him.  They go off and explore each other, and my friend comes back.  The question was posed to her, ” Hey, how was it?” to which she replied, ” Well, I was good…”

I nearly wet myself when I hear that.

The freedom that the Duke F@$% thesis, as it is called, was hilarious and liberating.  It’s good to see that we all think alike.

Here was her critieria


But, now the cat is out the bag (literally and figuratively, since Karen got around) she wants to be embarrassed about it.  This is the letter she sent to Deadspin…

As the ashamed author of this slide show, I am horrified at your choice to include all the names that you did. While I cannot stop you from publishing it, this item was never meant to be seen outside of a very small circle of people. Obviously, it has gone viral. However, your inclusion of the real names are causing this awful situation to escalate even further and is actually starting to affect peoples’ lives in ways that go far beyond mere embarrassment. Remove the names immediately, or I will be adding your blog post to the list of things I discuss with my attorney when we meet. If you would like to talk further, please include your number in your response and I will contact you as soon as I can. Again, including real names is simply cruel of you and you will black them out immediately.


You can find the complete powerpoint here http://jezebel.com/5652114/college-girls-power-point-fuck-list-goes-viral-gallery

Nothing better than a crack and peanut butter sandwich! The rocks give it such a great texture...

but seriously, it was about time that this disparity got fixed.  We here at Too Old are not pro crack,  but at least make the sentencing fair between two similar (if not equal) drugs. Although after watching this video, maybe we should make crack harder to get, or raise the punishment for having it.   Ignore the singing in the beginning, but the rest of the video is hilarious…

The Miami Herald puts the news into context

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives passed a historic bill Wednesday that narrows sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine convictions, which civil rights and civil liberties experts say contributed to the disproportionate imprisonment of African-Americans in recent decades.

Now, I want to clear something up here.  the people getting arrested are crackheads, and/or crack dealers.  Let’s not make it seem like they were caught up in a police sting through entrapment.  The one thing to remember is that they would have been in jail for dealing powder cocaine as well.  So, the numbers would have been similar, minus the people who would not have gotten involved in the coke game due to finances and connections.  It’s not like with coke they give you a free pass or anything…

I believe in WHITE POWER....wait I meant WHITE POWDER...CRACK!

The Senate passed its version of the bill in March. President Barack Obama, who during the 2008 presidential campaign said the current legal disparity “cannot be justified and should be eliminated,” is expected to sign the legislation.

By voice vote, the House altered a law implemented in 1986 during the early phase of the crack cocaine epidemic. It required anyone convicted of possession of 5 grams of crack to be sentenced to at least five years in prison.

Many lawmakers and organizations such as the NAACP and the American Civil Liberties Union complained for nearly a quarter-century that the law was unfair because someone convicted of crack possession got the same mandatory sentence as someone convicted of possessing 100 times that amount of powder cocaine, a drug more popular among whites.

Then keep your crack in powder form, until it is time to smoke up!.  Or, just don’t do crack. Because we all know crack is whack!

A 2009 report by the Sentencing Project, a liberal advocacy group, found that drug use rates were similar among racial and ethnic groups, but that sentencing among the groups for cocaine violations was vastly different, in large part because of the disparity between sentences for crack and powder cocaine.

In 2006, 81.8 percent of crack cocaine defendants were black, 8.8 percent were white and 8.4 percent were Hispanic, according the Sentencing Project report. For the same year, 57.5 percent of powder cocaine defendants were Hispanic, 27 percent were African-American and 14.7 were percent white.

Well, Crack is cheap and who doesn’t like a bargain!

Did you say 5 o'clock crack giveaway!

“African American drug defendants have a 20 percent greater chance of being sentenced to prison than white drug defendants,” the Sentencing Project report said. “Between 1994 and 2003, the average time served by African Americans for drug offenses increased by 62 percent, compared to an increase of 17 percent for white drug offenders.”

The House bill raises the five-year mandatory minimum sentencing trigger for crack possession from five grams to 28 grams and eliminates mandatory minimum sentencing for simple possession of crack. Possession of 500 grams of powder cocaine carries a mandatory minimum five years in prison under the bill.

“In passing the Fair Sentencing Act today, the House sent a bill to President Obama that is a step forward in addressing the fairness of our sentencing laws,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. “This legislation reduces the disparity between sentences for crack and powder cocaine – a step long overdue.”

Civil rights groups applauded the House vote and urged Obama to sign the bill quickly.

“Because of the mandatory minimum jail sentence for those convicted of possession of 5 grams of crack cocaine or more, people of color are being put in prisons at much higher rates than their Caucasian counterparts, and the judges have no discretion to mitigate the sentence for first-time or nonviolent offenders or special circumstances,” NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said. “This legislation is just the first step in eliminating disparities in sentencing, and we will continue to push for the elimination of this racially discriminatory sentencing disparity.”

How about we push to get people off crack?  I know the law had a racial bias to it.  But, let’s not celebrate like this is Brown vs. Board of Education or anything.  The specter of drugs is something that the communities need to work on.  This might be a first step, but keeping the kids off crack might be something to work on as well.

break your mothers back...

These days are long gone...focus on the books

I certainly hope so.  The time of prison might have shown him that playtime is over…

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State University says former football star Maurice Clarett has been granted re-entry to pursue his degree after he spent more than three years in prison.

They are not escorting you to the Heisman ceremony or class

Ohio State spokesman Jim Lynch says in a statement that Clarett started classes on Monday after he was readmitted by the College of Education and Human Ecology, where he was originally enrolled.

Clarett says in a statement that it is a “surreal feeling to be back at Ohio State” and that he doesn’t want to be a “distraction or nuisance” to the football team or other students.

Clarett led the Buckeyes to the 2002 national championship in his only college season. He pleaded guilty in 2006 to aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon, and served 3½ years in a Toledo prison, where he took college-credit courses.

Maybe he got some credits in prison…I hope him good luck and that he truly learned from this lesson.  The education can take him farther than football…

Looks like LA is up for grabs...Don't drop the soap USC!

Once you get caught, you are a cheater.

Erik has had some issues with calling USC a cheating program and he thinks that it is jealousy that drives the train.  Child please.  Not everyone is memorized by LaLa land.  I lived there and hated it.  Plus, if I had to go to school in LA (which I did at LMU) it would be UCLA, or Pepperdine (for the view) that I would go to, not the gated community of spoiled children.  But, that is for a different time. At least you have smart cheerleaders, right?

Hey, at least the team you are cheering for is actually playing for something....

First, you cry out for the meaning of cheat

Here is the face of a cheater...except he got caught after he left...but he cheated at USC as well...JUICE!

The only thing that you are right about is that USC didnt cheat, because it can’t, since its a brick and mortar building.  PEOPLE AT USC cheat.
1) Defintion of cheating…wiki helps us out time and time again
Cheating is an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one’s own interest, and often at the expense of others,[1] Cheating implies the breaking of rules. The term “cheating” is less applicable to the breaking of laws, as illegal activities are referred to by specific legal terminology such as fraud or corruption.

So, this is a chip shot, since you never answered the original charge. But, to be clear, Tim Floyd PAID to get OJ Mayo on campus.  That is a textbook case of cheating.  The only thing that didn’t happen was discovering the money outright, like what happened to Kentucky in 87.

Hey OJ? Need a little extra loot? Look for the wiseguy handoff...

The scandal broke when Emery Worldwide employees discovered $1,000 in cash in an envelope Kentucky assistant coach Dwane Casey sent to Mills’ father.[23] Another player, Eric Manuel, was found to have received improper assistance on his college entrance exams and was banned from NCAA competition. Kentucky was already on probation stemming from an extensive scheme of payments to recruits, and the NCAA seriously considered hitting the Wildcats with the “death penalty”, which would have shut down the entire basketball program (as opposed to simply being banned from postseason play) for up to two years. However, school president David Roselle forced Sutton and athletic director Cliff Hagan to resign. The Wildcats were slapped with three years’ probation, a two-year ban from postseason play and a ban from live television in 1989–90[24]

Your school attempted to get an unfair advantage over others.  Your school broke the rules.  YOUR SCHOOL IS A CHEATING SCHOOL.

Now, lets look at the Reggie Bush situation and figure out why that is cheating

This was all my parents fault, not me...except for the part where I said lets do it....And yes,Butch, I mean Reggie, your parents will lose the house if you do not show up to practice. (Blue Chips)

The NCAA investigation began in March 2006, when reports surfaced that Bush’s mother, brother and stepfather had lived in a San Diego-area home that was owned by a would-be marketer who planned to be part of a group that represented Bush when he turned pro.

Other athletes do not get that benefit, that is why it is cheating.  Your version of “Eve” Bush costs the program.  He took a bite from the apple the NCAA said leave alone.  But, it was too irresistible…You played with a guy who should have been on the sidelines.

1) Todd McNair LIED TO THE NCAA to cover up wrong doing. A guy STILL on the staff is a LIAR, which he LIED to hide CHEATING

This is the face of a lying cheater, or a cheating liar....you pick.

The 67-page public report recounts a laundry list of extra benefits provided to Reggie Bush and his family, much of which has been widely reported. The committee also found that McNair not only knew about Bush’s dealings with would-be agents and sports marketers, he lied about what he knew to NCAA investigators. McNair, whom new coach Lane Kiffin retained as the Trojans running backs coach, is banned from all recruiting activities for a year.

“The committee finds ample reason in the record to question the credibility of the assistant football coach [McNair],” the report said.

2) Your school had no control over the program.  Multiple accounts of agents attempting to seduce players to sign.

  • “The general campus environment surrounding the violations troubled the committee,” the report said.
  • “The committee noted that the violations in this case strike at the heart of the NCAA amateurism principal, which states that intercollegiate athletics should be motivated primarily by education and its benefits,” the report said.

3) Reggie took money, which means that you played with an ineligible player.  That is breaking the rules, i.e. cheating.

I know that you hate womens sports, but isn’t that funny that a woman helped bring down Troy?  Her improper use of the phones to the tune of 7 stacks shows a lack of institutional control.

Say bye-bye to this trophy...plus, you already broke it. Look for the glass football...

AT: Why me? and everybody is dirty

1) Prove it.


3) Stop Snitching and take it like a man.  Don’t end up like Kwame Kilpatrick and get your cry on.

wait til you get to the car and dont let the brothas in the pen see you cry...

If only Death Row inmates had it as good...

There are so many things in the world to complain about.  Most of the kids that we are educating are coming out behind the rest of the free world.  Public schools are having issues with textbooks and finding qualified teachers.  But, a parent really complained about this?

Dad upset over school’s punishment

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CLEVELAND, TX (KTRK) — Parents are angry over a punishment at an area middle school. A father says his child didn’t get a proper lunch, just to teach him a lesson.
Dennis Sowell is mad and determined. “I don’t put up with this,” he said. “They have to leave the profession.” He is calling for the end of careers and all because of a less than appetizing lunch. “That meal is illegal to serve to a death row inmate,” Sowell said. Sowell says his 12-year-old son, a sixth grader at Cleveland Middle School, was assigned to in-school suspension for missing 30 minutes of class last month. As part of the punishment, he wasn’t allowed the usual cafeteria food for lunch. Instead, the school gave him white bread, cheese and milk.

Really? Why did your kid miss thirty minutes of class? He got ISS (In school suspension) for a reason. Should you lose your kid, since you clearly are not raising them right?

Where friendships for life are made....

“You don’t withhold food as punishment,” Sowell said. “It has nothing to do with the quantity of the meal; it has to do with they violated the statutes, they violated the trust, they violated state and federal rules.” In fact, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture Regulations for school lunches, in-school suspension students must have equal access to food service. The secretary of state’s administrative code says fruits and or vegetables must be offered daily. Sowell says the school is in violation and goes even farther. “That is child abuse top to bottom,” he said.

Now, that is bullying...

No, child abuse is letting bullying happen to the point of people taking their own lives. Child abuse is whipping that @ss to the point of welts and blood (although I think that the days of corporal punishment and the ruler should make its way back) is child abuse. A sparse lunch, is not child abuse, especially in the face of the child going home at the end of the day. Unless you only allow the kid to eat at school, then that is not child abuse and you trivialize all other cases of REAL child abuse.

Cleveland ISD’s Superintendent Kerry Cowart confirms the school had been serving the sparse lunch to students as part of their discipline since the beginning of the school year. While Cowart doesn’t think the administrators did anything wrong, they aren’t doing it anymore. ISS students now have access to the same lunch as everyone else. Case closed, but not for Sowell. “The only discipline is the license leaves the wall, they leave the profession” he said. A Texas Department of Agriculture spokeswoman tells ABC13 that the agency received a complaint, and they investigated it, and that’s why the school changed its ways. The agriculture department is satisfied with that corrective action, but Sowell says he plans to file another complaint with the Texas Education Agency.

(Copyright ©2010 KTRK-TV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)
When your kid gets a substandard education because funds are being used to fight off stupid suits and turns to crime, drugs or prostitution, then we know who to blame.  Use all that pent up energy to do some tutoring, or better yet, get you own kid to class!

Giant poop bubbles…wow…

  • The Wall Street Journal

Manure Raises New Stink

Giant Gas Bubbles in Indiana Dairy Farm’s Waste Pond Frighten Neighbors


WINCHESTER, Ind.—Like many of his neighbors, farmer Tony Goltstein has to deal with the aftermath of the dairy bubble.

But besides his mounting financial troubles, Mr. Goltstein also must contend with bubbles the size of small houses that have sprouted from the pool of manure at his Union Go Dairy Farm. Some are 20 feet tall, inflated with the gas released by 21 million gallons of decomposing cow manure.

But he has a plan. It requires a gas mask, a small boat and a Swiss Army knife.

The saga of Mr. Goltstein’s bubbles, which are big enough to be seen in satellite photos, began about seven years ago and traces the recent boom and bust of U.S. dairy farmers.

If you can see that from satellite feeds, then you know that is one big pile of shit. And I don’t think that i want to be around when he implements his plan.

Mr. Goltstein, 43 years old, had moved his wife and their three children from the Netherlands to Winchester, population 4,600, about 90 miles east of Indianapolis. They planned to build a dairy farm with 1,650 cows on 180 acres.

He had installed a black plastic liner to keep the manure from seeping into the ground during the flush days of the dairy business, when prices and demand were growing.

The plastic liner has since detached from the floor of the stinky, open-air pool, and Mr. Goltstein says he can’t afford to repair the liner properly. But he says he’s game to pop the bubbles before the manure pool overflows and causes an even bigger stink.

His neighbors aren’t happy with the plan.

“If that thing back there blows, God help us all for miles,” said Allen Hutchison, whose corn and soybean farm is next door. He and other neighbors worry that puncturing the bubbles could cause an explosion of manure and toxic gases.

Not to worry, said Mr. Goltstein as he stood at the edge of the manure pit, puffing on a cigarette and gazing at the bubbles glistening in the sun. “I have no fear popping them.”

When the neighboring Hutchison family first learned the Goltsteins were planning a dairy farm right next door, they worried the operation’s manure pool would foul the air or groundwater. Mr. Hutchison petitioned state environmental officials to deny the Goltsteins an operating permit.

It’s normal in farm country to see vast brown pools filled with manure slurry from dairy cows or hogs. These lagoons, as they’re commonly called, are supposed to safely store animal waste until the manure is sprayed on fields as fertilizer. Federal and state laws govern how the pools are maintained.

Some struggling farmers in the recession have neglected lagoon maintenance while others have abandoned their farms altogether, leaving states to clean up the mess.

Barbara Sha Cox, who has a farm six miles from the Goltstein farm, recently wrote to Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, asking him to support rules that would require farmers to put up money so the state wouldn’t be liable if a lagoon spilled manure or was abandoned. A spokeswoman for Mr. Daniels said, “on the rare occasions that there has been a need for a cleanup, the state has the ability and does seek cost recovery and that approach is working.”

The Goltsteins agreed to install a plastic liner and received their permit. These liners often are used in landfills, but Mr. Goltstein said his was among the first to be used on an Indiana farm. It cost $150,000.

The first small bubbles began poking up in the fall of 2006. “I thought, ‘This doesn’t look right,’ ” he said.

In July 2008, about the time milk prices plummeted amid weak global demand, one of the bubbles ripped open and revealed solid matter inside. A state environmental inspector visited, and the state fined Mr. Goltstein $2,125 for failing to properly maintain the lagoon.

The Goltsteins filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month; their bank began foreclosure proceedings. Mr. Goltstein said repairing or replacing the lagoon liner could cost him more than $200,000—money, he said, he doesn’t have.

Indiana’s Department of Environmental Management said there was no sign that manure from Mr. Goltstein’s lagoon was contaminating the local groundwater.

But Mr. Goltstein said he loses sleep worrying that his lagoon will overflow. Warmer weather appears to have made the bubbles grow, he said, and the pool has been inching higher. To prevent a spill, the Goltsteins have been paying to have manure pumped into tanker trucks and dumped at another farm.

This month, Mr. Goltstein asked state regulators to let him pop the bubbles. He said he and his 19-year-old son would slice them open with a knife from a paddleboat.

Bruce Palin, assistant commissioner for the office of land quality at the state environmental agency, said officials were considering the idea. But, he added, “not knowing how much volume of gas is there and how much pressure is on it, we’re concerned with just cutting a hole.”

Last year, a hog farmer in Hayfield, Minn., was launched 40 feet into the air in an explosion caused by methane gas from a manure pit on his farm. He sustained burns and singed hair.

Mr. Goltstein’s attorney, Glenn D. Bowman, acknowledged that the potential existed for an explosion: “We’re aware of that sort of common physics issue,” he said.

If and when the bubbles are deflated, state officials said, they will be there to keep watch.

That’s little consolation to many of Mr. Goltstein’s neighbors.

“If they don’t do it right…” Mr. Hutchison said, shaking his head as his voice trailed off.

Mr. Palin, the state official, said, “Obviously you don’t want to be smoking a cigarette when you open this thing up.”

Write to Lauren Etter at lauren.etter@wsj.com

Hopefully, you are not up itching, or worrying about how you are going to explain that unsightly risk?

as in not treatable and with you for life?

This is something that I wish was a part of a high tech April’s Fools joke, but it isn’t.  Technology is not advancing as fast as it needs to.  We have become over reliant on penicillin as a catch all for all of the issues that we face. Take the time to be safe, even though all we do here is tell jokes.  For once, we are not joking.

CTV.ca News Staff

Updated: Wed. Mar. 31 2010 1:42 PM ET

The bacteria responsible for the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea are becoming so resistant to antibiotics in some parts of the world, they may soon reach superbug status, experts are warning.

Catherine Ison, a professor at the Health Protection Agency Centre for Infections in London, presented a report this week at the Society for General Microbiology Spring Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, discussing the growing problem of antibiotic resistance among gonorrhea.

She highlighted the possibility that strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae will soon become resistant to all current treatment options.

Ison said some strains of gonorrhea-causing bacteria are now showing decreased sensitivity to the current antibiotics used to treat them: ceftriaxone and cefixime.

“Ceftriaxone and cefixime are still very effective but there are signs that resistance particularly to cefixime is emerging and soon these drugs may not be a good choice,” she said in a statement released by the Society for General Microbiology.

She said instances of drug resistance among gonorrhea cases have started to appear in Japan. Other reports of rising gonorrhea drug resistance had also come from Hong Kong, China, Australia and parts of Asia.

In Canada, a report published last year in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found there had been a sharp increase in the percentage of gonorrhea cases in Ontario that had grown resistant to what were then the most commonly prescribed antibiotics.

The research showed that 28 per cent of gonorrhea samples tested in 2006 were resistant to fluoroquinolone drugs, up from 4 per cent in 2002. In fact, in one unnamed clinic — identified by the researchers as treating a large clientele of gay men — fully 55 per cent of samples were quinolone-resistant.

Before the resistance problem developed, fluoroquinolones (such as the antibiotic dubbed Cipro) had been the standard treatment of Neisseria gonorrhea in Canada. When it became apparent that the bacteria had grown resistant to quinolones, public health officials in Canada and the United States told doctors they should no longer use the drugs.

The recommendation then was to switch to a cephalosporin such as cefixime.

Ison now says the best way to try to reduce the risk of drug resistance would be to treat gonorrhea cases with two cephalosporins at the same time.

“There are few new drugs available and so it is probable that the current use of a single dose may soon need to be revised and treatment over several days or with more than one antibiotic will need to be considered,” Ison warned.

“If this problem isn’t addressed, then there is a real possibility that gonorrhea will become a very difficult infection to treat,” she said.

Experts from the World Health Organization are expected to discuss drug-resistant gonorrhea at a meeting in the Philippine capital Manila next week.

Gonorrhea is the second most common bacterial sexually-transmitted infection in the world, though it can be prevented with the diligent use of condoms. If left untreated, the infection can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility in women.

Current treatment consists of a single dose of antibiotic, usually given in a clinic, by mouth for cefixime and by injection for ceftriaxone. Ison suggests doctors begin giving both antibiotics at the same time to infected patients.

Dr. Kelly MacDonald, a microbiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, says the reports of drug resistance are worrying given that if doctors have to abandon the cephalosporin class of antibiotics, there will be few other options.

“Our list of new drugs is very short. The new drug development pool is a small puddle now — we have only a few left. And many can’t be used on those who are pregnant or has allergies,” she explained to CTV.ca in an interview.

She added that the solution to rises in rates of gonorrhea and other STI infection isn’t in finding the perfect antibiotic; it’s in fully treating it when it does happen, and preventing infection in the first place.

She notes that public health authorities need to step up effort to promote ondom use, noting that the loud safer sex campaigning during the 1980s following the emergence of HIV had quieted in recent years.

“It’s been almost 30 years since we started this messaging. But a whole generation has gone by and the message is getting forgotten,” she said.

But that is not a good look, since this is for a happy meal that was bought a year ago and left out on a woman’s bookcase.

That must have a lot of preservatives in that meal...

A Colorado woman recently celebrated the the first birthday of a burger and fries she’s been keeping on her office bookshelf.

“I bought a Happy Meal and then placed it on my office shelf, right behind me and my computer. It sat on my shelf for a year as a silent witness to our fast food industry,” wrote Joann Bruso on her blog, BabyBites.info.

Bruso is the author of the book Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater.

She said the Happy Meal, despite being left out for an entire year, hasn’t decomposed one bit.

“My husband worried that when the food began to decompose, there would be a terrible odour in our home. He also worried the food would attract ants and mice. He questioned my sanity,” she wrote.

But the food never got smelly or mouldy at all, she wrote.

“The hamburger has shrunk a bit and still resembles a hockey puck. Yet, the French fries look yummy enough to eat. I never had an odour problem, after a couple of weeks, I couldn’t even smell the fries.”

Bruso, who dedicates her time to convincing parents not to feed junk food to their picky children, said this experiment proves that Happy Meals aren’t a healthy snack for kids.

“The next time you’re tempted to purchase a Happy Meal for your child, think about these photos,” she said.

“Food is broken down into it’s essential nutrients in our bodies and turned into fuel. Our children grow strong bodies, when they eat real food. Flies ignore a Happy Meal and microbes don’t decompose it, then your child’s body can’t properly metabolize it either.”

QMI Agency has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

Wow…chalk up another L for McDonald’s.  First, you have the movie Super Size Me, now you have people proving that your stuff will last in a nuclear war, like twinkies.

Maybe Mickey D's isn't so healthy after all...

You can't get it started that early (or late) and then expect to get to work in one piece. Plus it looks like she has a hospital gown on.

There have been many times that my students have made me think about drinking, but it has only been a thought.  Tonya Neff was taking it to the extreme.  Teaching is a difficult profession.  While it may be hard, you just can’t go as far as she did.

THERMAL, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California school teacher has been arrested for allegedly teaching while drunk.

Toro Canyon Middle School teacher Tonya Neff was taken to the Indio jail Tuesday afternoon and booked for investigation of felony child endangerment.

Administrators at Thermal’s Toro Canyon Middle School told the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department that the 47-year-old teacher was apparently intoxicated on campus.

The standard teachers attempt to strive for.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Tapp says Neff had taken prescription drugs and alcohol and an alcoholic beverage was found inside a container.

Coachella Valley school district Superintendent Ricardo Medina says there was never a threat to Neff’s seventh-grade students. Neff has been placed on leave.

She had a little too much to drink...Plus, where are her pants? She might have a little more to worry about than her inability to hold her alcohol..

What a combo!  Pills and booze make Homer something, something, something.  In this economic climate, how can you really think that this was a good move?  Plus, you will have to find a new job, since your teaching license is going to be pulled.  That must have been a great drink.  I wonder if I can get the recipe?

To make her feel better, she is not the only teacher getting caught up…

I teach.  I do because I can’t…you can fill in the blank in the comment section for shits and giggles.  But, teaching is my profession.  When there is something that affects my profession, I stand up and take notice.  The reason is that I care is that can always be me the other side.  Plus, I care about the profession as a whole.  If there are unqualified teachers, because budget issues run them out to other fields, then that is a threat to me as well.

Huge Increase Expected for Teacher Pink Slips

Posted: // Mar 14, 2010 6:56 PM PDT Sunday, March 14, 2010 9:56 PM EST Updated: // Mar 14, 2010 10:34 PM PDT

This is the fate that teachers all throughout California are facing...


GONZALES, Calif. – The California Teachers’ Association says some 21,000 teachers have already received pink slip notices ahead of a Monday deadline. An estimated $20 billion shortfall in the next few months means more cuts are expected for education.
Diana Medina knows all too well. She received her pink slip on Friday. She’s a third grade teacher at La Gloria Elementary School. But now, in her second year of teaching, she faces an uncertain future.
“This is my community,” says Medina. “This is where I grew up. I came back to help my community out.”
Medina is one of 25 teaches in the Gonzales school district who received pink slips, notifying them they may not return next school year.
“It’s disheartening,” says Medina. “It makes me question what our politicians’ goals are. This isn’t affecting teachers, but it’s affecting our students.”
And it’s even tougher this year, since her district is not alone. More districts along the Central Coast are issuing out more notices than before.
“There has been an increase unfortunately in the number of pink slips issued out this year,” says Monterey County Schools Superintendent Dr. Nancy Kotowski.
And while more teachers may be let go, the Monterey County Office of Education is still hosting their annual job fair in the Spring. With the teacher applicant pool expected to be high, here’s some of the top qualities the office says, it’s looking for:
*Tech-savvy and can use technology in the classroom
*Applies academics to real-word problems
Qualifications Medina hopes she meets or she may have to look elsewhere.
“I understand that we do need to cut back considering the economic hardships,” says Medina. “But I don’t think education needs to be compromised.”
Medina says, the school will call her back in mid-May if they decide to keep her.
The worst part of the equation is that they will look for those who will work the cheapest and have the least amount of education, because they are also easier to get rid of.  This is one of those times where its good to work at a public school, or have a lot of seniority at the public school you work at.  I went the public school route to begin with.  I went to get my credential and did student teaching, so I am familiar with the gauntlet of classes and certifications public school teachers need.  It’s a tough road to hoe for little pay.  Ask yourself this question.  Why would you as a young teacher go to a public school, if you knew the risk is at the end of the year, regardless of your preformance, you were going to get a pink slip?
It would send me running to the private school…