A little something from your boy E

August 7, 2010

I’m back just in time for E’s song of the last several weeks (as Steve might call it).  My girlfriend works as  publicist and one of her clients is Heineken (awesome, I know).  She hooked us up with free vip passes to the Grammy Block Party in Santa Monica benefiting relief for musicians displaced by the floods in Nashville.  It was a great time with dope free food (some of which was provided by Stefan from Top Chef season 5) and some nice free booze (Heineken, of course, but also Ludacris’ new cognac, Conjure).  The best part, however, was the dope live music, culminating with a great little set by former Tony Toni Tone member Raphael Saadiq.  The back-up singers were also the fucking bomb!!  It was extremely entertaining and my girl left the event a fully converted Saadiq fan.  Now you lucky people get to share in the fun.  I thought I’d give you a little taste of his live work (with what looks like the same back-up singers who rocked).  Today’s jam: Raphael Saadiq – Dance Tonight, Ask of You and Love That Girl.  Enjoy….

3 Responses to “A little something from your boy E”

  1. tophatal said

    Antyhign by Saddiqq or any of the Wiggins’ brothers is worthwhile listening to ! With Raph’ now not only producing writing and doing soundtracks for movies . It shows how extremetly talented a guy he really is .

    Dance Tonight was actually done with Lucy Pearl not Toni , Tony Tone .

    My boy DJ Dris aka actor Idris Elba is a great fan of theirs.

    tophtal …………

  2. tophatal said



  3. lawnguylander said

    This song never fails to get people smiling and swaying when I play it. And thanks for reminding me that I used to have a crush on Dawn from En Vogue.

    Great blog you’ve got here. I found you via Rumproast.

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