Snooki BUSTED for being drunk in public…and she is just BUSTED too

July 31, 2010

Damn Ronin,

look at your girl….

Law enforcement sources tell us the Seaside Heights PD busted Snooki moments ago for disorderly conduct. The details of that conduct are unclear.

We’re told Snooki — real name Nicole Polizzi — is currently in police custody.

Earlier in the day, Snooki was partying on the beach with a beer bong … only she was filling it up with Coca-Cola.  We’re told she was also seen at a local bar taking “body shots.”

wow...and what redeeming features are here?

Why is this chick making a bunch of money?  More important, why should we care?

Ole girl got some money and then it went to her head (and her gut)  The one thing that might have been attractive is lost.  Her grill was not much to look at and the big frames make her look like an old grandmother.

Looks like MTV bought into a some fake gold, fugazi as the guidettes say…

Get your prep walk down girl...

Here is another great action shot of her falling all over the place.

Ronin, what did you see in this trainwreck?

This might be the only thing that she is good for…

I bet she can fit the whole thing in her mouth...Just dont bite it...

Here is some music to ride out to Snooki…

3 Responses to “Snooki BUSTED for being drunk in public…and she is just BUSTED too”

  1. tophatal said


    Explain to me again what it is that this skank as well the rest of her castmates have to offer the world socially ? And you wonder why the US is despized the world over ?

    tophatal ………… 🙂

  2. Ronin Storm said

    Poor Snookers just can’t catch a break.

    • tophatal said


      She can catch and give you the “clap” though ! She’s (Snooki) probably given more “head” than Jenna Jameson has done in her entire porn career.

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