Brain Games Don’t Make You Smarter

April 22, 2010

Some people might not like this news. I might never see the pink  Nintendo ds or see the online boggle game again. Sniff sniff.

Playing memory, reasoning or other brain games won’t make you smarter or mentally stronger, researchers said.

A study involving 11,430 people from across the U.K. found the “training” failed to improve overall brain function better than answering general questions on the Internet. The results were the same regardless of how often the volunteers played the games, derailing the idea that more training would yield better results, said lead researcher Adrian Owen.

“We have one of the largest public health experiences ever going on in society, because millions of people are using these games,” said Owen, a neuroscientist at the Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, England. “If people find these things fun to do, they should keep doing them. But if they are doing it to try to improve their mental function, that’s not going to happen.”

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What does work? Read a good book or learn a foreign language.

The Body Language???

One Response to “Brain Games Don’t Make You Smarter”

  1. tophatal said

    Ronin Storm

    Video games and crap like that has essentially killed the art of conversation. Now with my family being in the UK. I sometimes get pi_sed when I get an e-mail from my niece rather than phone call or letter from her. I mean what the hell ?

    You know things are now wrong when you’re allowed to use a calculator during a damn exam in high school and now college. And we’re not even talking algebra or calculus . But ordinary subtraction , addition and multiplication.

    A mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste !

    Alan Parkins

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