Erin Andrews is getting death threats. Should this be news?

April 3, 2010

Don't look at me! Okay, look at my breasts, but not directly at me, since I am so shy I am doing Dancing with the Stars

LOS ANGELES — Erin Andrews has been getting death threats in a stream of e-mails to a media outlet, an attorney for the ESPN reporter and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant said Friday.

Attorney Marshall Grossman said that a man had sent at least a dozen e-mails since September threatening Andrews.

[+] EnlargeErin Andrews

AP Photo/Matt SayleErin Andrews’ attorney says threatening messages to her discuss the man who is serving time in prison for secretly shooting nude videos of her.

DirecTV provided them to Andrews’ representatives Thursday, but it was not immediately clear to whom the e-mails were addressed.

The e-mails were at first sexual, but the most recent were explicitly violent and “threatened Erin with murder,” Grossman said. They also had details about location and method.

The messages discuss the case of Michael David Barrett, who was sentenced last month to 2½ years in federal prison for secretly shooting nude videos of the ESPN reporter.

“He refers to Barrett in his e-mail in a way to make clear to us that situation had some influence,” Grossman said, but added that the man appeared to have no ties to Barrett.

The FBI has been notified, Grossman said. He said the man’s identity is known to law enforcement and is believed to live on the East Coast. An e-mail message left for an FBI spokeswoman was not immediately returned.

Andrews is not yet seeking a restraining order but has asked ABC to beef up its security on “Dancing with the Stars,” Grossman said.

Private security also has been hired to protect Andrews and her family.

Andrews has no plans of quitting the show.

“She’s not the type to be easily threatened,” Grossman said. “She has every intention to meet her obligations.”

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The big problem with why Erin is not receiving 100% sympathy….(if you doubt me, go look at the comments to this story.)
1) HER PUBLICIST REPORTED THIS.  If AP or ESPN or whomever reported this from the blotter sheets at the local police station, this would be different.  Coming from your own people, it seems like a little attention  whoring.
2) DTWS.  First, she is not a star.  Second, the show, on the heels of Oprah smacks like she is about to drop a book as well about how her life is tortured.  Had she given some time for the situation to cool down, continue to go about her business in SPORTS and not just the entertainment, then more people would have compassion.  People confuse this with saying that she is at fault, and she clearly isn’t.  She did not ask for her privacy to be invaded like that.  I think that her management team is trying to parlay her fame and the negative notoriety that she has recently received.   They are working on the any publicity is good publicity and that is a mistake.
No one deserves to have death threats, BUT being on TV, that is the price of exposure. (no pun intended here, I have better jokes…)  I can guarantee that if you are a TV personality, you have gotten threats.  Most of them, we don’t hear about being pushed through by attorneys, to masquerade as news.  I hope that they catch the dude or person (women are haters too) who is demented.

Cute, Mousey in that Mary Ann versus Ginger/Gilligans Island way, but smoking hot? I have to disagree...

Plus, I am in the minority who think that Erin is an attractive woman, but smoking hot is taking it too far.(and a lot of people think that)  I see more attractive women walking down the streets of LA, SF, Chicago, NYC and Miami Beach, even smaller places like St. Paul, Cedar Rapids, IA (I danced with a woman that I would have gone through the Bataan Death March for) and Ithaca, NY.  Some people are caught up on watching her on TV and the things that they can do on TV to make you look better is amazing.  The true test is to see that person live. I think part of the problem is that some of you have low standards, so a 7 looks like a 10, so Erin who is about an 8, looks like an 11 to you.  Still, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE STALKED, but she could take a rest.  Plus, the emails started seven months ago…so why are they so late to the game?  I smell looking for attention… (you and Kate Gosselin) you can’t say leave me alone, at the same time going on a publicity tour/book circuit with Oprah.  But, again, I hope the sicko is caught.

3 Responses to “Erin Andrews is getting death threats. Should this be news?”

  1. tophatal said


    Everyone they say is deserving of their fifteen minutes of fame ? But for Erin Andrews this is now becoming ridiculous as<a href="http:// ABC/ESPN are trying to make her into something she’s not . And that’s allegedly some sort of crossover personality and tv star.

    Now she’s on ESPN’s parent company’s tv show DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) . What’s next , potentially her own talk show ?

    Are the tapes of her naked anywhere to be seen at present . And will she somehow be taking Hef’s offer to pose nude for Playboy ? I mean if Lisa Guerrero can do it then why can’t she ?

    Alan Parkins

  2. Ronin Storm said

    “so a 7 looks like a 10”
    That pisses me off. But worse is when the rating changes given a location.
    e.g. “She’s a Riverside 9.”
    What the he-l is that all about?

    • tophatal said


      The way Andrews holds the mic in the first picture gives me every reason to believe that when it comes to oral sex she could very well be a 9.5 ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

      10’s are usually reserved for the gymnasts under the old the old scoring system. In DWTS they give it to show favoritism. Do you think that she’s also a contortionist ?

      Alan Parkins

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