That’s the SHIT that got me MAD! Why does Abby Sunderland need a talent agent?

July 7, 2010

Is it just me, or does she have a look on her face that says, " I am soooo confused?"

Doesn’t that assume that you have some talent?

I bet that most of you don’t have any idea who she is, or what her talent is.

No, she is not on American Idol, although that would have been my first guess.  The LA Times explains why…

Rescued teen sailor Abby Sunderland has hired a talent agent and will use her public profile to “inspire others to follow their dreams,” her spokesman said.

Sunderland, 16, signed, head of an Australian-based public relations and talent management firm, to handle her business affairs. Mercer had been serving in a pro bono capacity as Sunderland’s spokesman for the last few weeks.

Public fascination over Sunderland’s aborted attempt to sail around the world by herself has raised her profile significantly, Mercer said in a statement released this week.

“Abby is very marketable,” he said. “She is popular across the world, has followed her dream, overcome challenges and survived. She is an inspiration.”

Why is she marketable?  Is failure a selling point these days?

Mercer debunked media reports that Abby is on her way to personally thank her Australian rescuers. The teen is resting at home with her family and a new baby brother after a “huge few weeks,” Mercer said.

A future trip to Australia is possible, he said. Other than a media conference, Abby’s only public appearance since returning to her Thousand Oaks home was at a Fourth of July parade in Duarte, he said.

Sunderland was plucked from the Indian Ocean by a fishing vessel last month after her 40-foot-sloop Wild Eyes  was hit by a giant wave and lost its mast. Supporters hailed the girl’s adventurous spirit, but detractors criticized her parents for allowing her to take the trip.

— Catherine Saillant

So, even after reading this, what is her talent?  Getting lost?  Having to be rescued by other sailors?  I just don’t get it.  The story is not fascinating, it is a sign of someone who was over her head.  The message should be, Kids, don’t follow you dreams if they are going to get you killed.

2 Responses to “That’s the SHIT that got me MAD! Why does Abby Sunderland need a talent agent?”

  1. tophatal said


    You’re asking why ? Kim Kardashian has one so too does Justin Bieber but he’s now getting a little too cozy with his mentor Usher . Less we forget Paris Hilton and the guidos and guidettes of Jesey Shore each now have one. Coming to a home near you on DVD “Snookie Does East Bergen New Jersey” …. a day in the life a Jersey “ho” ! Suckks d_ck cause she likes to do tricks without being paid.

    Alan ……………..

  2. tophatal said


    Hasn’t Bubbles been traumatized enough as it is already without receiving a visit from LaToya ?



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