Middle School punishes kid by giving him white bread, cheese and milk. Really? This is punishment?

April 28, 2010

If only Death Row inmates had it as good...

There are so many things in the world to complain about.  Most of the kids that we are educating are coming out behind the rest of the free world.  Public schools are having issues with textbooks and finding qualified teachers.  But, a parent really complained about this?

Dad upset over school’s punishment

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CLEVELAND, TX (KTRK) — Parents are angry over a punishment at an area middle school. A father says his child didn’t get a proper lunch, just to teach him a lesson.
Dennis Sowell is mad and determined. “I don’t put up with this,” he said. “They have to leave the profession.” He is calling for the end of careers and all because of a less than appetizing lunch. “That meal is illegal to serve to a death row inmate,” Sowell said. Sowell says his 12-year-old son, a sixth grader at Cleveland Middle School, was assigned to in-school suspension for missing 30 minutes of class last month. As part of the punishment, he wasn’t allowed the usual cafeteria food for lunch. Instead, the school gave him white bread, cheese and milk.

Really? Why did your kid miss thirty minutes of class? He got ISS (In school suspension) for a reason. Should you lose your kid, since you clearly are not raising them right?

Where friendships for life are made....

“You don’t withhold food as punishment,” Sowell said. “It has nothing to do with the quantity of the meal; it has to do with they violated the statutes, they violated the trust, they violated state and federal rules.” In fact, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture Regulations for school lunches, in-school suspension students must have equal access to food service. The secretary of state’s administrative code says fruits and or vegetables must be offered daily. Sowell says the school is in violation and goes even farther. “That is child abuse top to bottom,” he said.

Now, that is bullying...

No, child abuse is letting bullying happen to the point of people taking their own lives. Child abuse is whipping that @ss to the point of welts and blood (although I think that the days of corporal punishment and the ruler should make its way back) is child abuse. A sparse lunch, is not child abuse, especially in the face of the child going home at the end of the day. Unless you only allow the kid to eat at school, then that is not child abuse and you trivialize all other cases of REAL child abuse.

Cleveland ISD’s Superintendent Kerry Cowart confirms the school had been serving the sparse lunch to students as part of their discipline since the beginning of the school year. While Cowart doesn’t think the administrators did anything wrong, they aren’t doing it anymore. ISS students now have access to the same lunch as everyone else. Case closed, but not for Sowell. “The only discipline is the license leaves the wall, they leave the profession” he said. A Texas Department of Agriculture spokeswoman tells ABC13 that the agency received a complaint, and they investigated it, and that’s why the school changed its ways. The agriculture department is satisfied with that corrective action, but Sowell says he plans to file another complaint with the Texas Education Agency.

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When your kid gets a substandard education because funds are being used to fight off stupid suits and turns to crime, drugs or prostitution, then we know who to blame.  Use all that pent up energy to do some tutoring, or better yet, get you own kid to class!

4 Responses to “Middle School punishes kid by giving him white bread, cheese and milk. Really? This is punishment?”

  1. tophatal said


    The real punishment for this kid will be the fact of him becoming obese and having severe health issues . There’s nothing like seeing overweight kid pre teens struggle to keep up with the other kids.

    Alan Parkins

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