Reggie Bush, DON’T SWIM IN TAINTED WATERS! Reggie is hanging out with Paris Hilton?

April 12, 2010

I guess the question mark is unnecessary, since they were hanging out.  The question is did he smash it like an Idaho Potato?  I am hoping not…

Good to have your own bottle Reggie, as she has the gift that keeps on giving...Look at the chick in the middle give Reggie what looks to be the ole stinkeye...He is a professional athlete. His balance is good, don't fear. Or she is trying to get at Reggie, and get his number or get D'ed down...

This is your choice Reggie.  From the outside, they both look really good.



But, the risk of Herpes is a million times more possible with Paris, even though she probably is the girl you would really want to hang out with.  Her voice is a little annoying, but she might have finally grown into being an adult and understanding that we don’t always have to see the peach (a.k.a. the box)  everytime you get out of the car.

Now Hilton, also 29, has followed suit and is back on the singles market again, according to Hollywood reports.

The hotel heiress has been dating the The Hills star on and off for the past 14 months.

Sources close to the pair have claimed that the LA socialite was worried that Reinhardt was only using her to further his career, according to celebrity website

It was recently reported that Reinhardt’s younger sister had landed her own reality TV show and that her brother would act as producer, with Hilton appearing in several episodes.

But according to more recent reports, Hilton did not agree to take part in the show and it was never set to go ahead without her planned appearances.

Sources added that Hilton’s family reportedly never liked Reinhardt and had questioned his motives.

So, she kicked the dude to the curb and is looking at Reggie like a he was a T-bone and she hasn’t eaten in a week.

Last night Paris partied at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas with Bush, a move which will surely not go down well with her former pal Kim.

Bush reportedly paid Paris a lot of money to host the event for a private birthday party for a friend, and he also paid for around 100 bottles of Cristal champagne.

Reggie and Paris both had their own bottles of Cristal and it seemed she was intent on having a good time and even danced on tables according to onlookers.

Reggie, I am not feeling that you had to pay her for her appearance, but I understand.  Your boy better thank you for a tight party.  But, you have been warned.  If you get burned, and I mean that literally, it is going to be your own damn fault.

Paris, if you really hate Kim, then this is the best way to get back at her is to steal her man, even though they are on the outs.   If you manage to pull this off, you will be on the covers of all the gossip rags.  Kim, this will burn you up inside if it happens.  I am betting on no, but stranger things have happened

One Response to “Reggie Bush, DON’T SWIM IN TAINTED WATERS! Reggie is hanging out with Paris Hilton?”

  1. tophatal said


    The difference ‘tween Ben & Reggie ? Not a damn thing they’re both as dumb as a box of rocks !

    DA in Baldwin County has decided not to file charges against Ben but will keep the case open on his files. Ben has decided however to enter into the league’s substance abuse program. The bad thing is he’s now stepped out of the fire into the frying pan. He f_cks up and his NFL career is over !

    Santonio Holmes is proving what a real as_hole he was to begin with ! Steelers trade him to the Jets. But the altercation he got into with a woman in an Orlando nightclub. One of his friends comes forward to say that it was he and not Holmes who threw a drink filled glass at the female. How much of a “dick head” as a guy do you have to be , in throwing a drink filled glass at a female ?

    Alan Parkins

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