James Dean and Ronald Reagan long lost tape finally found after 50 years

April 22, 2010

The drama, titled The Dark, Dark Hours, was filmed in Hollywood before Reagan became the hero of American conservatism and Dean a poster boy for cultural rebellion.

It has not been seen since it was broadcast live as an episode of the CBS network’s General Electric Theatre on Dec 12, 1954. Article here

Not quite sure this tape was every lost. The James Dean family probably hid it for all these years. To find out simply watch the video.


How does Jimmy Dean; one, allow himself to be slapped around by RACIST Ronnie, but second, be out acted by the same Nancy? (no pun) I’m gonna have to reevaluate my respect for JD. You were probably a better driver than actor early on in your career.

Gotta give reluctant props to RR… At the 3:50 mark he gives one of the tightest lines ever.

It’s only a .32. It’s not a very big bullet….You gotta be lucky, and if you’re lucky–very lucky–then you’ve killed another man…. If you’re not lucky, that bullet isn’t gonna stop me.

Makes me want to get mugged just so I can say “It’s only a .32.”

Maybe the Dirty Harry people stole this line and hid the evidence.

Never really liked that scene anyway. Why does the bad guy have to look so scared? Should have made black guy as tough as possible but still not go for gun. Instead the scene is an unrealistic joke rather than making Dirty Larry look tough.

Robert Townsend did it best in Hollywood Shuffle. Begins at 3:25min mark but watch all.

“Do 50 bullets in yo A-S make your day”?

One Response to “James Dean and Ronald Reagan long lost tape finally found after 50 years”

  1. tophatal said


    Reagan was a racist ? Whoa Nelly ! I guess that’s another thing then that he and Strom Thurmond have in common ? Mind does Reagan have any illegitimate bi-racial kids we don’t know about like Thurmond ? Inquiring minds need to know .

    Alan Parkins

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