We knew where this was going…

April 10, 2010

Our boy Messly Snipes has had a rough week, poor guy. But he only has himself to blame because deep inside he knew where this was going.  Messly forgot something so basic I don’t even have to repeat it. You already know.

Anyway our good man went out last week and did a little too much drinking and met a girl and then fell for her. You know the type. They are always the same when you’re at that type of place doing that type of drinking. Maybe it has something to do with context or circumstance. Either way I think Little Man Tate painted the best picture of this girl and her goals in their song “What? What You Got”

You don’t need to know what happened or didn’t happen next because if I hear it from Messly it’s a long long story that’s full of what if’s and excuses. Let me just say it was enough for our boy to ask her out on a date.

What was Mr. Snipes thinking??? He knew who she was. And it wasn’t good. It couldn’t be any more clear to any honest conscience listening or watching their late night charade. Women in these circumstances don’t lie to men. We just lie to ourselves and Mess was lying like a con at his parole hearing. Amy Winehouse is just no good. I love her for it but I’m not cooking her dinner.

Needless to say when they met for their big date it didn’t end as expected. Messly left broken-hearted and Ms. Fat-booty left with some other Stiff. Sucks, but I think we can all learn or relearn a lesson here…. The door to that Peaceful Easy Feeling we seek some nights should be slammed in our face before we go even leave our homes because all we’re really looking for is just a piece of ASS. Don’t even crack the door or look through the peep hole.

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