Forget Craigslist. Go for a walk.

May 2, 2010

Actually, I love Craigslist. I should have written Fu-k eBay and Meg Whitman. The point is to take random walks to no where in particular. Go on Walkabout. It’s amazing what you will find. I found a very cool leather chair for only $20 from my new neighbor (no kidding) Kramer.

And I found a, get this….a comic book slash art gallery. Mission Comics and Art brings a fresh new approach to comics and art in a clean industrial looking storefront. The comics are up front and the art in the back but they share the same space.

I like comics, I like art and comics are art. Easy combo, right??? Well, why hasn’t anyone else thought of this? Good to know Comics are finally getting the respect they deserve.

The arrival of  tablet computing has renewed my interest in comics but I gotta say, there is nothing like the paper in your hands. I will be spending a good deal of  time and money at MCA. Starting with a book on Herge the creator of  Tintin I couldn’t put down.

Yesterday MCA was giving away free bags-o-comics and the gallery featured the artwork of Sacramento based artist Ben Walker. Walker’s art is worth taking a look. Kinda Wild West meets comic book art.

Leef the owner of MCA

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