Can Kevin Costner save the world? Maybe?

June 1, 2010

How come I am the last to hear about this…???

Mr. Waterworld may hold key to saving the Gulf. Read more.

For 15 years, Kevin Costner has been overseeing the construction of oil separation machines to prepare for the possibility of another disaster of the magnitude of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill.

Disturbed by the effects of the Valdez spill in Alaska, Mr. Costner bought the nascent technology from the government in 1995 and put $24 million of his own money into developing it for the private sector.

“Kevin saw the Exxon Valdez spill, and as a fisherman and an environmentalist, it just stuck in his craw, the fact that we didn’t have separation technology,” said John Houghtaling, Mr. Costner’s lawyer and business partner as chief executive with Ocean Therapy Solutions, which developed the technology.

Mr. Costner’s brother, Dan, is a scientist who worked on the project and was also in New Orleans this week.

On Wednesday, BP’s chief operating officer, Doug Suttles, said that the company had approved six of Ocean Therapy’s 32 machines for testing. All boast centrifuge processing technology — giant vacuum-like machines that suck oil from water, separate the oil, store it in a tanker and send the water, 99.9 percent purified, back into the gulf.

Now I get Waterworld. J.K.

Way to put your money where your mouth is Kevin. Instead of Bentleys, Diamonds, and Baby Mamas Kevin went to work. To the tune of $24 million I hope it works. And for all you haters out there I don’t want to hear anything bad about this guy again.  BTW, don’t ever play a pick-up hoops game with KC. Dude can ball.

4 Responses to “Can Kevin Costner save the world? Maybe?”

  1. tophatal said


    So far they’ve a toxic dispersant , that’ll do more harm than good to the environment , concrete to try & plug the leaking pipe. And less we forget buoys filled with human and pet hair . So now you’re telling me a $300 million dud of a movie may now be the Gulf’s best bet and savior ?

    Let me know what you think as to the merits of the following ? Click on the link shown to view .

    Boycott BP ……

    It might give you some room and food for thought .

    Alan Parkins

    • Ronin Storm said

      BP down 15% today paying a 9% dividend.

      • tophatal said


        The share price and dividend being down won’t make a blind bit of difference. There’ll be speculators out there waiting to pounce and buy up a whole block of shares make a couple of million in the offset.

        Then all we’ll need is for the Israelis to spark another geo political situation as they have already done with the incident concerning Turkey and then watch the oil price spike and then wait ’til the beginning of summer when the prices go up as it so often does. Anyone who’s in the know will know what to look for.

        Alan Parkins

  2. tophatal said


    Couldn’t they have asked for donations of a certain feminine hygiene product instead ?

    Alan Parkins

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