Haters of the Week….Fisher Lied: Two Attention Whoring Utah Jazz fans get their wish…Enjoy the off-season!

May 11, 2010

Well, you got people to talk about you, but it aint gonna be nice.

The first thing to notice is the score.  You got it put on you.  Your shirts did not work and maybe helped your team to get the holy heck beat out of them. Well, at least you got some attention on TV.  That is the only reason to wear those shirts.  How did he lie? Because he left your team and your owner let him out of the contract?  It was for his daughter.  Some of you take that as a shot to Utah the state, when it is a matter of getting the best care.  Are the specialists in Utah for the type of retinal cancer his daughter had?  No.  Are they in LA?  Yes.  They sent him from NYC to LA.  Plus, he was familiar with the Lakers and that is another support unit.  The man LOST 7-8 million dollars resigning with the Lakers, when the team was in shambles.  Kobe wanted to leave, PAU right in the kisser was toiling in Memphis and the Lake Show was struggling to get into the playoffs.  So, your hate was misplaced.  But, that is okay, since you got what was coming to you and now you get to deal with Carlos Boozer leaving.  (I don’t want to hear that you have Milsap to replace him.  Milsap is a nice player, but there is a reason that he was on the bench with Boozer playing.  Now, your depth is weakened tremendously and free agents already do not want to come play there.  That is part of your deep seeded hatred of yourself, since you already think everyone hates you.  We don’t.  We just do not understand you.  Plus, we don’t see you as a threat, since you never win it all.)

This is not shocking, as Jazz fans have done this before.

If only you could punch him in the eye....(H/T Bleacher Report and Alex Kennedy

This type of behavior was commented on and reported about TWO YEARS ago at Bleacher Report.

But, it makes some sense now.  I read the blog of Utah Jazz fan at Jazzbots (maybe Erik can comment since he is a Jazz fan in mourning) and his last paragraph ties it all together.

Jazz fans will boo Derek Fisher for the rest of his career. We will do so because he left Salt Lake for Los Angeles and because we fear he never wanted to be here in the first place. It is a manifestation of our larger frustration with the desire for acceptance and our perceptions of an unbalanced playing field. Perhaps no one can tell Derek Fisher he was wrong for leaving Utah. Just the same, no one can tell Jazz fans they are wrong for rooting against him.

You can boo the man, but when you bring his family into it, then you have crossed the line.  Plus, don’t hate on people who don’t want to live in your state.  He did it for his family and you have to respect that.  He left loot on the table, that HELPED the Jazz. Plus, that year, Fisher did not have his best statistical year.  All reasons to be happy that he left.

DWill was the future and Fish would have stunted his growth.  Things work out for a reason, but Utah seems to have the small mans complex hard.  It is not Fishers fault that you never have won it all.

Now, the shame of it all, the ironic nature of this is that one of the best players on their team, Carlos Boozer, ACTUALLY LIED, and did it to a BLIND MAN, Gordon Gund.

July 14th, 2004
To: Cavaliers Fans
From: Gordon Gund

I know last week’s developments with respect to Carlos Boozer are a source of extreme disappointment for you. I want to assure you that I feel exactly the same way. Like you, I believed in Carlos.

Several days have now gone by. This has helped me to gain perspective. I hope this letter will do the same for you.

First, Jim Paxson has taken a tremendous amount of criticism in the media for what happened. As the team owner, I made the decision not to pick up the option on Carlos’ contract. Any criticism should be directed to me, not to Jim Paxson. I want to be very clear that any fault is mine.

Up until late last week when the trust was broken, I believed in Carlos Boozer, the player, and Carlos Boozer, the person. That is why I tried to do what he said he wanted. We tried to do right by him, by the team and by you in trusting in his repeated insistence that if we showed him respect, he would show respect to us.

Carlos and his agent first approached us in December of 2003, stating his desire for financial security as well as his desire to remain in Cleveland and be a key part of the future of this franchise. He and his agent made it very clear that if we respected them, and provided the security he was looking to gain, he would respect us. Given his record on the court, with the franchise, and in the community, we had every reason to believe his commitment.

Over the course of several months, we had multiple meetings that involved Carlos, his wife and his agent. In our most recent meeting on June 30, Jim Paxson and I told Carlos we had two options. He could play this year on his existing contract and test the market for free agency next year, or we could elect not to exercise the option if we had the understanding with him that as soon as legally possible he would negotiate a contract with us for the maximum we could pay him under league rules.

I told him that as we could not have an agreement at that time given the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, we would have to trust one another’s intentions. I said I define trust as his intention to stay in Cleveland and enter into a long term contract with us as soon as possible under the league rules. In that meeting, we were clear with him that he could make more money in the open market a year from now than we could pay him by redoing his contract this year. I told him he needed to understand that and we did not want him to later think we had taken advantage of him. Jim told him, “There are at least seven teams that have cap space right now who will want to pay you more than we can now. We don’t want to lose you. Why would we not pick up the option?” Carlos said “Because we’d like long term security and we want to stay in Cleveland.” Carlos went on to say that he was happy to be a Cavalier and never indicated any concern with his role on the team or his relationship with Coach Silas.

Carlos, his wife and his agent – all of whom were in that room — knew what our maximum ability would be to pay him. Both Carlos and his wife responded that they wanted financial security now and therefore were anxious to pursue the second option of entering into a long term contract with us as soon as possible and that they would live with any consequences from this decision.

Carlos’ agent then said he wanted to go to another room to talk with his client and his wife alone which they did. When they returned, his agent said he had again explained everything to them so that they understood everything involved and said that their thinking had not changed.

Jim Paxson then told him, “We’d like to begin, as soon as permissible, to negotiate an agreement that we can sign on July 14th.” Carlos responded, “That’s exactly what I want. I want to get this done as quickly as we can.”

Over time Carlos had told Jim and me repeatedly, “If you show respect for me, I will show respect for you.” So, in the June 30 meeting, I reminded him of that and said, “We are all counting on what you said in earlier meetings and again today.” He responded, “That’s right and you can trust me on that.” I asked if we could all trust each other? Carlos, his wife and agent each responded “Yes.” At that point, believing so strongly in Carlos, I said we would not pick up his option. Our intent, as soon as we could do so, was to re-do his contract. The quotes you saw in the media July 1 about his desire to remain here were entirely consistent with what he told us.

In the final analysis, I decided to trust Carlos and show him the respect he asked for. He did not show that trust and respect in return. That’s what happened. I wanted you to hear it directly from me. The decision was mine and I take full responsibility.

We currently have no intention of matching Utah’s offer to Carlos. In order to match it, and within the restrictions of the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, we would need to make player personnel moves of such a magnitude that it would have significant negative impact on our team moving forward. We are continuing to look at every possible option that will allow us to improve our team and continue to build on the tremendous momentum we have experienced in recent years. More than ever, we are committed to bringing a championship to this city. Thank you for your continued support of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now, lets juxtapose this letter, with the one that the recently deceased owner of the Jazz, Larry Miller thought about Derek Fisher. Gene Wojciechowski rode with him and got his thoughts

I’m going to give Miller the benefit of the doubt and blame the meadowlarks thing on high altitude. By the way, it’s 1:52 local time. The first quarter has got to be winding down, right? We merge onto I-80. Miller will answer anything. It keeps his mind off the game. In no particular order, he thinks: that the Jazz can win this NBA Finals … that Derek Fisher didn’t deceive the Jazz when he asked out of his contract during the offseason — and then signed with the Lakers (Miller and Fisher chatted briefly before Game 3 of this series) … that he absolutely admires Phoenix’s Steve Nash, “but no question he’s on the downside of his career” … that he never would have brought Shaq to the Suns in the middle of a season … and that even with a draft day mulligan, Miller would still take Deron Williams over Chris Paul with the No. 3 overall pick.

So, if the dude that made the deal thinks he didn’t deceive him, why should two Mormon skanks think so?  Fanatics indeed… BTW, you at least can continue to watch the Lakers on TNT, ESPN and ABC and dream about what it is like to hold the Larry O’Brien trophy up.

6 Responses to “Haters of the Week….Fisher Lied: Two Attention Whoring Utah Jazz fans get their wish…Enjoy the off-season!”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Where was Stern and owner?
    These two hussies should have been escorted out and stripped season tickets for life.
    Utah prides itself on family values right?
    Player’s have to show class. So should fans.
    Except here are white fans v. black players. They get a PASS?
    Tell me I’m wrong!!!

  2. tophatal said


    Stern is literally praying that the Cavs get by the Celtics and then the Magic in order to provide the NBA with a ratings and viewership bonanza. Cavaliers vs. Lakers and he can reap the benefits of it all. But that’s predicated on LeBron not having a bitching and hissy fit like he did last year in his team’s loss to the Magic.


    But let’s not forget he did text Dwight afterwards to congratulate him on the win. More like 36 hours afterwards. What a sack of s_it !

    LeBron wants to be a role model and global icon all rolled into one ! Funny how he doesn’t mention being a sportsman isn’t it ? Immaturity at its finest !

    Alan Parkins

  3. tophatal said

    Ronin & Steve

    The state of Utah is a proxy and subordinate of Arizona . You’ve got to remember that man !

    Alan Parkins

  4. Ronin Storm said

    Steve better than me but we understand Utah well

  5. Erik said

    There are dumb-shit assholes living everywhere and rooting for every team. I am a Jazz fan, and every friend of mine who is also a Jazz fan (admittedly only a group of about 10) is an upstanding, respectful person who would never behave like the fans described by Steve. Getting swept was hard enough…why the unprovoked hate?

  6. tophatal said

    If the Chappelle character of Clayton Bigsby were real could he in fact reside in either Utah or Arizona and be celebrated as a hero and legend ?




    These questions need to be asked and answered !

    Alan Parkins

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