Police can’t get penis enlargements…Does that mean that they will have to pull out their gun more?

April 29, 2010

Not if you want to be 5-0

I mean, if they can’t dominate in one field, it seems to reason that they will have to reclaim their manhood some other way…although I would rather just buy a fast sports car…

Police barred from penis enlargement

(Reuters) – Forget about getting a job as a police officer in Indonesia’s Papua if you have had your penis enlarged. You won’t get it, according to local media reports citing the Papua police chief.

Oddly Enough

An applicant “will be asked whether or not his vital organ has been enlarged,” said Papua police chief Bekto Suprapto, quoted on local website Kompas.com.

“If he has, he will be considered unfit to join the police or the military.”

The ban was applied since the unnatural size causes “hindrance during training,” said police spokesman Zainuri Lubis in Jakarta, quoted by news portal Detik.com.

I don’t really even want to know what the hindrance is, do I?  But why would that mean that they were unfit?

Indonesia’s remote easternmost province is home to Papuan tribes, many of whom are known for wearing penis gourds.

No, I think that they are happy to see you...

A low-level separatist insurgency has waged in the resources-rich part of Indonesia for decades and there is a heavy police and military presence there.

Papuans use a local technique to achieve the enlargement, according to a sexologist quoted by local newspaper Jakarta Globe, wrapping the penis with leaves from the “gatal-gatal” (itchy) tree so that it swells up “like it has been stung by a bee,” the expert said.

(Reporting by Olivia Rondonuwu; Editing by Sara Webb and Sanjeev Miglani)

Wow…be happy with what you have…or buy a bunch of toys to spice up your life.

2 Responses to “Police can’t get penis enlargements…Does that mean that they will have to pull out their gun more?”

  1. tophatal said


    Don’t the PD’s of LA , NY , Baltimore and New Orleans have a propensity to shoot first and ask questions afterwards ? I guess there must be something to this then ?

    3 inches of something is far better than having absolutely nothing at all. Is there no chance that the FOP can make a claim that Cialis, Viagra ought to be made mandatory for all leo’s ? My God what then happens if they have an erection lasting more than 4 hours ?

    Alan Parkins

  2. thats so funny!!! haha what is their problem??? bad influence on the public? they dont want people to enlarge their penis???
    never go to Indonesia with a penis enlargement pills in your bag lol

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