E’s top albums of 2009 part 2

May 1, 2010

I’m up early on a Saturday because I’m driving my little sister to Sacramento for a volleyball tournament.  I’m not sure how long I’m gonna be out there so I’m getting a jump on hipping you to these hot albums from 2009.  I will, again, be repping albums from different musical genres to try and appease a larger audience (as if many people actually read my musical musings).  This first one is perhaps my favorite electronic/ambient album of 2009.  This Swedish singer/songwriter has been around on the scene for the last decade or so, but recently branched out on her own as Fever Ray.  This debut album received substantial popular acclaim and for good reason.  It’s smooth, pulsing beats and distinctive vocal style remind me a bit of Bjork (perhaps it’s just the way they do things in that Scandinavian region).  Either way, I’m feeling this self-titled album.  Fever Ray – Seven.  Enjoy….

And one more, just for good measure.  Fever Ray – When I Grow Up.  Enjoy….

Ok, so I had to go pick up my sister and drive to Sacramento for the day, so I couldn’t finish until now.  My B.  I’m back and ready to deliver on the second album of today’s segment.  This next one is, perhaps (likely?), an album you’ve heard already.  Eminem made a strong-ass comeback after being a bit off of the musical radar for a couple of years.  His Relapse album was quite a triumphant return indeed.  I’ve been a pretty big Slim Shady fan since he broke onto the scene over a decade ago, and he’s still putting out seriously quality product.  No joking, this album is really, really good.  Try this out: Eminem ft. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent – Crack a Bottle.  Enjoy….

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