E’s song of the day

April 1, 2010

Ronin and I have been watching this new HBO show called “How to Make it in America.”  If you haven’t checked it out and you have access I highly recommend it.  The show centers around a group of friends struggling to come up in the design business in NYC.  While the Too Old Crew isn’t really all about the fashion and design related aspects of the plot, we have very much enjoyed the aspects surrounding character relationship developments.  Mark Wahlberg is one of the producers, and, like with Entourage, he has come correct once more.  Of particular interest to me has been the great collection of songs comprising the show’s soundtrack.  This song is a smooth reggae jam that we’ve known for a while but were reintroduced to via the show.  Today’s jam: Tenor Saw and Buju Banton – Ring the Alarm.  Enjoy….

One Response to “E’s song of the day”

  1. tophatal said


    As someone of Jamaican background though born and raised in the UK, for part of my early life I lived in Montego Bay Jamaica. Sly & Robbie after the Wailers , Toots & The Maytals were at the forefront of the reggae music genre and its widened appeal across the globe as far afield as N Africa the Middle East , China and Japan.

    Sly & Robbie ……….

    Run wit’ it rude boy’

    Alan Parkins

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