How ironic is it that the moratorium for the Death Penalty is due to a LACK of KILLING DRUGS?

September 20, 2010

I can think of a lot of things that can kill.  IF you think that the sentence is just, then the method used to carry out the sentence should be irrelevant.  These people are killers, in some cases, mass murderers.  They didn’t have any sympathy for the victims, why do they deserve ours?

Death Row, Where Is Thy Sting? Lethal Injection Drug in Short Supply

A Shortage of an Important Anesthetic May Be Good News for Some Inmates


Sept. 20, 2010 —

There has perhaps been no better time to be on death row than right now.

A shortage of a key ingredient of the lethal injection cocktail used by prisons is forcing some states to delay scheduled executions until next year. The crucial component, sodium thiopental — better known as Pentothal — is an anesthetic that is combined with two other drugs that complete the fatal TKO.

Pentothal is produced by only one pharmaceutical company — Hospira — and a spokesman told ABC News that the drug’s active pharmaceutical agent is supplied by a third party and currently unavailable until early 2011.

“We are working to get it back onto the market for our customers as soon as possible,” spokesman Dan Rosenberg wrote in a statement.

Among those customers are most of the 35 states where the death penalty is legal. Last week Kentucky was scheduled to use its last remaining dose of Pentothal in the lethal injection of death row inmate Gregory Wilson, but his execution was postponed for legal reasons.

“We have enough dosage to carry out one of the execution protocols,” said Jennifer Brislin, a spokeswoman of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. “We’ve been trying to secure [more] since at least March and have been unsuccessful.”

Even if his stay comes to an end, Wilson still may be in luck: Kentucky’s Pentothal stash has an expiration date of Oct. 1. Aside from Wilson, there are two other inmates on death row in the state whose fates are held in limbo by the shortage.

Oklahoma was compelled to stay the execution of Jeffrey Matthews last month because of a shortage of Pentothal. The state planned to use a different anesthetic in its place, but lawyers for the inmate successfully argued the new drug was “nothing more than experimental.”

Even among those who are agnostic on the question of whether the death penalty should be legal, there is an awareness that lethal injection can be an extremely painful way to go if not properly — pardon the pun — executed.

Penthothal is the first drug an inmate receives. It is a short-acting rapid-onset barbiturate and general anesthetic that numbs the patient for the double-whammy that follows: a paralyzing agent that shuts down the body’s muscular and respiratory systems, and potassium chloride, which stops the heart, causing death by cardiac arrest.

“It is necessary that the first drug work. It eliminates the pain for the next two drugs,” said Richard Dieter of the Death Penalty Information Center. “Everybody agrees that two-thirds of this process would be excruciating but for the sodium pentothal.”

Dieter, whose organization does not take an ethical stance on the death penalty, stressed that the current shortage of Pentothal is not typical.

“A lot about this issue is absurd,” he said. “That you run out of the drug is like being short of rope for a hanging. That is the reality here.”

Perhaps adding to the absurdity of the situation is the fact that the manufacturer of Pentothal does not condone its use in capital punishment.

“Hospira manufactures this product because it improves or saves lives, and the company markets it solely for use as indicated on the product labeling,” said Rosenberg, the company’s spokesman. “The drug is not indicated for capital punishment, and Hospira does not support its use in this procedure.”

Although Rosenberg said the company has consulted with departments of correction across the country, not one of them reached by ABC News would comment on Hospira’s anti-capital punishment stance.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists similarly declined to comment on the use of Pentothal as an ingredient in lethal injections.

Still, there is one state where it remains an unequivocally unhappy place to be a death row inmate: Texas. Two people are scheduled to be executed by year’s end, and the state apparently has plenty of Pentothal.

“We have the drug in reserve,” said Michelle Lyons, of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, “and therefore have enough for the executions currently scheduled.”

Just give them a hot shot of some leftover heroin or something.  Pump it up so we know there is no chance of coming back.

I'll even spring for the spoon...

5 Responses to “How ironic is it that the moratorium for the Death Penalty is due to a LACK of KILLING DRUGS?”

  1. tophatal said

    The death penalty may not be enough of a deterrent to stop violent crimes . But I look at this way who the hell are we in the West to tell some countries that the sentences they mete for certain crimes is wrong ?

    You either obey the laws of the land or you don’t. You don’t then you deal with the consequences no matter how heinous it might appear to be . I know that under Sharia law you steal you can lose a limb. Kill someone and you can in some cases be shot to death or even stoned to death. If we want to save money then why not adopt that as a principal ? I’m sure that some of the ‘roiders (pitchers) from baseball can use their hurling expertize in such instances ?

    tophatal ………. 🙂

    • Steve said

      You are right. I don’t really see the death penalty as a deterrent for most. For some, it might turn the light on upstairs and get them to stop abhorrent behavior.

      For others, they have lost the right to live in society. I understand about those innocents who might get caught up in the system. For those that you KNOW did it, (confession, iron clad DNA style evidence) then we flip the switch, or plunge the needle quick. No time to waste extra money. You have some extra drugs lying around from a drug bust? Then use it on the recipients of the death penalty. Two birds killed with one stone…

  2. tophatal said


    The death penalty is no more of a deterrent than a sex is to a sex-a-holic.

    I do believe that in the cases where beyond reasonable doubt and DNA proves that the assailant is guilty then it has its use. But how can you stem the tide of violence when no one simply agrees to what the causes are ? Especially in the cases of premeditated homicide .

    Here in Florida we have Casey Anthony having killed her child and because she knows that the death sentence is on the table her attorney Jorge Baez is looking to place the blame elsewhere . Less we forget also there’s the other case of the mother who killed her two kids and then confessed to the cops that she’d have killed the other had she been in her custody. No amount of psychiatric help can save that bitch ! She simply did what she did for no other reason than hate . Infanticide next to child molestation might just be most heinous crime that there is .


    tophatal …………….

  3. tophatal said


    Simply go the ol’ fashion way of a bullet in the head. After-all that still works in some parts of the world alongside stoning !

    Saudi Arabia beheads their death sentence inmates and I can’t see nothing wrong in that. Swift justice and then a simple burial without a casket in some cases.

    tophatal …….

  4. tophatal said


    I’d dropped this piece on that crazy ass pastor here within the state of Florida who wanted to burn the Quran . Let me know what you think as to the merits of the piece ?

    Click on the link to view .

    Fanning The Flames of Ignorance And Liberty Or Just Being Stupid ?


    tophatal 🙂

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