Another fool runs on the field at the Phillies game…This is the reason why I am PRO-Taser!

May 5, 2010

Go ahead punk, MAKE MY DAY!

Another fool runs out on the field.  This is the reason for tasers.  I must run in a really liberal circle.  Most of the people that are in a baseball league think that the punishment was too harsh. Stay off the damn field!  You are not the entertainment.  If you want to be the entertainment, then the fans get to call the shots.  They were rooting for the guy to get tased.  We should have listened to them.

Now that Tasering “seems” controversial,  The next fool thinks that he can run out on the field.

PHILADELPHIA — A 34-year-old man who ran on the field at a Phillies game to chants of “Tase him!” has been charged with marijuana possession, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and other counts.

Police say Thomas Betz, of Warminster, Pa., hopped over the left-field fence at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and ran along the warning track in the top of the ninth inning Tuesday, one day after a teenager was tasered in the outfield.

The crowd booed and some chanted “Tase him!” Betz was taken off the field without incident.

I would have been chanting with them.  Two words justify tasing and you don’t have an answer to it.  Monica Seles.

Betz’s voicemail is full and he could not immediately be reached Wednesday.

In the wake of Monday’s encounter, police are considering whether officers should get involved in on-field chases. Officers didn’t run on the field Tuesday.

Steve Consalvi, the 17-year-old who was tasered Monday, is facing defiant trespass, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges.

Remember Tom Gamboa?  More reasons why tasering should be used. ESPN recap of the Royals/White Sox game of 2002. You can see the attack about 1:10 into the video

Here was a coach on the field, with his back turned and those drunk hillbillies below attacked him.  Even more dangerous is that after the fight, they picked up a switchblade that one of them had dropped.  Is it going to take someone to get seriously hurt?  oh wait, Monica GOT STABBED!

Instances of on-field attacks by fans have been rare over the years, but athletes are increasingly worried for their safety as fans get more and more brazen. “You’re not safe anywhere,” Royals outfielder Carlos Beltran said. “We think we’re safe at the ballpark. What happened, that tells us no matter where we are, we’re not safe.” In 1995, Cubs reliever Randy Myers was on the mound when he was rushed by a fan, whom he knocked down with his forearm. In 1999, a fan attacked Houston right fielder Bill Spiers in Milwaukee, leaving him with a welt under his left eye, a bloody nose and whiplash.

Gamboa attack

William Ligue Jr., front, and his 15-year-old son rush onto the field to attack Royals first-base coach Tom Gamboa.

The most notorious attack came in April 1993 when tennis star Monica Seles was stabbed in the back by an obsessed fan during a match in Hamburg, Germany. Greg Bouris, a spokesman for the Major League Baseball Players Association, said overall, security at ballparks is excellent, considering the millions of fans who attend the games every year. “If there is a problem that is defined, we have to get together to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” he said. Security at ballparks tightened after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Fans are not allowed to bring in large bags, and smaller ones are searched. But like the screenings at airports, they’ve relaxed with time. And with no metal detectors at ballparks, there’s nothing to prevent someone from bringing in a weapon.”It doesn’t matter how much you beef up security,” Royals starter Paul Byrd said. “Anybody can get by at any minute.” has a great look at dumb fans getting involved in the action. We came to see the players, not you.

here is another collection of sports highlights with fans and players.  I guess it is better to get stomped out by the players than to get tased…

2 Responses to “Another fool runs on the field at the Phillies game…This is the reason why I am PRO-Taser!”

  1. chappy81 said

    I think the best onfield incident I ever saw was during an A’s game. A fan ran onto the field streaking, and Erci Byrnes ran him down and tackled him on the warning track. No need for a taser in that circumstance!

  2. tophatal said

    In soccer we have the drunken hooligan run unto the field make fool of themselves and no one is the wiser. Here what gives ?

    Wimbledon however we’ve had female streakers baring their all. Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that bro ! Especially when the chick is hot !

    But in this incident at Wimbledon it just happened to have been a male .

    Alan Parkins

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