SPAIN WINS THE WORLD CUP! Why should you care?

July 12, 2010

I bet it was a hellava party!

I was one of millions who went or hosted a World Cup party.  To be perfectly clear, I was rooting for the Orange Crush to win the game.  Now, that the game is over, why should you care who won the cup?

1) Riots.  Winning teams usually have riots in the winning city.  Here in Oakland, we were too busy licking our wounds from the Oscar Grant trial than really worrying about the final score.  (I was in SF at a friends house for a party/BBQ.)

Damn homie, you caught! I know someone knows this fool...

2) Where is the next World Cup?

In 2014, the World Cup will be in Brazil…this might be the first World Cup for me to try and see live.

as if you needed a reason to come to Brazil...

3) Odds…

Everything is better with a little money on the contests…

Latest Betting

World Cup 2014


  • Brazil 4/1
  • Argentina 6/1
  • Spain 6/1
  • Germany 8/1
  • Netherlands 9/1
  • England 12/1
  • Italy 12/1
  • France 20/1
  • Portugal 20/1
  • Chile 33/1
  • Uruguay 33/1
  • Ghana 40/1
  • U.S.A 66/1
  • Mexico 66/1
  • Paraguay 66/1
  • Russia 66/1
  • Colombia 66/1
  • Denmark 66/1
  • Ecuador 66/1
  • Croatia 66/1
  • Ivory Coast 80/1
  • Greece 100/1
  • Nigeria 100/1
  • Czech Republic 100/1
  • Rep.Of Ireland 200/1
  • Scotland 500/1

We have some time until the next party.  Where will you be for the next World Cup?

One Response to “SPAIN WINS THE WORLD CUP! Why should you care?”

  1. tophatal said


    There was more sh_t going on in Cleveland after LeBron decided he’d up and leave the team. Fans there were burning jerseys defecating and questioning LeBron’s manhood and birthright. So what’s the point you’re trying to make ?

    Fuc_ers are crazy in Cleveland but at least Modell now gets a pass .

    Alan ….. _ 🙂

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