Are Krispy Kremes worth 5000 dollars? Someone gets handed 5 stacks in the drive-thru

August 10, 2010

tasty doughnuts, but I want the cash more

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WBTV/WRAL) – A Krispy Kreme store in Fayetteville lost $5000 after store employees accidentally handed it out to a lucky customer.

The incident was initially reported as a theft of the store’s take for the day, WRAL-TV reported.

Instead, it turns out that a drive-through clerk handed over the revenue for the day to a drive through customer on Friday, Fayetteville police Sgt. Dan Grubb told WRAL.

The mix up happened because the store manager usually places the money in a doughnut box – in order to conceal it from possible theft, police said.

The store manager typically puts the box full of money near the drive through window and then drives her own car around – and picks up the cash-filled doughnut box through the window, WRAL reported.

A clerk who was unfamiliar with the routine passed the money out to a customer at the Bragg Boulevard store, police told WRAL.

By noon Monday WRAL reported that no one had returned the money.

Copyright 2010 WBTV. All rights reserved. WRAL contributed to this report.

Really?  Do you think that someone would really return the money?  I would keep the loot and just would find a new krispy kreme to go get my doughnuts…

Also, why are you putting money into a doughnut box?  Don’t they make safes and even money bags for this?

2 Responses to “Are Krispy Kremes worth 5000 dollars? Someone gets handed 5 stacks in the drive-thru”

  1. tophatal said


    Store manager graduated magna-cum-laude from what school ? Can’t have been one that was a bastion of education to begin with ! What a turd !

    So Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana wants to do porn ? How quaint for her and the family .

    Why Would Montana Fishburne Become a Porn Star?

    From the day I entered the adult business to the present moment, one question arises in every interview regarding pornography. “Why did you get in the business?” While I was participating in the creation of films, my answers were generally something along the lines of, “Well, I love sex so this makes sense!” Or, “I’ve always been comfortable with my sexuality, and this seems like a fun way to explore!” And as someone who has interviewed plenty of Porn Stars for my own productions, I’ve heard just about every answer there seems to be.

    “It’s empowering!”

    “I needed the money.”

    “Porn is pretty mainstream, so I’m hoping to cross over one day.”

    After I left the business, my answers changed drastically, and thanks to intensive therapy, I’m now able to comprehend more fully why the adult industry became my industry. Superficial answer? Money. This is the answer most people seem to like because it’s something we can all grasp. However, when you take this superficial answer out of the equation, as money is probably not a motivational factor behind Montana Fishburne’s entry into the adult business, the question poses a great gaping hole in our society. Montana, her family and the people who interview her will run to throw answers in that hole, filling it to the brim to make sense of a seemingly senseless act.

    But this isn’t Montana’s first go-round in the world of selling sex, the young Fishburne and her attention seeking behavior apparently got in some trouble in 2009 in Hollywood, and she was later charged with prostitution. And perhaps you are asking yourself the same question I’ve asked myself since leaving porn — What is the difference between being a Porn Star and being a prostitute? Fundamentally, nothing. As a Porn Star, you sell sex for money the same you do as a prostitute. Emotionally? Socially? Theoretically? What are the bigger differences between pornography and prostitution, and what must a girl convince herself of, in order to be in either of these professions? I’m not quite sure about Montana, as I never interviewed her personally, but here are a few of the things I had to believe in order to be a successful Porn Star.

    Click on link to read in full.


    tophatal …….. 🙂

  2. tophatal said

    Oh to be successful ! What happens when an 18 yr old views Kim Kardashian as a role model” ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

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