Drunk dialing is a pop-culture term denoting an instance in which an intoxicated individual places phone calls that he or she would not likely place if sober. The term often refers to a lonely individual calling former or current love interests.

I have this disease late at night sometimes, involving alcohol and the telephone. I get drunk, and I drive my wife away with breath like mustard gas and roses. And then, speaking gravely and elegantly into the telephone, I ask the telephone operators to connect me with this friend or that one, from whom I have not heard in years.

“Drunk texting” is a related phenomenon, and potentially yet more embarrassing for the sender as, once the message is sent, it cannot be retrieved; the message will most likely be misspelled (due to being drunk), and it might be reviewed and shared among many.

Normally, when you think of drunk dialing, it’s usually made by someone looking to get some late night friction going with a partner.  If you went to college, chances are you either made one, or received one from someone.  Once you leave college, or even you didn’t go to college, there is a time where you get serious and put away the immediate gratification of youth.  Someone forgot to tell Virginia Thomas that it’s not ladylike to get perked at 7:30 in the morning. (Unless she was drunk all night…which could happen…)

“Good morning Anita Hill, it’s Ginni Thomas.”Anita Hill got a wakeup call—both literally and figuratively—at 7:31am on a recent Saturday morning. Hill, who testified almost 20 years ago that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her, got the surprise phone call from Thomas’ wife.

“Good morning Anita Hill, it’s Ginni Thomas,” started the message. “I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and the years and ask you to consider something. I would love you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband.”

Virginia (Ginni) Thomas was referring to Hill’s 1991 Senate confirmation hearing testimony in which she claimed that her former boss, Clarence Thomas, made inappropriate sexual comments to her at work.

“So give it some thought,” Thomas continued. “And certainly pray about this and hope that one day you will help us understand why you did what you did. Okay, have a good day.”

We need this for the Telephone…STAT!

Google’s Mail Goggles Prevents Drunk Emailing

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Google released a useful new Gmail feature yesterday in its labs, which could help prevent the intoxicated from sending embarrassing late-night emails they might regret in the morning.  When activated, the program will force a user to solve a series of math problems before allowing any message to be sent.They are not terribly difficult, but do serve as an extra line of defense in what can be a very dangerous habit. The service is set by default to kick in only on weekend nights, but you can change the settings to apply whenever.

As for drunk dialing and texting, you’re still on your own.

Look at ole grinning Uncle Tom, I mean Clarence Thomas showing all his teeth…

Now, is Ginni so blind to the fact that this is a woman who strongly believes that she was harassed? What does she have to apologize for? Being attractive to her now husbands wandering eye? We were not there on that day, nearly twenty years ago. But, it is hard to believe that Anita just made this up. Furthering her cause, a former girlfriend of Clarence has ended her silence. Heather Horn at the Atlantic Wire explains

The Washington Post reports today that Lillian McEwan, with whom Thomas was in a relationship at the time, is now, finally, supporting Hill’s story. Apparently she didn’t see fit to say anything during the hearings, but now admits Thomas often told her about women at work, and on at least one occasion asked one of these women her bra size. Thus, as the Post’s Michael Fletcher puts it, “Hill’s allegations that Thomas had pressed her for dates and made lurid sexual references rang familiar.”

This is just like the Coke Zero commercial

The Washington Post gets involved in unraveling the mystery

Lillian McEwen dated Clarence Thomas in the ’80s — and she tells our colleague Michael Fletcher the stories Hill told about him rang true: He checked out female colleagues, once asked a woman her bra size, was “obsessed” with porn and eager to talk about it. The retired administrative law judge was okay with that and shows no rancor towards him, but — full disclosure — she’s a Democrat who doesn’t like his rulings or his sense of victimhood in the Hill matter. And yes, ahem — she’s shopping a memoir that details their “freewheeling sex life.”

At least she discloses her potential bias. Timing is interesting, but it’s not like she told Ginni to make this phone call. You would think that people in the spotlight would understand the need for discretion in their lines of work. Why not have a flunky make the call if you really needed the apology? Did you think that hearing your voice was going to make her agree with you?

Google…we should already have time machines, but until then, what about drunk dial for ANDROID?


Do you mind if I listen to your ipod?


as a young man I would have been doing some serious time…but as a grown man, there is not a need to lie to knock the boots…shout out to H-Town

Arab guilty of rape after consensual sex with Jew

A man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after telling a woman that he was also Jewish

Jerusalem's old city walls
Jerusalem’s old city walls. Arabs constitute about 20% of Israel’s population, but relationships between Jews and Arabs are rare. Photograph: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

A Palestinian man has been convicted of rape after having consensual sex with a woman who had believed him to be a fellow Jew.

Sabbar Kashur, 30, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Monday after the court ruled that he was guilty of rape by deception. According to the complaint filed by the woman with the Jerusalem district court, the two met in downtown Jerusalem in September 2008 where Kashur, an Arab from East Jerusalem, introduced himself as a Jewish bachelor seeking a serious relationship. The two then had consensual sex in a nearby building before Kashur left.

When she later found out that he was not Jewish but an Arab, she filed a criminal complaint for rape and indecent assault.

Now this just seems like a woman scorned.  I bet she thought that the sex was good and she was hoping for another call-back.  when she found out that she was a booty call or jump-off, she got mad.  Men, that is why you have to choose your jumpoffs carefully.

You gotta have game to make the L...

Although Kashur was initially charged with rape and indecent assault, this was changed to a charge of rape by deception as part of a plea bargain arrangement.

Handing down the verdict, Tzvi Segal, one of three judges on the case, acknowledged that sex had been consensual but said that although not “a classical rape by force,” the woman would not have consented if she had not believed Kashur was Jewish.

The sex therefore was obtained under false pretences, the judges said. “If she hadn’t thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor interested in a serious romantic relationship, she would not have cooperated,” they added.

The court ruled that Kashur should receive a jail term and rejected the option of a six-month community service order. He was said to be seeking to appeal.

Segal said: “The court is obliged to protect the public interest from sophisticated, smooth-tongued criminals who can deceive innocent victims at an unbearable price – the sanctity of their bodies and souls. When the very basis of trust between human beings drops, especially when the matters at hand are so intimate, sensitive and fateful, the court is required to stand firmly at the side of the victims – actual and potential – to protect their wellbeing. Otherwise, they will be used, manipulated and misled, while paying only a tolerable and symbolic price.”

Obviously this judge has not had a lot of experience.  Lying is one of the first ways you learn to get with a woman, until you grow up and realize that you don’t have to lie.  What if a woman is wearing a padded bra and I get home and see the goodies are not a luscious as I thought in the bar?   Or, what if the woman in question has gotten some booty shots to make the butt bigger in a good way?  That is deception too, and it happens all the time.

Gideon Levy, a liberal Israeli commentator, was quoted as saying: “I would like to raise only one question with the judge. What if this guy had been a Jew who pretended to be a Muslim and had sex with a Muslim woman?

“Would he have been convicted of rape? The answer is: of course not.”

Arabs constitute about 20% of Israel‘s population, but relationships between Jews and Arabs are rare. There are few mixed neighbourhoods or towns, and Arabs suffer routine discrimination.

Israeli MPs are considering a law requiring prospective Israeli citizens to declare loyalty to Israel as a “Jewish, democratic state”. Many Arabs would balk at swearing allegiance to a state which they see as explicitly excluding or marginalising them.

Dan Meridor, a deputy prime minister in Binyamin Netanyahu’s government, is opposed to the proposal. “Why does every bill need the word ‘Jewish’ in it – to show the Arab citizens that it doesn’t belong to them? Then we’re all shocked when they radicalise their stance.

“The majority doesn’t need to remind the minority that it is in fact a minority all the time,” he added.

What lies have you told to get the body rocking, knocking the boots?

Yo Gabby! I saw DWade creeping with someone else! I couldn't believe that he would do that! Let me console you...

Criminals, line up and read off your number....

Damn,  they have to prove themselves innocent, not come in with that presumption.  That is a sad state of affairs in the world of Troy.

Every University of Southern Califonia football player must meet with school compliance officials by the end of next week, in what looks to be the school’s latest effort to curtail possible NCAA-outlawed activities for its student-athletes.

A notice posted in multiple locations around USC athletics headquarters Heritage Hall reminds players to bring current copies of their housing lease, car-related data and summer and academic year employment information to the meetings.

The first of the meetings — for wide receivers, tight ends and offensive linemen — was scheduled for Tuesday morning in the Heritage Hall auditorium. Defensive linemen and quarterbacks will meet with compliance officials Thursday morning.

Any other mistakes will be looked upon harshly.  But, why?  I mean, just because Joe McKnight’s girlfriend got a sweetheart deal on a car that she otherwise couldn’t afford?

Yep, she is paying the note on a Range Rover

We all know about Reggie Bush, but that was a one time occurrence, right? (according to Rivals.yahoo.com)

This was most likely taken during his junior year at USC

But documents and on-the-record interviews with sources close to the situation reveal that Bush and his family appear to have received financial benefits from Ornstein and a business associate. Those benefits include:

  • $595.20 in round-trip airfare from San Diego to Oakland in November 2005 for Bush’s stepfather, LaMar Griffin, his mother, Denise Griffin and younger brother to attend the USC-California game at Berkeley. The fees were charged to the credit card of Jamie Fritz, an employee of Ornstein. The document detailing the charges was provided by Lee Pfeifer, an estranged business associate of Ornstein’s.
  • $250.65 for limousine transportation from the Oakland airport to the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco that November weekend for the Bush family, charged to Fritz, according to a document. Ornstein acknowledged both he and Bush’s family stayed at the luxury hotel.

Additionally, New Jersey memorabilia dealer Bob DeMartino alleges that Ornstein provided:

  • Suits for Bush’s stepfather and brother to wear during the Dec. 10, 2005 Heisman ceremony in New York, a makeover for his mother for the event and limousine transportation;
  • Weekly payments of at least $1,500 to the Bush family.

Documents and multiple sources also link Bush and his family to receiving benefits from New Era’s financial backers, including:

  • $623.63 for a hotel stay by Bush at the Venetian Resort & Casino in Las Vegas from March 11-13, 2005, charged to Michaels, according to a document signed by Bush.
  • $1,574.86 for a stay by Bush at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego from March 4-6, 2005, paid for by Michaels, according to a hotel document, a hotel employee and a source.
  • Approximately $13,000 to Bush from New Era to purchase and modify a car, three sources said.
  • As reported by Yahoo! Sports in April, $54,000 in rent-free living for a year at Michaels’ $757,500 home in Spring Valley, Calif., according to Michaels and San Diego attorney Brian Watkins.
  • Also from previous Yahoo! reports, $28,000 from Michaels to help Bush’s family settle pre-existing debt, according to Michaels and Watkins.
  • Thousands of dollars in spending money to both Bush and his family from the prospective agents, according to multiple sources.

Just because Mark Sanchez allegedly assaulted a girl and the charges got dropped doesn’t prove anything…right?

Another satisfied customer sanch-sized!

Sanchez met the alleged victim the apartment complex after visiting an off-campus bar, the Daily News reported, citing unnamed witnesses. The witnesses said Sanchez appeared to be drunk, the newspaper reported.

Sanchez’s roommate, linebacker Brian Cushing, was detained but released, the newspaper reported.

Sanchez had been at a rape awareness workshop earlier Tuesday, the Daily News reported.

So it seems like the seminar really worked….

USC officials said they will temporarily suspend Sanchez while police conduct their investigation.

“The university takes charges of sexual assault seriously,” Michael Jackson, USC vice president of student affairs, said in a statement. “Depending on the facts as established by the LAPD, we will determine the appropriate action.”

USC coach Pete Carroll said he was aware of Sanchez’s arrest and that the Trojans football program would cooperate with police and “follow along with whatever action the university takes.”

Sanchez is listed on the Trojans’ depth chart as the backup to John David Booty, but was expected to battle for the starting job this fall. Booty practiced only once this spring before he injured his back and had to undergo surgery.

Dwayne Jerrett getting reduced housing was clearly a sense of the rules being a little too strenuous.

I can pay you back now bro! I got my own loot!

LOS ANGELES — The NCAA reinstated Dwayne Jarrett’s eligibility on Wednesday, so the USC All-American wide receiver will not miss any games for the Trojans.

Jarrett, a junior, was declared ineligible earlier this summer because he did not pay full rent on an off-campus apartment he had shared with teammate Matt Leinart. Leinart’s father paid the balance of the rent.

Leinart, the 2004 Heisman Trophy winner, completed his eligibility at the school last season and was taken 10th by the Arizona Cardinals in this year’s NFL draft.

The NCAA ruled that Jarrett must pay $5,352 to a charity of his choice for extra benefits that included discounted rent on the apartment.

“Mr. Jarrett made a mistake, and we believe that had he known he was required to pay his full share of the rent for the apartment, he would not have chosen to live there,” Jennifer Strawley, NCAA director of membership services and student-athlete reinstatement, said in a statement.

“Reinstatement is a delicate balance of addressing the benefit or competitive advantage gained with student-athlete well being. In this instance, requiring some level of repayment was a fair and reasonable outcome given the specific facts.”

Jarrett lived with Leinart for 13 months in an apartment that cost $3,866 a month. Jarrett paid $650 a month toward the rent and did not pay any utilities.

The NCAA is requiring him to give to charity the full value of his $960 monthly housing stipend, minus what he already paid in rent, plus half the cost of utilities for the time he lived in the apartment.

His total benefit while he lived in the apartment was calculated to be $18,001.

This is an aberration clearly.  This is just a strong of bad things that happened to good people.  I wish that they would quit picking on the downtrodden USC Trojans

and this was carved for all to see? That must have been a crazy party! Who really knew that people from India threw crazy get togethers like this?

We already chronicled the sad story of Rodell Vereen and his sickening proclivity to chop down horses, someone is trying to following in his footsteps. Or, they are trying to emulate his actions, in which case you need a new role model.

Horse tied up, sexually assaulted in Felton

Posted: 05/19/2010 08:16:53 PM PDT

Updated: 05/20/2010 09:32:49 AM PDT
A Felton woman says her horse was sexually assaulted Monday evening in a pasture near Graham Hill and Mount Hermon roads, according to Santa Cruz County Animal Services.

The horse’s owner told Animal Services that she spotted a man on top of her horse. She said the man ran into the woods when he saw her coming, according to Lynn Miller, the agency’s interim manager.

“It’s very bizarre behavior and very alarming to have someone doing this and you wonder, where next and who next,” Miller said.

The California Penal Code outlines a specific, misdemeanor crime for sexually assaulting an animal, Miller said.

It is very rare that the agency gets reports of such crime, he said.

In Monday’s case, the horse’s owner said she could not initially find her horse when she went to the pasture and began calling out to her, Miller said.

The horse whinnied back and the woman followed the sound and then saw her in another area of the pasture, tied to a redwood tree, he said.

She saw the man pulling up his pants and yelled out and he took off into the woods.

It was near dusk and the woman did not get a clear look at him, he said, but reported he had a light-colored beard and was wearing tattered clothes and may have been homeless.

The horse was uninjured, Miller said.

She told the officer she had heard a similar incident happened to another horse in the area, but Miller said they had not received any other reports.

Normally, the Sheriff’s Office would field the call, but Animal Services took it because deputies were busy and the perpetrator was gone, Miller said.

Animal Services encouraged the woman to file a report with the Sheriff’s Office, he said.

The Sheriff’s Office has not gotten a report of the incident, and deputies are unaware of any similar recent cases, Sgt. Dan Campos said.

Can you get me a sandwich?

In 2003, according to Sentinel archives, a Shetland pony named Rose was taken from Coast Road Stables north of Santa Cruz and reportedly sexually assaulted. A jogger in that case had reported seeing a man sleeping beside a horse in the bushes along Shaffer Road on the morning before the pony wandered back, uninjured. The hair on the tails of several horses there had been cut as well, deputies reported at the time.

Even Horses have sex in cars...Must have been a great leg shaking finish!

Say it aint so!

Nothing to smile about with this charge....

But it probably is.  Everyone deserves a fair trial, but damn L.T.  You should have enough money to stay out of trouble, unless you are not right in the head.

The USA Today details the charge.

NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor has been arrested for rape in New York, according to a report from WCBS-TV in New York City.The former New York Giants linebacker was taken into custody early this morning by the Town of Ramapo police after being accused of raping someone in the Holidome Hotel in Montebello, north of New York City, WCBS said.

Ramapo Detective Lt. Brad Weidel told the AP that Taylor, 51, hadn’t been formally charged. He said charges will be filed when the police investigation is completed.

The Journal Newssays the alleged victim is a 15-year-old girl who was beaten. The Journal News also says it has learned Taylor will be charged with third-degree rape, which involves intercourse with a minor.

The station said a new conference is expected later today, where police will give more details.

Taylor’s troubled past includes repeated drug problems. He tested positive for cocaine in 1987 and in 1988 was suspended by the NFL for 30 days when he failed another test.

In an autobiography, Taylor admitted resuming heavy cocaine usage when he retired. He entered drug rehab twice in 1995, but later was arrested two times in three years for allegedly attempting to buy cocaine from undercover officers

In a November 2003 interview with 60 Minutes, Taylor said he spent thousands of dollars a day on narcotics at the peak of his drug abuse.

A 10-time Pro Bowler, Taylor was the NFL’s MVP in 1986 and the league’s Defensive Player of the Year in 1981, 1982 and 1986.

Tom Weir

Don't look at me! Okay, look at my breasts, but not directly at me, since I am so shy I am doing Dancing with the Stars

LOS ANGELES — Erin Andrews has been getting death threats in a stream of e-mails to a media outlet, an attorney for the ESPN reporter and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant said Friday.

Attorney Marshall Grossman said that a man had sent at least a dozen e-mails since September threatening Andrews.

[+] EnlargeErin Andrews

AP Photo/Matt SayleErin Andrews’ attorney says threatening messages to her discuss the man who is serving time in prison for secretly shooting nude videos of her.

DirecTV provided them to Andrews’ representatives Thursday, but it was not immediately clear to whom the e-mails were addressed.

The e-mails were at first sexual, but the most recent were explicitly violent and “threatened Erin with murder,” Grossman said. They also had details about location and method.

The messages discuss the case of Michael David Barrett, who was sentenced last month to 2½ years in federal prison for secretly shooting nude videos of the ESPN reporter.

“He refers to Barrett in his e-mail in a way to make clear to us that situation had some influence,” Grossman said, but added that the man appeared to have no ties to Barrett.

The FBI has been notified, Grossman said. He said the man’s identity is known to law enforcement and is believed to live on the East Coast. An e-mail message left for an FBI spokeswoman was not immediately returned.

Andrews is not yet seeking a restraining order but has asked ABC to beef up its security on “Dancing with the Stars,” Grossman said.

Private security also has been hired to protect Andrews and her family.

Andrews has no plans of quitting the show.

“She’s not the type to be easily threatened,” Grossman said. “She has every intention to meet her obligations.”

Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press

The big problem with why Erin is not receiving 100% sympathy….(if you doubt me, go look at the comments to this story.)
1) HER PUBLICIST REPORTED THIS.  If AP or ESPN or whomever reported this from the blotter sheets at the local police station, this would be different.  Coming from your own people, it seems like a little attention  whoring.
2) DTWS.  First, she is not a star.  Second, the show, on the heels of Oprah smacks like she is about to drop a book as well about how her life is tortured.  Had she given some time for the situation to cool down, continue to go about her business in SPORTS and not just the entertainment, then more people would have compassion.  People confuse this with saying that she is at fault, and she clearly isn’t.  She did not ask for her privacy to be invaded like that.  I think that her management team is trying to parlay her fame and the negative notoriety that she has recently received.   They are working on the any publicity is good publicity and that is a mistake.
No one deserves to have death threats, BUT being on TV, that is the price of exposure. (no pun intended here, I have better jokes…)  I can guarantee that if you are a TV personality, you have gotten threats.  Most of them, we don’t hear about being pushed through by attorneys, to masquerade as news.  I hope that they catch the dude or person (women are haters too) who is demented.

Cute, Mousey in that Mary Ann versus Ginger/Gilligans Island way, but smoking hot? I have to disagree...

Plus, I am in the minority who think that Erin is an attractive woman, but smoking hot is taking it too far.(and a lot of people think that)  I see more attractive women walking down the streets of LA, SF, Chicago, NYC and Miami Beach, even smaller places like St. Paul, Cedar Rapids, IA (I danced with a woman that I would have gone through the Bataan Death March for) and Ithaca, NY.  Some people are caught up on watching her on TV and the things that they can do on TV to make you look better is amazing.  The true test is to see that person live. I think part of the problem is that some of you have low standards, so a 7 looks like a 10, so Erin who is about an 8, looks like an 11 to you.  Still, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE STALKED, but she could take a rest.  Plus, the emails started seven months ago…so why are they so late to the game?  I smell looking for attention… (you and Kate Gosselin) you can’t say leave me alone, at the same time going on a publicity tour/book circuit with Oprah.  But, again, I hope the sicko is caught.

Hope you enjoy how you look in Orange...

and I am pretty sure that they do not have facebook in prison.  But, there are a lot of guys who will provide sexual favors TO him, for no charge.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Facebook! The place for completely random hook-ups

A Wisconsin teen was sentenced to 15 years in prison Wednesday for using Facebook to blackmail classmates into having sex with him. Anthony Stancl, 19, pleaded guilty in December to two felonies, including repeated sexual assault of a child. Stancl was 18-years old at the time of his crimes.

According to court documents, Stancl posed as a girl on Facebook, induced some 30 classmates to send him naked pictures, and then used the photos to blackmail at least seven of them to have sex with him. Over 300 nude photos of male classmates were found on Stancl’s computer.

Why do you send someone you have never met a picture that you might be embarrassed about? Plus, how do you allow this dude to blackmail you? So, there is a naked picture out there of you. Guess what? You were born naked! There is nothing to be embarrassed about the human form. At least seven of you were conned into having sexual relations with this guy. Isn’t the fear of someone finding out that you participated in a homosexual act (only if you are not homosexual) more worrying than someone finding out that you had a nude picture?

Stancl “admitted that he pretended to be ‘Kayla’ and threatened the victim that if the victim did not have various types of sexual contact with the defendant, the photographs of the victim would be sent to people at the high school,” according to the complaint.

So, people find out that I am into sexting?  Is that really all that bad?  I understand the fear of shame and scorn at school.  That is horrible and I am not going to blame the victim.  Dude got what he deserved and will get some karmatic payback.  I think that the pressure of the decision got to the poor individuals who are apart of this twisted web.  Notice, they only give seven, who were brave enough to come forward.  That means that there can be others that we will never know about, and they are living with the stigma of their actions.  That can be worse than people finding out.

‘I am afraid of what he can and might do’

Waukesha County Circuit Judge J. Mac Davis handed down the sentence “because he said Stancl had proven he was manipulative, excessively self-centered and could still be dangerous,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“I am afraid of what he can and might do,” Judge Davis said.

Stancl’s attorney told Wired.com that the student struggled with his sexuality and was humiliated after being outed by another student.

“He had a strong desire to fit in with everyone,” the lawyer said. “I think that was why he went to the great length he did to appear that he wasn’t gay and was just a victim [of extortion] like they were…He was never comfortable with the fact that he was bisexual so he came up with an elaborate scheme to cover that to appear to be a normal heterosexual teen.”

So the lawyer is really trying to drum up sympathy for his client?  Questions of sexuality during the teen years and even later are very difficult battles to have to go through.  I could even have a little sympathy for him if he blackmailed the guy who outed him, since that should be a decision and choice each individual should have the power to make.  But, he expanded that web to catch a lot of other people in the web.

Also, how does his scheme make him appear to be a normal heterosexual teen?  YOU ARE FORCING GUYS TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!  Normal heterosexual boys are working on having sex with young, or older women, not being forced into things they may not want.

Parents Must Be Vigilant

The case is yet one more example of the dangers children face in the social networking world’s great Wild West.

In a radio interview after the sentence, Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel warned parents to be vigilant about their child’s use of the internet. “They have to know that the more capability they give their kids electronically with this stuff, the less control they have over their kid’s safety,” said Schimel told radio station WTMJ.

“They need to know that parents should and can search their kids computers and their phones and what their kids are doing. They should put monitors on their computers so they can find out what their kids are sending or instant messaging. They should think about whether their kids need to have a phone that has a camera, internet capability and all those other things that come with it,” he said.

Stancl expressed remorse after the sentencing.

“I am deeply, deeply sorry for the pain and suffering I have caused you and your family. I can’t imagine or understand how much of an impact my actions have had on you,” Stancl said, according to UPI. After completing his prison term, Stancl faces 13 years of extended supervision.

Another reason that you should not have facebook….

Yes, the coke used here is real and it is mine....

Funny people usually get away with things, because they are funny.  This dude is not that funny and is a pervert.  Andy Dick has a problem that only prison is going to solve.  It’s his time to become Andrea Dick, because his little frail figure is ripe for some dude to take him forcefully….

Just what you are looking for Andy!

Comedian Andy Dick has been arrested for two counts of felony sexual abuse, while still on probation from his infamous 2008 arrest for pulling down a teen girl’s top.

The attack allegedly happened early Saturday morning in West Virginia, after Dick appeared at the Funny Bone Comedy Club and Restaurant in Huntington.  Dick is currently in the Western Regional Jail, police confirm.

“Based upon statements of two victims and independent witness accounts alleging that he had engaged in unwanted and uninvited groping of the two victims’ genital areas, Andrew R. Dick (AKA Andy Dick) of South Pasadena, Calif., was arrested and charged with two counts of Sex Abuse in the First Degree,” read a statement from the Huntington Police Department.

Dick reportedly harassed a third individual Saturday morning but the man did not file any charges, according to TMZ.com. The man alleged that Dick tried to kiss him before he told the comedian, “I’m not down with that,” according to TMZ.com.

In 2008 Dick pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and marijuana possession in California.  A 17-year-old female said an “extremely intoxicated” Dick walked up to her, grabbed her tank top and bra and pulled them down and exposed her breasts, according to a police statement.

This one should have not led to any time, just a hellified ass beating.  I think that would have caused him to reevaluate his actions and his view on life.  I like breasts more than the next guy, but 1) Not on a 17 year old young woman and 2) Not forcibly.

They are willing participants in the showing of boobies!

Dick has a reputation for crude behavior. He has reportedly exposed himself to audiences at least twice. He was forcibly removed from the set of the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in 2007 after he repeatedly touched guest Ivanka Trump without her permission.

In 2007, Dick was cited in Columbus, Ohio, for urinating on the sidewalk. A comedy club owner in the city said the actor also made inappropriate comments while onstage, groped patrons, took women into the men’s room and urinated on the floor and on at least one person.

In 1999, Dick was arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana after driving his car into a telephone pole in Hollywood. He pleaded guilty but the charges were dismissed after he went into a diversion program.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

You are a pervert, plain and simple.  Comedy is funny, touching people who did not consent to be part of your show is another.  When you preform, you should have a statement that says that you are liable to be touched by this pervert if you attend this show.

“Andy is stunned by these allegations and we are strongly denying any criminal conduct,” Dick’s attorney, Jeff Rubenstein, said in a statement.

On his Twitter page, Dick said “there are two sides to every story. please reserve judgement (sic) until you hear mine. thank you.”

What is he stunned about?  That people came to the show, or that people are pressing charges when we know good and well that dude is not funny and has a history of perversion?  I think that I am stunned that people go see him still.  News Radio has been off the air for a decade…. I think that the Music stopped for this dude a long time ago.  I really am not sure why this dude is still getting run.  A nice prison stint will help get his life back on track and will avoid me from having to see him too.