News update: Cal and UCLA can’t spell “national championship”

June 13, 2010

I’m getting a little bit sick and tired of this hate.  I have love in my heart, but all these salty motherfuckers just love to jump all over my team for some nonsense.  Evidence is a tricky thing, and in this recent football scandal there is a significant lack of anything substantive.  It’s also funny that this shit talk about our great and storied football tradition comes from people who have some of the worst football programs in the FBS division.  Cal hasn’t seen the Rose Bowl in January since my dad was 7 years old.  UCLA  fans love to rep their ONE national championship in football (a shared title, way to win 9 games and declare yourself champs) although that also took place over 50 years ago.  I suppose that being pathetic for this long would make the fans salty.  I also don’t want to to hear this nonsense about hoops.  I spotted the argument that Tim Floyd cheated (and not very successfully) but let’s not declare everyone else God in this respect.  Cal cheated in hoops about 20 years ago (I attended Todd Bozeman basketball camp as a kid) and during my lifetime their hoops program has been no better than SC’s.  UCLA, for all the big talk, only has 1 title during my lifetime.  Baseball, the third of the big three sports is a smooth crush for my Trojans.  An unprecedented 12 national championships (Cal and UCLA have 2 total, between them) are as many as the next two schools combined.  Criticizing is easy, defending an alternative is much more difficult.  That’s all I have to say on the subject.  Blog about something else.

2 Responses to “News update: Cal and UCLA can’t spell “national championship””

  1. Steve said


    Your bitterness does not end the fact that your program cheated, and cheated in multiple sports. We blog about it BECAUSE IT WAS THE NEWS OF THE DAY. When Michigan gets the boots, we will blog about that.

    All this shows is that you are hella salty.

    Plus, I admitted tongue in cheek about Bozeman in the first post, but your burning sadness caught you up.

    Finally, how CAL has done or UCLA has nothing to do with the fact that you rep cheaters, or that Floyd and Petey bailed at the right time. Floyd can even come back to college basketball without the dreaded show cause penalty that Bozeman had to suffer for 8 years.

  2. Steve said

    Also, your hate shines through with your worst programs in FBS. Nigga please. CAL is routinely ranked in the top 25 in the last decade. Plus, we tied for the Pac-10 championship recently as well.

    USC basketball is no where near CAL hoops. (who won the conference this year? I forgot) But, I understand that when you cheat, you SHOULD be more successful. I also notice that you made no mention of steroid headed Cushing in your defense.

    Evidence is not hard. The NCAA found it and you got punished. Reggie took money, and Reggie is a Trojan. Floyd gave money to entice someone to play at University of Sorry Cheaters. Your boy Cushing cheated (unless he was worried about getting pregnant) in the pros. (But as a rookie, and before the season started) Cushing is not evidence, but shows correlation. The rest are iron clad proof that your school cheats in multiple sports (not to bring up your cheating tennis player, or the fact that Coach McNair, who is still there) lied to the NCAA.

    That is what you call cheating.

    Plus, UCLA still owns you in location and other things that I am sure Ronin will talk about.

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