E’s song of the day

May 25, 2010

Break-ups are hard.  When two people have spent enough time together to justify a break-up, it means something unique, shared by two people is ending.  Making that transition can be scary.  Who will ever love me again?” we ask ourselves.  “How can I possibly find something as special as the connection I was so optimistic about at first?”  As we age, however, we learn that life is a series of cyclic processes and, hence, as long as we continue to participate in the world as social beings, our odds are actually not too horrible.  The problem is obviously overcoming those fears and doubts that make us insecure about opening up to others.  I had a very recent break-up that was tough on me for a variety of reasons (which I won’t get into too specifically here).  I guess the best that one can hope for from a break-up is the ability to recognize that the end of a relationship is not in any way an invalidation of one’s own self worth.  Obviously this is easier said than done, but in a perfect world…

Today’s jam is actually one that was on my queue weeks ago because I simply like the song, but seems justifiably fitting today.  The line “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” seems particularly inspirational in times such as these.  Semisonic – Closing Time….

2 Responses to “E’s song of the day”

  1. Steve said

    What can you say? You seem to like it pretty intense, which causes for intense flame-outs like throwing water on a grease fire.

    But, I know that you will rebound and not let it linger for 5-7 years of avoiding the box…

  2. Ronin Storm said

    See had you read and taken to heart my previous posts;
    Breathe reflect and give your heart a kiss
    Breathe reflect and give your heart a kiss part deux
    You would be in a better place right now.
    HA HA, JK These things are tough.

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