September 8th by Pablo Neruda

September 8, 2010

September 8th

Today, this day was a brimming cup,
today, this day was the immense wave,
today, it was all the earth.

Today the stormy sea
lifted us in a kiss
so high that we trembled
in a lightning flash
and, tied, we went down
to sink without untwining.

Today our bodies became vast,
they grew to the edge of the world
and rolled melting
into a single drop
of wax or meteor.

Between you and me a new door opened
and someone, still faceless,
was waiting for us there.

Better in Espanol…

8 de septiembre

Hoy, este día fue una copa plena,

hoy, este día fue la inmensa ola,
hoy, fue toda la tierra.

Hoy el mar tempestuoso
nos levantó en un beso
tan alto que temblamos
a la luz de un relámpago
y, atados, descendimos
a sumergirnos sin desenlazamos.

Hoy nuestros cuerpos se hicieron extensos,
crecieron hasta el límite del mundo
y rodaron fundiéndose
en una sola gota
de cera o meteoro.

Entre tú y yo se abrió una nueva puerta
y alguien, sin rostro aún,
allí nos esperaba.

After a long weekend and trying to recuperate and ponder my feelings… I picked up Pablo Neruda’s The Captain’s Verses today after months of collecting dirt on my bookshelf. The first page I opened to was the poem “September 8th”. Needless to say it was a sign that not only is today the title but this  man is a genius and his works of art are the only words that can truly help me organize my thoughts and feeling. Long live Pablo Neruda, I remember you today and everyday in my HEART!

To learn more about the Nobel Prize winning Chilean Poet go here.

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