Hater of the Week! Dublin mom accused of harassing son’s ex-girlfriend…Aren’t you supposed to be the adult?

April 5, 2010

The adults are the ones acting like kids…it just causes me to shake me head.  Why would you attempt to add yourself into your son’s drama?  Plus, he was most likely over it, why weren’t you?  I bet you were probably popular in high school and made dudes just work at getting the box.  Or maybe you didn’t and you are now trying to inflict the harm and hurt you felt in high school. (assuming that you actually went and/or graduated from high school)

HAHAHA! I bet you didn't wake up thinking that you were going to have a mugshot!

Dublin mom accused of harassing son’s ex-girlfriend

Spray-painted vulgarities were found near a high school, police say.

Posted: 04/05/2010 12:00:00 AM PDT

Updated: 04/05/2010 07:21:54 AM PDT

DUBLIN — A Dublin woman who police say harassed a 15-year-old girl her son had dated is facing charges of vandalism and giving a false identity to police.

Donna Tresville, 41, pleaded not guilty March 24 in Alameda County Superior Court in Pleasanton. She will return to court April 28 for a pretrial hearing.

The misdemeanor charges stem from Nov. 12, when someone called police after seeing spray-painting around 2:45 a.m. near Dublin High School, Dublin police Lt. Kurt Von Savoye said. The teen girl lives in the area.

According to court records and police, officers found spray-painted vulgarities against the teen, her name and phone number and other writings with sexual connotations.

Really?  The worst part about it is that I bet that the girl gave it up to the boyfriend.  Now, that is going to be used against her.  If she didn’t, then the sprayings are just irony.

Police responding to the area pulled over a vehicle matching a description given by a witness. Tresville, a passenger, was arrested for giving false information to an officer, he said. The driver, another Dublin woman, was arrested for driving under the influence and another passenger, a Livermore woman, was arrested for being drunk in public, Von Savoye said.

I bet these are her drunk friends....why couldn't they get their friend under control? They just went with her plan.

He said paint and other evidence were found in the car, and the case was sent to prosecutors to consider the vandalism charges.

Court records show only Tresville has had charges filed against her, which occurred in early March.

Tresville declined to comment on the case. Her attorney, Robert Beles, of Oakland, said he would not comment on the events surrounding his client’s arrest.

Von Savoye said the teen has been under attack for the past two years, receiving text messages that caused her fear and packages of condoms and feminine products sent to her home. He said police tried to find out where the text messages came from, but were unable to determine the sender. A month ago there was more graffiti near the high school similar to the November incident.

I gotta big up the young woman.  The fact that she has been able to survive in the face of abuse is to be commended.  To the mother (i.e. perpetrator) you are sad.  Really, really sad.  You must not have a man (or woman) at home to take care of you.  Watch Jerry Springer if you need to get your kicks, just do not act it out.

“This has apparently been going on for some time,” said Von Savoye, who said police had previously made contact with Tresville.

Attorney Beles said any allegation that his client participated in previous incidents is false. There is “no past improper conduct,” he said.

Notice the lawyer could not deny this time, which is heinous enough.

Dublin schools Superintendent Stephen Hanke said the district is investigating anonymous calls to the high school with derogatory comments about the teen. He said he was also aware of unwanted food deliveries being made to the girl’s home.

13 Responses to “Hater of the Week! Dublin mom accused of harassing son’s ex-girlfriend…Aren’t you supposed to be the adult?”

  1. donaldpatterson said

    I am amazed at the continuing lack of professional journalism in this area. The article on the Dublin Mom is pure yellow journalism and is based upon rumor and innuendo. The Dublin Police have obviously taken it upon themselves to try the situation in the press as they have no evidence to win in court. This is nothing short of abuse of power.
    The 15 year old who is allegedly terrorized is a piece of work. Anyone who doubts it should check out her formspring webpage in which she openly discusses her sexual behavior in vulgar and vile terms. She is also clearly in a competitive mode with a number of people and tries to incite them. It does not appear, in my opinion that she is capable of being terrorized. As it is public domain go to http://www.formspring.me/Hailey/kin52 and check for yourself.
    The police have openly stated to the press that they have no evidence against this woman yet want to discuss it in the press. Why is that? One can only speculate just as the police are. Yet this woman is subject to the harassment that has resulted. The other two women who were arrested are not. Yet their names and photos were withheld. Why is that?
    Is profileling alive and well in Dublin? I thought the role of the press was to report facts – not to indulge in speculation based upon rumor. If the role of this paper is to indulge in speculation maybe they should look into the social life of the investigating individual and see what he has there.

    • Steve said

      A couple of things to bring up
      1) the webpage is not up, so your discussion of what is on the web page is impossible to have.

      2) What was on the webpage is not relevant to whether or not harassment happened. That is tantamount to saying that she “asked for it” or dressed a certain way was asking for it as well. Just because she is “a piece of work” doesn’t mean that the juvenile in question deserved the treatment that she got in terms of the vandalism (which is not alleged, but actually happened.) Other things that actually happened were that they found a lot of spray cans and markers in the car and the driver was drunk.

      They did a pretty good job of reporting facts. This woman allegedly got drunk and wrote some unflattering things. I don’t know if she did it, but the woman put herself in a bad situation. I would not be shocked if there is a guilty plea and some diversion program. But, damn, she should have known better, but she thought that she would not be caught.

      • donaldpatterson said

        As before you are dealing in speculation and, frankly, profiling. There has been no pre trial hearing and no trial yet you have chosen to be judge and jury and accept police speculation.

        Thye website is http://www.formspring.me/Hailey/KIN52 which you could have easily found if you did professional investigation instead of dealing in speculation.

        You admit that you have not verified the facts but heck what do we expect of yellow journalism. The police did not rerport facts but speculation.

        Muckraking is a very popular sport but is not professional in any manner. If you had done your job you would have discovered some past arrest records on the alleged victim. But, on my god, you would have had to verify facts and not deal in rumor.

    • anonymousspeaker said

      No person in there RIGHT mind would write what is above me ^^^^ It is CLEARLY a fake account that Donna Tresville HERSELF made and is trying to SECRETLY defend herself !! Are you kidding me right now !? I personally know the victim of this crime and I will tell you right now EVERYTHING that was said about her was completely FALSE !!! And even IF it was true, Which let me tell EVERYONE AGAIN it is NOT !! What GROWN WOMAN would take time out of her day to do something like this !! It literally makes me SICK to my stomach to see someone as IGNORANT as the person who commented above me !! The Formspring account was also a fake account as well !!! Seriously what WOMEN has time to do all of this !??! I seriously would LOVE to see this women suffer in ANY kind of way !! I’m trying really hard not to get nasty on this blog right now and let me tell you it’s taking ALL OF MA ENERGY not to just go CRAZY !! All I have to say this women needs to get her life figured out already !! You are 41 years old women and have two kids !!! Seriously your kids are the one’s taking care of you I feel so sorry for them !! I hope I NEVER see this women !! Grow up !!! You need to go to church with your old ass and develop a relationship with god because you are seriously MESSED UP in the head !!

  2. donaldpatterson said

    Here is the full link so that reporters can only speculate and not due the appropriate due dillegence before commenting. Enjoy the read of this 15 year old innocent.

  3. Steve said


    What is your role in the story? Plus, what does the girl have to do with the crime? Regardless of how wild she might be, she was not the one who the police caught with a bunch a spray paint, markers and a liquored up crew. That was the 41 year old MOM, who should know better.

    The real issue is why are you trying so hard to put a 15 year old and her business out in the street?

    The story is about a 41 year old, who GOT CAUGHT by the police and if you look at her mugshot, it tells the story of a woman who knew better and is sad that her picture is on the internet for all to see.

    Her next job, the employers will do a google search (or run a police report) on her and find out that she does not have any self control.

  4. Steve said


    I read it and couldn’t figure out who was saying what. It seems that she might have some crude friends commenting. If she is the bold and black writing then she needs some order, but nothing there justifies a GROWN WOMAN AND HER DRUNK CREW to hate on a 15 year old. Also, I am going to remove the link, since she is a minor and the link shows her name.

  5. donaldpatterson said

    I have no role in the story. I happen to think that due process needs to be followed in the courts and not use some reporter as a judge of a minor event. Your silly use of all caps shows the level of reporting and investiugation that you do. This woman has not yet been convicted of any crime yet you are already punishing her in the press. I guess you have too much time on your hands to do real reporting. You clearly feel you are judge and jury. That due process is not important. Ever think of hosed up charges?

  6. Steve said


    You obviously have a role in the story, since you are the staunchest defender of someone that has no role in the story in the two years of the blog.

    Start with hypocrite. You are saying that we can’t judge, but you judged the 15 year old by the writing on her wall on some social networking site (BTW, it seems as though she answered questions of other people who were crude. She even stated that the questions were rude and she didn’t answer them, but if she had, they are not material to the crime of vandalism…think about that for awhile0

    Personally, I find it funny and I have to thank you for your defense of her, since it gave us something to look into and laugh about.

    Other things to note.

    1) I am not a traditional reporter. I guess I report on things that have been reported and I add social commentary to the story.

    2) The all caps were to get a point across that you continually ignore. Why won’t you speak on the things that were found in the car, or her drunken crew? All of those things have been reported and you continually ignore them in your postings.

    3) What is the “press” that you talk about? If you are referring to the blog, then yeah, I am killing her here. Why? Because she is 41 and should know better. Do you really think that she didn’t do it? The evidence is pretty damning here in this case. She is caught in a car, driven by a drunkard, with tools of the crime in the car with her.

    4) Here at the blog, I don’t feel, I know that I am judge, jury and executioner. But, for fun, what does a real reporter do? They report the facts. I took a real reporters story and commented on the information that they presented.

    5) Due Process. In the Court of Public Opinion, there is no due process. I get to judge and I am judging that she is a person with too much time on her hands and a seemingly unhappy life. So, maybe because I have too much time on my hands, I should go get liquored up, drive drunk and scrawl profanities about a 15 year old on buildings by the school.

    6) Hosed up Charges. You are not comparing this piece of work to someone like Ruben Hurricane Carter are you? That happened to be trumped up (or to use your antiquated verbiage) charges. If she was wrongly accused, then fine, but 9 out of 10 times smoke = fire and this woman seems like a dumpster fire…

  7. donaldpatterson said

    It is clear you supported Richard Nixon and beleive that the Bill of Rights has no meaning. Sorry but the inmature ideas of the press being superior to the legal system are something that has never been upheld. Perhaps you need to indulge in a few basic courses in law. But of course you will not. I am sure you support the French system of justice.

  8. Steve said

    As a History teacher, I actually think that Nixon was not as bad as advertised. He was the first standing president to go to China and he ended our foolish occupation in Vietnam.

    Donald, you fail to understand I AM NOT THE PRESS. My freedom of speech is not coming into conflict with your girlfriends right to a fair trial.

    Plus, if you actually read the blog, then you would know that I have a pathological hatred of the French. So, no, I am cool with the American Legal System.

    Thanks for the suggestion of law school. Took the LSAT, got accepted into most of the schools I applied to and then decided that the world had too many lawyers and I had a need to make money now, instead of waiting and hoping. But, that was 18 years ago. Maybe I should go to law school, so I could explain to you that I have a right to say whatever I want about your girlfriend. She has a right to prove that I am slandering her. Unfortunately for you two, TRUTH is an absolute defense against slander…

    I think that you just like to hear yourself speak on this one, since all the arguments that I made in earlier points just gets ignored by you. I am sorry that your girlfriend has poor decision making… You know that you attacked a 15 year old right? Remember when you called her a piece of work? What about her rights? Why are you not crying out about her rights? You can’t have it both ways….

  9. Erik said

    wow…I gotta go with Steve on this one. Seems like homegirl had all the goods in her car and until some convincing counter-story is presented we here at the blog can adopt a presumption of guilt because, ultimately, we aren’t the ones who will judge this woman. Seriously though, grown-ass women should have no reason to get caught up harassing a teenager. And, by the way, I’m not really sure what is meant by “yellow journalism.” Why not just say what you mean instead of referring to obscure euphemisms?

  10. jcsbbs said

    She pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vandalism – you can look it up.

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