My next celly bitch slaps the iPhone.

May 3, 2010

Meet the new Sprint HTC EVO 4G Android.

Bend over Steve Jobs and take it like you love it. You lose!!!

What doesn’t this phone have??? Let me now b/c  can’t find anything.

4.3 screen

2 cameras

record/play HD


Mobile hot spot for eight devices

HDMI out

1GHz Snapdragon processor

and more and more…

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2 Responses to “My next celly bitch slaps the iPhone.”

  1. Steve said

    I will be getting this phone, to the point that I entered a contest that I have little chance of winning, just to attempt to get the phone early…

  2. Ronin Storm said

    Good Newz…

    Rumor is that HTC’s EVO 4G will be coming to Sprint on either June 6 or June 13—though supposedly Sunday the 13th is being favored. There’s also talk of an additional $10-20 monthly charge for the 4G service.

    The additional ten or twenty bucks is supposed to also give you access to the EVO’s 8-device WiFi hotspot capability along with the 4G service.

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