I think we’re all here because we like to talk up a good game on some random ish.   I have found the current internet discussions of my favorite topics (sports, politics, music, pop culture in general) lacking a certain je ne sais quoi so I guess it’s about time I added my input. I may get clowned for writing on frivolous topics but I’ll still go on thinking I’m smarter than you.  I will also do my best to force my musical taste upon you (which is impeccable, FYI).  RUN now or you may never want to leave…

– Erik

As the old man in the club, I am here for my experience that comes with old age. While I am on the wrong side of 30, I am a youthful thirty something with a proclivity to talk mad shit, especially when I am right or feel that I have been wronged. Think of me as the modern day Homey the Clown, without the clown outfit, but the same vitriol and quick wit. If you respond to things we write and you say something stupid ( not that I disagree, just plain stupid) then you will be clowned. Besides that, I want you to comment to give me something to do and read and think about. We might not say a lot to what you say, its all food for thought, so saddle up and get the bib on and pig out

– Steve

Ronin is a man’s man. He’s the best friend a guy could have while at the same time not afraid to tell you your girl is a sloot. “Ronin is your buddy and your pal. Ronin is the type of guy you could puke in his car and he wouldn’t mind.” Ronin is the guy you would want in charge of your bachelor party. He’s the guy that could keep everyone together for the evening even when that one stiff you had to invite from work wants to stay at the club with the ugly chicky. Ronin is the guy you trust to hold the cash, and set the Marantz line for the strippers as well as the guy that could talk you down from a bad trip. He is the guy you turn to when you have doubts on your wedding day to drive you out of dodge. And the guy that wouldn’t give you sh-t during the drive back after you convince yourself you’ve already spent too much money. Ronin is the friend you could tell your craziest story to and not only would he listen and genuinely laugh at all the funny parts but he wouldn’t try to one up your story when you are done. Basically, in the fewest words possible Ronin is the opposite of Jason.

– Ronin

17 Responses to “Erik, Steve and Ronin”

  1. Cassidy Spencer said

    Just wanted to come by and say…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Sorry you took my Obama post so literally…and personally (you must have missed the disclaimer).

    Oh…and if you ever do decide to comment again, please leave God and my husband out of it. Thanks and hope you have a better day!

  2. bigwes46 said

    What up what up. So you could spend an entire afternoon watching Maury paternity tests on the youtube. I’m over here betting my brother on each result, although your best bet is just to ride “momma was a ho and don’t know” to the limit. Kind of like betting that meth is involved in any particular episode of Cops. Or betting that your Facebook game don’t pan out. Word to your mothers!

  3. aestar101 said

    Your blog is cool!

  4. Erik said

    “Ronin is the opposite of Jason.” It’s funny because it’s true.

  5. Steve said


    You are my hero. Also, you are in the wingman Hall of Fame.

    the opposite of Jason….that is, in the fewest words possible, completely true and funny…

  6. makemonies said

    Any of you 3 niggas black?

  7. grammaticalchaos said

    when do i get to guest write?

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