Adobe fires back at Apple with LOVE and not hate. How do you like them apples Steve Jobs?

May 14, 2010

It's all about the love...

See, you don’t have to fire back with hate…they simply answer Jobs with a letter that doesn’t even need to mention the open letter from Jobs.  People are screaming about not having flash to see videos and Jobs felt that he needed to answer and take shots at Adobe.

But this is an all Love Friday, so no need to take shots at Apple.  They do it themselves…

3 Responses to “Adobe fires back at Apple with LOVE and not hate. How do you like them apples Steve Jobs?”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Jobs is out of his mind. Almost everything he said about Adobe Flash was correct. e.g. outdated slow battery hog. But let us decide. Right? We don’t need a daddy internet to tell us what to use and not use. That is Un-American and Un-Democratic. Consumers decide not Steve. This is capitalism. Why cant we just go into system properties and turn Flash on or off? e.g. Bluetooth.

  2. tophatal said


    And Jobs’ response to Adobe courtesy of Chappelle’s caricature characterization of Rick James. “I’m Rick James bi_ch ” ! I’m rich and I’m Rick James bit_hes ” !

    Will pap smears now become the norm for NFL players ? In light of the Texans’ Brian Cushing having tested positive for a female reproductive hormonal therapy treatment drug (hcG___[human chorionic gonadotropin]). The player states that he doesn’t know it got into his system. This from the same player who had character problems while at USC .

    Don’t hate appreciate !

    Alan Parkins

  3. tophatal said



    Here’s a warning should you ever want to relive your youth once again ?

    Click on link provided to read in its entirety.

    Courtesy of Assoc. Press

    Student: Suspected impostor ‘played the part good’

    By BETSY BLANEY and SCHUYLER DIXON (AP) – 1 day ago

    ODESSA, Texas — A lot of guys dream about going back to high school and recapturing their athletic glory days. A man who went by the name of Jerry Joseph did it, police say, and now he’s in big trouble.

    Authorities say the boyish-looking 22-year-old posed as a 16-year-old sophomore phenom to lead the Permian High School basketball team to the state playoffs. He was jailed on fraud charges, and the rabidly competitive West Texas high school that inspired the movie “Friday Night Lights” may have to forfeit its season.

    “Everyone just thought he was a big guy,” said Permian senior football player Steven Pipes. “He played the part good, skipping down the hallways acting goofy like a 16-year-old.”

    Pipes and some teammates approached the 6-foot-5 player they knew as Joseph soon after he enrolled last year, asking him if he wanted to play football. Pipes said Joseph, who was attending a junior high at the time, declined. He liked basketball instead, and he was good enough to average about 20 points per game over the final nine games heading into the playoffs, where Permian lost in the first round.

    Joseph was a starter and played center and forward. But suspicions about the player’s identity first arose when three Florida basketball coaches familiar with a former player named Guerdwich Montimere recognized him last month at an amateur tournament in Little Rock, Ark. Montimere, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Haiti, graduated from Dillard High School in Fort Lauderdale in 2007.


    What’s next for this individual ?

    Alan Parkins

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