Pau! Right in the kisser!

May 17, 2010

Pau! Right in the kisser!

Pau! Right in the kisser!

And... Pau! Right in the kisser!

Some people including Charles Barkley have lost their minds.

These are the headlines I read today…

LAKERS/SUNS: Chemistry vs. size

This one seems just plain old fashioned racist!!! If I have to explain then It doesn’t matter.

Lakers Get Hot Suns

Why are the Suns so “hot”? Because it took them 6 to get past the #6 Trail Blazers team without Brandon Roy. Or was it the sweep of the #7 AARP Spurs that were only in the semis b/c they on beat up the always ready for a early vacation Mavs? Why else would the league’s 3nd or 4th worst defensive team become a defensive giant during the playoffs?

And get this…

Five Reasons the Suns can Take down the Lakers

I say the Lakers will bi*ch slap the Suns in 4 or 5 games if Los Lagos want to end it in LA. And I don’t need 5 reasons I just need one… Kobe!!!

Why are people believing the hype surrounding the Suns? I dont get it. Lets not forget that the Lakers beat the Suns  3–1 in the regular-season series. And the one loss was on Dec. 28th when Ron Ron had a little too much Egg-Nog on X-Mas and fell down his stairs leaving him on the sidelines.  The other 3 games the Lakers won by a combined 47 points. At every position the Lakers are better except one and Kobe is still the best perimeter presence in the game.

I prefer this headline…

Sorry Phoenix, but Los Angeles Is Not San Antonio

BTW, Phil is already in their heads. haha ha

One Response to “Pau! Right in the kisser!”

  1. tophatal said


    Anyone who thinks that the Lakers are in for an easy ride had better get off the methadone and wake up once and for all. The Suns are just as athletic as the Lakers if not more so and their bench is a hell of a lot better to begin with. I hear that if Lamar can’t suit up then Khloe will take his place instead ?

    Let’s hope for Lamar’s sake Khloe’s puttin’ out ! I’d hate to think that the only reason he’s bangin’ her is because he wants to become a reality tv star ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    As for LeGonad and the Cavaliers how nice that they make the French military seem like real men while they punk out like bitc_es !

    I hear that both Clay Aiken , George Michael and Ricky Martin all have a shrine showing their undying devotion towards LeGonad !

    If LeGonad is meant to be a leader of men what does that say about Richard Simmons ?

    Alan Parkins

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