E’s top albums of 2009 – part 7

May 11, 2010

I took a couple of days off but I’m back to finish off my recommendations for 2009’s top albums.  This first album is, perhaps, my favorite of last year.  I read about this band on some music blog and grabbed this album to give it a try.  Holy shit!   It was exciting, relaxing, inviting and enveloping.  Choosing a couple of jams seems silly because I really do love this album from start to finish.  I guess you would describe the sound as indie pop or indie rock, but nothing could be more descriptive than the band’s name: “fun.”

I know, they're obviously hipsters, but don't blame them. They're musicians from New York, they can't help it...

In their debut album, Aim and Ignite, released in August 2009, they did it proper.  I’ll try to drop two tracks with slightly different sounds.  First up, fun. – Benson Hedges.  Enjoy….

Now for a slightly more down tempo feel:  fun. – The Gambler.  Enjoy….

I’ll try to counter the first album with the latest release from one of my favorite punk rock bands, Propagandhi.  While I’m not sure if it’s better than their 2001 release Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes, it is, nonetheless, a demonstration of this Canadian crew’s consistent commitment to quality music production.   From their 2009 album Supporting Caste, Propagandhi – Potemkin City Limits (coincidentally, the title of another Propagandhi album).  I found a pretty good live version.  Enjoy…

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