Draft Day

April 22, 2010

It’s time again for the NFL draft, and I’m at home holding things down for the crew and praying that Al Davis makes a decision that I can live with for my Raiders.  Really, I’m just hoping that the Raiders don’t draft Jimmy Clausen.

Some douchebag on TV just listed the Raiders as a team in need of a QB, but I disagree.  Gradkowski held things down just fine when he was given the starting nod last season, and Jamarcus has potential which maybe (just maybe) someday he’ll finally decide to live up to.  In the meantime, I don’t see how we could waste a pick on some tool from Notre Dame.  Sure, Charlie Weiss says he’s ready, but that’s the same dude who got canned for not getting it done at a historic football powerhouse.  Please Al, for the love of all things silver and black, do NOT draft from Notre Dame.  Even if we took CJ Spiller (not the smartest move given our wealth of needs on both lines) I would understand, because he’s fast.  We’re on the clock…

8 Responses to “Draft Day”

  1. tophatal said


    The real problem hindering the Raiders other than JaMacus is the fact that the coaching staff doesn’t exhibit or inspire a great deal of confidence. Cable doesn’t know how to instill discipline into the team at all. And the fans are now apathetic to it all. A successful season for Raiders’ fan nowadays is if they go out and beat each of their divisional rivals . And that’s just pitiful !

    They’re now squandering the talents of Bush & McFadden. By the way when is Gallery meant to pan out ? Apart from the asinine notion that Asomugha is a top flight CB in this league. He’s not even in the top 10 in that category in the league . But yet I’ve read whereby supporters of the team are making him out to be the next coming Deion Sanders. He coudn’t sniff Sanders’ crotch on a good day !

    Alan Parkins

    • Steve said


      You are getting reckless with your words.

      Opposing quarterbacks tested him only 31 times with a mere 10 completions the entire season. One NFL scout told Pro Football Weekly that Asomugha was thrown at “less than any defender in the last ten years” in 2007.

      That is what happens when you have a top flight CB.

      Then in 2008

      Opposing quarterbacks tested him only 27 times the entire season resulting in just 8 completions. Only perennial all-pros Randy Moss (3 receptions, 40 yards) and Tony Gonzalez (2 receptions, 34 yards) would catch more than one ball on him during the year. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said Asomugha is “as complete a cornerback as he has seen all year”.[6]

      That year was another Pro Bowl year.

      It continued in 2009.

      A team captain again and the NFL’s least targeted cornerback by an extremely wide margin, Asomugha was challenged by opposing quarterbacks only 27 times and allowed 13 completions the entire season. After his performance against the Houston Texans, head coach Gary Kubiak said “Asomugha is the best (corner) I’ve seen in a while throughout this league. He’s big, he’s fast, they put him out there on an island the whole game. He’s an exceptional player.” [11] Similar to the past three seasons, Asomugha finished the 2009 season with 34 tackles, 1 interception, and was second in the league with 8 tackles for loss from the cornerback position. Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said “The guy is truly unbelievable. He made himself the best corner in football by his work ethic, the way he studies tape, and he’s so smart.” [12] Following the 2009 season, Asomugha was selected as a starter for the 2010 Pro Bowl. Asomugha was selected onto The Sporting News 2009 All-Pro Team (2nd team) as well as The Associated Press 2009 All-Pro Team (2nd team). This would mark his third selection to both the Pro Bowl and All-Pro team in his seven-year career with the Oakland Raiders.

      See, it is not just fans, it is the people at the highest level who give him these compliments. Coaches who are not known to throw around praise. The people who are picking the All-Pro teams actually watch tape, opposed to just the players voting.

      Your general hate is misplaced here. It’s from the top down, from players to executives and fans that recognize. Why won’t you?

      • tophatal said

        It’s not recklessness it’s a damn fact. But you guys aren’t prepared to face a few home truths. Tested ? What is he (Asomugha) an experiment is a damn Petri dish ? C’mon you know the truth about Tom Cable and the team as well as the coaching staff . So at least be man enough to admit the fact !

        You guys dish out the crap but can’t seem to stare the truth when it’s there right in front of you at all.

        Alan Parkins

      • tophatal said

        General hate ? And the coaches heaping praises on the player. What has it gotten the Raiders in the end to begin with ? Look at the bigger picture and where the team is now and tell me what progress they’ve made over the last five years if any.

        You can’t see the hills but for the trees. Caught up in the lone acclaim of one player when the team’s need are magnified by the sheer ineptitude of its front office coaching staff and pi_s poor effort on many of the players on the roster . I do notice however that none of the statements made allude to whether or not the player is a leader ? That if anything is a telling sign of a team that is bereft of that in general !

        Caught up in the moment but you haven’t acknowledged the frailties of the team and the organization at all. And it does all go hand in hand !

        Alan Parkins

  2. Ronin Storm said

    We need O Line and Run Defense Period

  3. tophatal said


    How many plays take place during an NFL game ? And those are the stats you throw up to make a case for your argument ? What about the rest of the defense ? Like I said the guy isn’t even in the top ten in the category regarding his position.

    At least if you’re going to generate a debate put up both side of a case so that we can discuss it. What are you thinking of doing ? Running for Congress or something ?

    Alan Parkins

    • Steve said

      nah, duty called. i was out of town with 60 students that I had to deal with. But, E answered your arguments, so I saw no need to beat the dead horse.

      This new Raider horizon is promising. Sorry that you can’t see what people who watch football for a living see.

      The Raiders after the draft look really good, better than what the have done the past seven years. Every long journey begins with a single step, and the Raiders have made several in ten right direction.

  4. tophatal said

    Couldn’t stand one element of the draft at all ! Not with Kiper and McShay trying to make it look as if it were rocket science . Which it isn’t ! Spent time at the gun range getting the endorphins jacked up .

    So can someone tell me when it is that Artest will start to repay the Lakers faith in him ? He’s running around like a headless chicken and he can’t even get a whiff of Durant’s a_s !

    If the Thunder upends the Lakers in this series what does Kobe do for an encore ?

    Wasn’t this series meant to be something of a cake walk for the Lakers and their fans ?

    Alan Parkins

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