1st Annual Lamb Jam in San Francisco was OFF THE HOOK! You missed out on a great time, PLUS WINE!!!

July 18, 2010

They were just giving out slabs of meat...

Napa Valley Lamb Company… Sometimes, the best is just a little salt, pepper and lime juice.

Food, wine and good company makes for an interesting afternoon. On a bright and sunny Sunday, several hundred people made their way to the Lamb Jam.

This was a great way to spend some time tasting lamb and some inventive ways to enjoy it. Because it was the first annual, the crowds were low, making it easy to navigate around the Ft. Mason hanger

Fort Mason has some great views....

Fort Mason is also the same venue for Beerfest, which is much more crowded and crazy. The food was spectacular. The one complaint is that it seemed a little safe by the cooks. The common theme with lamb seemed to be a Mediterranean feel. If you want to stand out, you have to break off the beaten path.

Lamb Jam San Francisco

Hosted By SPQR’s Chef Matthew Accarrino

On July 18, 2010, more than 600 food and wine enthusiasts will descend upon Ft. Mason for an afternoon of great food and wine, friendly chef competitions, music and more, to celebrate the California lamb industry’s 150th anniversary. The Bay Area is full of lamb lovers, a fact proven over and over again by the long lines of enthusiasts at our booths at wine events such as Sonoma Wine Country Weekend, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition grand Tasting, Paso Robles Wine Weekend, Carmel Harvest Festival and Palm Desert’s Art of Food & Wine.

The Golden Gate Restaurant Association is providing the chefs; we are providing the lamb that they will turn into savory dishes. And we invite you to showcase your wines to the more than 600 culinary enthusiasts expected  to attend the Party!

What: SF Lamb Jam- A Lamb and Wine Extravaganza featuring locally grown lamb dishes prepared by more than 20 celebrated San Francisco Bay Area chefs paired with Northern California wines.

When: Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time: 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Where: Ft.Mason Festival Pavilion on picturesque San Francisco Bay

Price: $50.00

pictures and descriptions after the jump…

Lamb Jam Restaurants and Chefs

David Lawrence – 1300 on Fillmore

This was the judge’s favorite in the competition, taking home top honors as Best Lamb Leg and the People’s Choice award. Chef Lawrence produced Cabernet and Balsamic Braised Leg of Lamb with Blue Cheese Grits.

While I thought that this dish was really good, the blue cheese was sort of overwhelming to the dish. The lamb was very tender and juicy.

Chris Cosentino – Incanto

Now this guy was getting jocked because he is one of the new, young brash chefs with some street credibility, boosted by his appearances on the Food Network. They rolled out a Lamb Zampini, with Relish and Mint.

Jessica Gorin – Thirsty Bear

Adam Timney- Starbelly

Mattin Noblia –Iluna Basque

Arnold Eric Wong –E&O Trading Company

Robbie Lewis –Bon Appetit Management Co.

Dino Vasquez – EastsideWest

Lamb Meatballs, Caramelized Onions and Heirloom Peppers, Tangerines, Mint Pesto, Pink Peppercorns

Matthew Accarrino – SPQR

Michelle Mah – Midi

Frilled Lamb Loin with Salsa Verde Feta

Hoss Zare – Zare at Fly Trap

Lamb Shank Abgusht (7 spice braised lamb shank) Black eyed peas, Fingerling potatoes, fresh turmeric and Preserved Lime Broth with torshi

The peas were al dente, and so fresh.  I am not a big peas person, but the peas in this dish were delightful.

Banks White –FIVE

Five spiced Lamb Loin, House Ricotta Salata, Arbequina Olive Salad

Erik Hopfinger – The Waterfront

Sophiane Benaouda – Grand Cafe

Dennis Lee –Namu

American Lamb Loin

This is the dish that really stood out to me. The chili oil and the nuts and basil were really blended together well. This dish was simple, a decent portion, and was one of my top three pieces of meat.

Lizzie Binder – Bar Bambino

Hand Rolled Garganelli with Pecorino Braised Lamb Shoulder

This would have been one of my winners. The noodles were handrolled and the lamb was tender.

Eric Berg –Restaurant at Wente Vineyards

Janine Falvo – Carneros Bistro

Braised Lamb Shank, Falafel, Feta, Minted Yogurt

The plate was tasty, the problem was the falafel took over and was the star on the plate. It was fried perfect, with a crunch on the outside and soft and pillow like on the inside. I almost forgot that I was eating a lamb dish.

Kim Alter – Plate Shop People’s Choice Best Loin… American Lamb Loin with pureed garlic and vegetables. The puree was delicious as was the blending the lamb with the potatoes.

Ola Fendert- OOLA Restaurant

Rosemary and Red Wine Marinated Lamb Shank Braised and Served with a Heirloom Tomato Panzanella. This won the People’s Choice best shoulder. The marinade was wonderful and permeated the meat.

Kelvin Ott- Tres Agaves

American Lamb Shank

Specialty Foods

Fiscalini Cheese– Elaine Fiscalini

The cheese was awesome. There was an English Cheddar that would be great with the Lamb

Pure Joy Bakery– Bryan Ehrenholm

There was dessert.  The pineapple tart with cream cheese was too rich after all the lamb.  I could only get through half of it.

Ghiradelli Chocolates

Lamb Jam Wineries

Boeger Winery– El Dorado County

Cannonball -Healdsburg

Cayucos Cellars

Christian Lazo -Winery – Paso Robles

Cosentino Winery

David Girard Vineyards– El Dorado County

Derby Wine Estates -Paso Robles

Farrier Wine Company -Santa Rosa

Four Vines Winery– Paso Robles

Gold Hills Vineyard– El Dorado County

Ironstone Vineyards

Kenwood Vineyards -Kenwood

LangeTwins Winery

Lava Cap

Miraflores Winery– El Dorado County

Mount Aukum Winery– El Dorado County

Ortman Family Wines -Paso Robles

Perry Creek Winery– El Dorado County

Quaking Hills– Cloverdale

Ripkin Vineyards & Winery

Sierra Vista Winery– El Dorado County

Six Sigma Ranch– Lower Lake

Truchard Vineyards


San Francisco Magazine

All and all, it was time and money well spent. Parking was cheap too, only two dollars to park in the lot next to the pavilion.

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