E’s top albums of 2009 – part 4

May 4, 2010

So far I’ve dropped some fantastic recommendations on you, but I’ve got a good number more to rep, so on with it!

Again I’ll be switching up the ordering of things and give you this hip little indie rock act first.  Once again, Steve would describe these folks as “hipster music” but it’s another one of those chill indie albums that I thoroughly enjoyed.    Seriously though, good stuff, and here’s a couple of tunes to prove it.  From their third studio album Veckatimest, Grizzly Bear – 2 Weeks.  Enjoy….

And more more just to seal the deal.  Grizzly Bear – Foreground.  Enjoy….

(I also really like the tracks “Ready, Able” and “While You Wait For The Others.”)

Keeping in the spirit of providing you with (somewhat) contrasting musical choices, the next great action from 2009 is Somali rapper K’Naan’s sophomore album Troubadour.  Ronin and I have been big fans of this dude since the release of his debut album The Dusty Foot Philosopher.  He rhymes about his lived experiences on the streets of Mogadishu during the Somalian civil war in the 90’s and he has a rather unique lyrical style that I find refreshing.  Once again, he brings the goods in this follow up to Dusty Foot.  None of that “I drink 40’s and slap hoes” hip hop (nothing against Snoop, Dre etc. – that all has it’s place, but a change is also good).  This stuff actually might stimulate your brain.  Perhaps I’ll drop twotracks for you, as a special treat.  K’naan – If Rap Gets Jealous.  (This song is actually my ringtone when Ronin calls me).  Enjoy….

One more.  K’naan – Take A Minute.  Enjoy….

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