E’s top albums of 2009 – part 6

May 7, 2010

I’m back with some more hot tunes to recommend so I’ll just get right to it.

I’ve repped Antony and the Johnsons on my song of the day segment and their new album, The Crying Light, released in early 2009, was another great addition to this rock (not sure this is necessarily the most accurate genre label) band’s’ catalog.  I think it probably takes a certain special kind of audiophile to appreciate the rather unique vocal stylings of lead singer Antony Hegarty.  It’s one of those types of music that you either really enjoy, or are completely turned off by.  I’m not gonna lie – this guy is rather strange, but a pretty great musician nonetheless (or because of?).  I will say that this new album is not quite as good as their 2005 record, I Am A Bird Now, but it does demonstrate a commitment to producing consistent quality tunes.  Check out these tracks: Antony and the Johnsons – Aeon.  Enjoy….

And one more, because I really, really like this band.  Antony and the Johnsons – Everglade.  Enjoy….

Next up, as always, a change of pace.  While I recognize that this dude was on the television show Degrassi: The Next Generation, I still think his 2009 mixtape, So Far Gone, was one of the hottest r&b / hip-hop records of the year.  Yes, it has only 7 tracks, but this shit comes correct.  Here go a couple right now: Drake – Best I Ever Had.  This one’s for you….

Since there are only 7 jams on the mixtape, I think you should just check it out for yourselves.  I’ll stand on the above track.

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