Suns to wear ‘Los Suns’ jerseys

May 4, 2010

I was not rooting for the Phoenix Suns to beat the San Antonio Spurs. SA is a much better and experienced team. But this news may change my mind.

PHOENIX (AP)—The Phoenix Suns will wear “Los Suns” on their jerseys in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals on Wednesday night, owner Robert Sarver said, “to honor our Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation.”

The decision to wear the jerseys on the Cinco de Mayo holiday stems from a law passed by the Arizona Legislature and signed by Gov. Jan Brewer that has drawn widespread criticism from Latino organizations and civil rights groups that say it could lead to racial profiling of Hispanics. President Barack Obama has called the law “misguided.” read more

Props to owner Robert Sarver because Im sure the players were too gutless to initiate this stand.

BTW my Español is a bit rusty but shouldn’t it be El Sol or Los Soles?

Or maybe it’s Spanglish. Ha Ha.

Makes me think of a Cheech and Chong song…

“Mexican Americans love to take Spanish and get a C”.

7 Responses to “Suns to wear ‘Los Suns’ jerseys”

  1. chappy81 said

    I think it should be Los Soles. I’m pumped they are doing it! I was already rooting for them, but this just gives me one more reason!

  2. tophatal said


    Kudos to the Suns on the stance albeit that I’m an avowed Spurs’ fan through and through. I’ve got to support my Caribbean bretheren in Duncan as he’s from the Islands.

    Why the hell would the Arizona legislature would want to enact such a draconian law is beyond me ! Especially when given the fact close 28 % of its population is of an ethnic background to begin with . What’s up with that ?

    Alan Parkins

    • Ronin Storm said

      Zona is afraid of the inevitable power shift. Kick out illegals thus no future citizen babies born in US. Thus no power shift at polls.

      • tophatal said


        Not only that but it’ll f_ck up the hospitality industry there as well .

        I hear a lot of the ballplayers in MLB want Cinco De Mayo to be declared stay out of ‘zona Day ?

        Alan Parkins

  3. tophatal said

    When I was livin’ in Sth Florida . In Dade Co (Miami) they had the Heat of the NBA and the Sol of WNBA . Unfortunately the Sol folded like a cheap suit or tent. Not enough interest and the players weren’t that attractive to begin with.

    And if D-Wade decides to get outta Dodge then “Riles” (Pat Riley) might well have to fold the Heat as well !

    Alan Parkins

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