I-Pad users are getting swindled: The parts in the IPad are only worth 250 dollars…the rest is to make Steve Jobs rich…good luck suckers…

April 7, 2010

tell my loyal fans to go buy more stuff thet they do not need!

PT Barnum said that a sucker was born every minute.  He obviously didn’t think about the creation of Apple Computers.

Steve jobs must be reading from the playbook...

Biz Break: Apple’s iPad: Could its price be cut?

By Frank Michael Russell


Posted: 04/07/2010 01:07:16 PM PDT

Updated: 04/07/2010 02:20:05 PM PDT

Apple, the Cupertino maker of “I’m a Mac” computers and “i” devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod), may have room to maneuver on the iPad’s $499-and-up price. According to a “teardown” analysis by El Segundo tech researcher iSuppli, the $499 model of the iPad has manufacturing costs of just under $260.

Of course, iSuppli’s analysis only covers the cost of the iPad’s components and assembly. It doesn’t include design and marketing — and how much it’s worth for the sheer joy of owning an iPad before everyone else does.

According to iSuppli’s estimate, parts for the Wi-Fi-only iPad with 16 gigabytes of flash memory cost $250.60. Manufacturing expenses bring that up to $259.60. The most expensive component is the 9.7-inch display, at an estimated $65. LG Display provided the display in iSuppli’s iPad, but the firm believes Apple has at least two other suppliers.

Overall, components related to the iPad’s user interface account for more than 40 percent of the manufacturing cost. “The iPad’s design represents a new paradigm in terms of electronics cost structure and electronic content,” Andrew Rassweiler, a director and principal analyst, wrote in a note provided today by iSuppli.

According to Rassweiler, most notebook computers are “‘motherboard-centric.” “With the iPad, this is reversed,” he wrote. “Everything is human-machine-interface-centric.”

Apple started selling Wi-Fi-only iPads on Saturday. It intends to ship versions with 3G wireless connectivity later this month.

Apple stock finished today at a closing high of $240.60, up $1.06, or 0.4 percent.

Consumers understand that there is better out there, slaves to Apple are happy that someone is crapping down their throats. They are the ones thanking Steve Jobs profusely for improving their crappy existance.

This reminds me of a buddy of the crew who went out and bought the iphone and was all excited about buying it.  Then a few weeks or a month later, Apple dropped the proice and all they gave him was a few songs on I-tunes or something like that.  The SF Chronicle blog hit the nail right on the head with this quote.

You can be just like the master! Except he already controls your mind...

His plan is as fiendish as it is brilliant, having been years in the making. His release of increasingly more addictive devices, starting with the iPod, then the iPhone, and taking it to a new level with the iPad shows a clear vision and the patience to realize that vision. And Mr. Jobs is an evil genius of great sophistication and nuance, seeing the addictive power of seemingly innocuous little things called apps. The App Store may seem innocent enough selling what appear to be fun and often-times useless applications, but each $.99 purchase and installation of a new app is another nail in the metaphorical coffin of humanity and free will.

This mad scientist has even developed a cadre of Apple uber-zombies, who proudly call themselves Apple Fanboys, who are specially trained to protect the empire whenever it is threatened. This brigade of storm troopers (only a satirical reference to Nazism; no offense intended) has been given special access to this wicked machine through jailbreaking and “unauthorized” apps (wink, wink), giving them super-Apple powers that threaten those as-yet-unaffected survivors daily. These demented guardians of the empire are ever vigilant to attacks from the few remaining humans who have been able to resist drinking the Apple-flavored Kool-Aid. A critical news report, an unsupportive blog post, anything that might question or criticize Jobs or Apple, any sign of resistance or defiance against this new world order is met with swift and ruthless Apple justice.

But the Apple fools will run right out and buy whatever he tells them to buy.  Genius indeed…

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